How to Cold Read A Girl And Have A Great Conversation | 10+ Cold Read Lines

Welcome to my guide on how to cold read a girl.

After reading this guide, you will be able to create a remarkable and enjoyable conversation with the girl you like.

Unlike the other guys who only know how to bombard girls with questions and turn the conversation into an interrogation, you will have the skill to make girls open up to you and tell you more about herself by using cold reading.

how to cold read a girl

What Is Cold Reading?

In general, cold reading is a simple statement you use to spark curiosity when you talk to a girl. Mentalists, magicians, and fortune-tellers often use this technique in their performance. It makes the girl thinks that you can read her mind, and you know her well.

What Is The Effect Of Cold Reading on Girl?

Cold reading allows you to make her feels connected to you, attracted to you, and want to listen more to what you have to say about her. It helps you to keep the conversation going effortlessly.

Cold reading, if used correctly, can create powerful resonance and open up a window for sexual activity. Yes, you heard it right. You can use it for sexual framing and seduction purpose.

Why Questions Sucks Big Time?

Many guys tend to use questions too much in the conversation with a girl.

Not only this makes them look very needy, but it also makes the conversation very dry and dull. The guys throw a question, and the girl answers. This cycle will repeat for a few times, and then the girl will be fed up and escape from the conversation.

If you look closely, the girl is fed up because she gets nothing out of the conversation. She did not get any information nor get entertained by the guy. Only the guy is benefited from it.

This is precisely why the girl stops talking to them after the first conversation, yet the guys often have no clue about it. They feel great about the first conversation, thinking that the girl must have felt the same too. But, it is the opposite that’s happening.

So, if you have been playing the taker role too heavily, you need to stop questioning and change your approach to make the conversation interesting.

And this is where our topic for today comes into place. You can learn how to use a simple cold reading technique to make the conversation more entertaining.

How To Cold Read A Girl?

If you are entirely new to cold reading, you must know that the goal of cold reading is to make a general statement about her personality, emotion, or experience.

Please let me repeat this. You should always apply a cold reading technique with a statement and not a question.

For example, instead of saying, “did you study overseas before?” you should say, “you must have studied overseas before.”

The reason is simple. Using a statement sounds more confident as if you can read her right away, while using questions makes it sounds like you are just guessing.

The cool thing about cold reading is that it uses general statements that sound very targeted, but it actually can be applied to almost everyone.

Below are some of the cold reading lines which you can use on the girl you like.

PUA Cold Reading Lines

  1. You care about the people around you, but you also secretly care a lot about how they judge you.
  2. You need recognition, approvals, and praises from people around you sometimes.
  3. You have a lot of wild dreams, and you tend to jump around things, not being able to keep your focus on one thing.
  4. You look disciplined and controlled on the outside, but you feel insecure and worrisome inside.
  5. You tend to refrain yourself and keep a good image in front of others. Yet, there is another side of you inside.
  6. You often doubt your own decisions, unsure if you have chosen the best option for yourself.
  7. You tend to make decisions based on logic most of the time. Yet, sometimes you do not care too much and want to follow your intuition.
  8. You find it hard to be too frank with others and reveal your real opinions or emotion.
  9. You are a very creative person, but some of your aspirations can be unrealistic.
  10. You like to shy to strangers, but you can become very talkative once you know them.

Cold Reading Techniques

There are two types of approaches to using cold reading.

You can use the cold-reading lines directly or slowly build it up over time from easy to precise.

If you are new to this, you should go for the second approach and start from very general and easy cold reading lines. They call this the ladder. After you get more information along the process, you can do a more precise cold reading.

How To Do Cold Reading With Horoscope

This is one of my favorites, but you need to know a little bit about horoscope to make it works like a charm.

After you observed her for a little while, you can cold-read her and say “you must be a Sagittarius (or whatever zodiac sign you think she is)”.

There will be only two results.

No.1, you guessed it right, and she is super amazed at how accurate you are. This is the best scenario, which is not hard to achieve because we all have social media account these days. You can do some homework and then pretend like you guess it right.

No.2, you guessed it wrong. You can say she does have Sagittarius’s characteristics (or whatever zodiac sign you mentioned earlier). Then, ask her what her zodiac sign is.

