How to make A conversation interesting | 3 Real-life Examples

If you want to make a conversation more interesting, especially with a girl, you can start by learning how to tell good stories.

Girls enjoy stories; it’s the basis of their conversation. Sharing stories helps them feel engaged and keeps the conversation interesting. So, if you become skilled at storytelling, you’ll find it easier to keep the conversation going with the girl you like.

Good Stories Material To Make A Conversation Interesting

In a conversation with the girl you like, the best type of story to share is your own stories.

Sharing your stories has three advantages:

  1. It helps you to demonstrate your value. You convey that you are an exciting person leading an exciting life.
  2. By sharing your own stories, you are giving value and entertaining the girl who is listening to you. This makes you stand out from all the other guys who only know how to ask questions and turn the conversation into an interrogation.
  3. Sharing your own stories helps her to open up. It prompts her to share her stories with you in return. You can then find a common point and emphasize on it to build a stronger bond.

Share Your Own Stories To Make The Conversation Interesting

Share Things You Are Learning Lately

If you are learning or developing a passion lately like guitar, piano, or even a new language, you can share it with the girl. Tell her why and how you got started. And also, share the funny things that you have learned along the way.

For instance, I’ve recently taken up playing the guitar. I knew nothing about music before, so starting from scratch was quite challenging. I couldn’t even read guitar tabs.

In the beginning, I tried to learn from YouTube, but the videos were all over the place, and it was tough to follow along. So, I ended up enrolling in an online course that offers a more structured approach. My dad, on the other hand, doesn’t believe you can learn the guitar online because he learned it at a music center when he was young. You should see the skeptical look on his face; it’s pretty amusing.

Anyhow, I’ve already mastered five songs. I’m practicing with an acoustic guitar, and for beginners, those strings can be really painful to press compared to a classical guitar. My fingertips are getting pretty tough from all the practice. (You can even let her touch your fingertips to make a natural physical connection. You get the idea.)

Memorable Experience

If you encounter something unexpected, a surprise, a new challenge lately that triggers emotional fluctuation, you can turn it into a good story and share it. Try to share positive ones and emphasize how it affects your life and your emotion.

If she experienced similar things before, then she will resonate with you and expand the conversation further. If not, throw a situational question and ask her if she were you, what will she do. Girls like situational questions.

Develop A Passion To Make Conversation Interesting

If you do not have a passion, and your life is very repetitive, you should change today.

It is okay if you are not sure what your passion is at first. You just have to keep exploring until you find one that suits you. Having a passion does not necessarily mean you must have the talent or you must be good at it. It merely means you enjoy it, and whenever you are working on it, you will feel that the time flies so fast.

To invite novelty to your life, you need to allocate time for adventures and explorations actively. Is there a new cafe or bar open in your town lately? You can also try out new restaurants, travel to new places, and experience something new too. Make your weekend different this week. If you do not know where to start, then just call your best buddy and ask him to suggest where to hang out this weekend.

Borrow Interesting Stories From Others

If you do not have good stories of your own, you can choose to share other people’s stories.

For example, I had a friend, and this is what he is going through. He broke up with his girlfriend last year after finding she is cheating on him. And, after the breakup, he thought it was the end of the world for him. He was so sad and thought he would never fall in love again.

But then, six months later, he found someone new, love at first sight, and now he is getting married. Looking back, he said the breakup was actually a sweet blessing in disguise. It allows him to find someone who loves him as much as he loves her.

I feel so happy for him to have the courage to love and feel loved again. I think it is not an easy thing to do after getting hurt in his previous relationship. So, I believe time and love is a powerful thing. It can heal a broken person.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Are you the kind of person who will get married fast after getting into a relationship?

Above is an example of a story I shared on a recent date with a girl. I used this story to engage her in conversation successfully. After sharing the story, I asked her questions to encourage her to open up. The conversation went really well, and she even shared the type of person she envisions in her life.

Stories and thoughtful questions can truly help someone open up. This is why I emphasize the importance of storytelling for an interesting conversation. If you don’t have a personal story to share, you can always draw from the experiences of people around you.

How To Make A Conversation Interesting With Stories

If you aim to craft an engaging story for a date, make sure it includes three vital elements:

A Challenge: Your story should have a challenge or an unexpected event. This piques curiosity and keeps your date interested in what happens next.

A Turning Point: At the most intense part of the story, introduce a turning point. This is where the main character finds a solution to the problem, creating a satisfying narrative arc.

Emotion: Emotion is the most crucial element in your stories. The more you can describe the emotional journey, the more captivating your story becomes. Share emotions in detail so your date can feel and vividly picture the story as you narrate it.

Remember, not every story has to be a masterpiece. Sometimes, a simple story can keep the conversation going smoothly.

Why Can’t Most Guys Make The Conversation Interesting?

Guys often find it challenging to talk to the girls they like for several reasons. However, the primary issue is a lack of confidence.

They believe they can’t tell an interesting story and worry about failing to keep the girl’s attention. Consequently, they often avoid storytelling altogether, thinking they won’t do it justice.

As they shy away from storytelling, they might unintentionally shift the storytelling responsibility to the girl they’re conversing with. They expect her to do all the talking, and they only ask questions. While asking questions is essential and helps the conversation flow, if you only ask questions, it can lead to a dry and interrogative conversation.

No one enjoys being bombarded with questions. So, starting today, it’s crucial to adopt a new belief to overcome this obstacle:

New belief: I’m enough. What I say is worth listening to.

When you genuinely believe that your words have value, you’ll speak slowly and confidently while sharing the stories from your own experiences.

Your friends and family will notice the difference in your speaking style and may perceive you as more charismatic and influential.

Two people can tell the same story or joke, but often one person seems to do a better job. Why is that? Well, my friend, it’s because how you say something is often more important than what you say.

Use Silence To Make Your Conversation More Interesting

You can’t become a conversation pro overnight, but with daily practice, you can certainly get better.

One effective way to make your conversations more interesting is to focus on sparking curiosity, and silence is a powerful tool to achieve this. For instance, instead of saying, “I had a car accident this morning, but I’m lucky to be alive,” you can tell the story like this:

“So, my usual peaceful drive to the office turned into a disaster today (pause for curiosity). As I was heading straight, just a mere 5 minutes from the office, a car tried to overtake me from the left. However, things took a wrong turn (pause to build suspense).

The car ended up crashing into the traffic barrier right in front of me and started spinning like a tornado (pause to pique interest). I slammed the brakes, but it kept getting closer with every millisecond. I thought I was about to collide with it, fearing for my life (pause, making the listener eager to hear more). But then, right when it seemed inevitable, the spinning stopped, and the car veered to the right. I managed to steer left and survive the accident. I feel incredibly grateful to still be in one piece.”

This, my friend, is how you craft an engaging story.

Many guys fear silence and pauses in a conversation because they think it creates awkwardness. But if you reconsider, it’s a fantastic tool to arouse interest and start an exciting conversation.

You can make your conversations more captivating by leveraging these moments of silence to let curiosity grow.

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The Bottom Line

To make a conversation interesting, you must first believe in the worth of your stories. When sharing your life experiences, be sure to incorporate the three crucial story elements: the challenge, the turning point, and the emotional changes throughout your narratives. This approach will significantly enhance the appeal of your stories.

That concludes today’s insights. I hope you’ve gained valuable knowledge from this guide on how to make a conversation interesting, particularly with a girl you’re interested in.

To all my readers, I wish you the best of luck in sparking amazing and captivating conversations with the girl you like the next time you meet her.