4 Steps On How To Flirt With A Girl | 13 flirty text included

Welcome to my guide on how to flirt with a girl.

In this guide, you will discover how to flirt with words and body language. Also, you will get all the script and steps on how to flirt with the girl you like.

Of course, examples will also be given, so you can master them faster.

how to flirt with a girl

How To Flirt With A Girl – The Stages

Before I dive into the details, I want to remind you that most girls are uncomfortable with physical touches too early.

This is why we want to start with flirting with words first. If the girl does not resist it or back off, then we can flirt with body language. It is much safer this way.

Now flirting is an art.

If you are experienced, you can start flirting even when the intimacy level is low to test the girl. However, if you are not, you should not force yourself to do it too early. Instead, you want to focus on warming up the relationship first by exchanging life stories and feelings and resonate with her.

Once you both get closer and are comfortable with each other, you can naturally proceed into the flirting stage.

I’m telling you this to ensure you will be flirting at the right stage, or else you will experience an unnecessary backfire.

How To Flirt With A Girl with Words

There are many ways to flirt with a girl with words.

If you are a complete beginner, then I would suggest you start with the following template.

It is a straightforward yet powerful flirting template that you can apply in real life today.

Flirting Template: “If it is not because of (fill in a reason), I would have (fill in an action)”

For example:

  1. If it’s not because it’s too crowded here, I would have kissed you.
  2. If it’s not because there are too many people here, I would have hugged you.
  3. If it’s not because I know you too well, I would have pursued you.

This template allows you to flirt playfully and to create sexual tension if you want. You get to express your desire or your interest in her in a very safe way.

Flirting Responses:

Once you use this template, you will get different responses listed below.

1) She feels shy about it.

This is a good response. It means that she imagines you taking action to kiss her or hug her, and she is looking forward to it. In the future, if the moment is right, you can go for the kiss or do the action you mentioned while using the template above.

2) She rejects you

She might reject you directly or express disinterest in continuing the conversation after you flirt with her. If this is the case, then it means that she is not into you and the intimacy level is not there yet.

It is okay because you said it playfully when you use the template as if it is a joke. So, you have created an atmosphere where both of you will not take it too seriously. Quickly go back to personal attraction and warm up the relationship first before moving into the flirting stage again.

3) She says no while hitting you playfully

In this case, you do not know she is actually rejecting you, or she is flirting back with body language. In other words, the response is ambiguous. But this is okay because you have already reached your objective.

Remember, flirting with language is to bring the intimacy level up. It is not for you to get a kiss or a hug directly. As long as she does not back off, turn cold, and keep a distance from you, you can assume that the flirt is successful. What you want is to be playful and to have fun together with her during the flirt.

how to flirt with a girl examples

How To Flirt With Girls Over Text

I would suggest you flirt in person rather than over text. This is because messages cannot convey your emotions thoroughly.

There’s no tonality and facial expression in messages, so it is harder to pull the trick correctly. The girl might misperceive your message, especially when you try to create sexual tension. In addition to that, you cannot read her direct responses. It is hard to know if she is picking up your flirty words or rejecting you in real-time.

In a nutshell, you should date her out, have fun together, and then flirt with her in person. But if you still want to flirt with her over text, here are some flirty messages you can use.

Flirty Text Examples:

  1. I wish you were here by my side now.
  2. I miss you already… Actually, I miss you every second when you are not by my side.
  3. I keep thinking about you today. What have you done to me?
  4. Hey, sexy. Free on this Sat night?
  5. I will be away for a few days. Don’t miss me.
  6. My dog misses you. I think you should come over now.
  7. Give it back to me, you thief. Where is my heart?
  8. I can’t breathe. I need to see you. You are my oxygen.
  9. I was reading your message and grin like an idiot. My friends are making fun of me now.
  10. I wish I have the power to stop time. So, I can freeze the time and be with you like yesterday forever.
  11. I’m an orange, and you are the apple. You are the apple of my eye.
  12. Did you cast magic on me? I have been dreaming about you for seven days in a row.
  13. I can’t sleep. I wish I can hug you and tell you that I miss you.
how to flirt with a girl over text

How To Flirt With A Girl With Body Language

I would suggest you flirt with words first. If she accepts it, then you can move forward to flirt with body language. It will be more natural this way.

Talking about flirting with body language, I recommend you start with eye contact and facial expression.

Step 1: Eye Contact & Facial Expression

A lot of guys are afraid of looking into the eyes while they talk.

If you are one of them, that’s probably just because you are shy and not used to it. But, no worries, because you can change this.

From now onwards, whenever you talk to someone, try to look at them in the eyes and stop avoiding eye contact. You can look at one of their eyes and then switch to another one while talking to them. This practice will help you to get used to looking into someone’s eye very fast.

Also, please change your mindset about looking into the eyes of the girl you like. You must know that avoiding eye contact during a conversation is unnatural, and it tells her that you lack confidence. So, you want to look into her eyes from now onwards because it is the most natural thing to do, and you get to see how beautiful her eyes are. Isn’t that amazing?

Step 2: Look At Her Lips

Here’s the next trick.

After you look into her eyes for a while, you want to look at her lips for split seconds occasionally. This will tell her that you are into her, and you are looking forward to kissing her.

It’s a very powerful yet subtle flirting method.

Girls are very sensitive. They can pick up subtle signals like this. She will know you are interested in her, and her mind will start imagining you kissing her. It will get her excited if she is also interested in you.

Step 3: Lean Forward Into Her Personal Space

If she does not back off or reject you and seems to enjoy the conversation after you look at her eyes and lips, you can try to proceed further.

While talking to her, you can pretend like you didn’t catch what she said and then lean forward slightly and try to catch what she has to say again. This allows you to move into her personal space.

If she does not back off, you can choose to stay there for a while and continue the conversation. Then, after a while, you can move back to your previous position. This is to create an emotional fluctuation in her and keep her excited.

However, if she backs off or put her hands or other items between you two when you lean forward, then it is a signal that she is not comfortable to have to get too close. In that case, you need to slowly move back to your previous position, where she does not feel threatened.

On the other hand, if she leans forward after you do, then you know she wants to be closer to you. It is a good signal she is into you, and she is comfortable being around you.

Then, you can move closer and speak softly to her. You can also purposely be silent for a few seconds and look into her beautiful eyes before you continue the conversation again. This will tell her that you are into her.

Step 4: Hugs, kisses or ask her to be your girlfriend

If she does not resist all the body language mentioned above, you can try to go for the hug, kiss or ask her to be your girlfriend. This is because she is clearly into you as much as you do for her.

Of course, the above is the best scenario that can happen. You might need several conversations or dates to build up the intimacy level and make her like you before getting the kiss successfully.

The key here is to be playful, have fun together, and build up chemistry over time. Once she is into you, flirting with her, hold her hands, have physical touch, or kisses are going to be easy.

how to flirt with a girl with body language

The Key In Flirting With A Girl

Flirting is an art.

And, you need to be a little playful or naughty to pull the trick successfully. You can never flirt seriously. It makes you look stupid if you do that.

So, to be playful during a conversation, you need to relax and be confident. This way, you will flirt naturally, and allow the girl to pick up the flirt and respond in a similar mood. This is how you create chemistry in a relationship.

Be playful and have fun is the always key to do it.

The Bottom Line

It would be best if you start flirting with words first. If she accepts it, then you can move forward to flirt with body language. If she flirts back with you, then it is a good sign that she is also into you, and you can decide if you want to take further action to advance the intimacy level.

Guys, I wish you all the best in flirting with the girl you like. Try not to get too nervous about it and enjoy the moment.

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