No matter what is the final result, you guess it right or wrong, you will be able to open up the conversation about horoscope.

The fantastic thing about the horoscope topic is that it is closely linked to personality.

Everyone, especially girls, likes to know their strengths, weaknesses, and how others perceive them.

Now you know their zodiac sign, you can further cold read them according to their zodiac sign characteristics.

For example, if they are Sagittarius, you can say she loves freedom more than anything else.

You can find the characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses of each zodiac sign easily online. You can use that as the cold reading statement because the horoscope itself is an excellent cold reading material. They are a general statement, yet it can sound so targeted to you.

The main point here is to continue to use cold read to drive curiosity.

She will want to know if you are accurate about her life, work, personality, and love lines.
If you hit the point right, she will open up and tell you more about herself and how accurate is the statement for her. This is the way how you can acquire more information about her without using any question.

How To Cold Read A Girl Examples

You: From what I have observed, you must be a Libra. (Do your homework beforehand)

She: You are right. How do you know that? (She is amazed)

You: Well, Libra has two characteristics, and I see both of them in you. (Pique curiosity and be silent until she asks the question)

She: What’re the characteristics I have?

You: Libra is usually gracious, charming and has good taste when it comes to appearance and fashion. I can see you know how to pick the right hairstyle and outfit which suits you. In addition to that, the way you speak is very soft and gentle, just like how a Libra will do. However, Libra does have their weakness too, but nevermind. You do not need to know about it. (You pique her curiosity again, and then you pause on purpose to keep her engaged)

She: What do you mean? Tell me more. What are the weaknesses of a Libra?

You: Well, Libra can be very indecisive. You take ages and struggle a lot when you need to make a big decision in life.

She: That’s true. I’m recently thinking of making a career switch, but I’m not sure which path I should choose. I’m not sure if photography or design suits me more than my current career. I feel that… (She continues to open up to you and let you learn more about her)

As you can see from the example above, cold reading can help you open up a girl. She wants to tell you more about herself automatically. She might share her experience and feelings, which she never shared with her friends and family with you.

How To Use Cold Reading On A Girl with Higher Value

If the girl you talk to is of high value, you can use cold reading to lower her position.

For example, the girl is gorgeous, and she knows it. Subconsciously, she perceives herself as a higher value person than you. If you want to talk to her at the same level, you can pull her down to your level slightly by cold read her fears, insecurity, and weaknesses. This tells her that she is not perfect indirectly.

You can make fun of her about her weakness occasionally when the timing is right. Do it in a way that you think her weakness is part of her cuteness. So, she won’t be angry about it, yet feel funny like you do.

For example, she is indecisive. Whenever she can’t make a decision, you can pat her head playfully and say, “Come, let daddy decide it for you.”

Guys, do not go too far when it comes to talking about weaknesses. Our goal is to bring her back to reality, that she is a human being, not a goddess. We want to get her perceived value down a little bit to match your perceived value.

Please do not go too far and wreck her self-confidence or self-esteem completely. That’s too much. I believe you are intelligent enough to find the balance by yourself.

If you do not understand this part of lowering her status, you do not need to care too much as this is more advanced stuff. I might cover more about it in the future.

Extra Cold Reading Lines PUA

There’s a lot of statements you can use for cold reading.

  1. You are sociable in front of your friends, but you are introverted and reserved when it comes to new people.
  2. You have many dreams, but you are not sure which one you should go for first.
  3. You are a creative person, but sometimes you feel that there’s nobody who can fully understand your thought.
  4. You always want to look independent and tough in front of your friends. But inside, you are somewhat sensitive like a little child.
  5. You are secretly craving for praise or a hug sometimes.
  6. You have many great ideas and plans, but you find it hard to focus until you accomplish the goal.

The Bottom Line

Cold reading is just a general statement. It can be applied to everyone, but the listener will think you are describing them when you say it. It helps to make her feels like you know her well. At the end of the conversation, she will think that she has found someone who can truly understand her.

So that’s it for today’s sharing. I hope you have picked up some good cold reading lines from my examples above.

Guys, I wish you all the best in cold reading the girl you like next time you see her.

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