15 Biggest Turn Ons For Guys That Arouse Him Like Crazy

Biggest Turn Ons For Guys

Having a strong understanding of what turns a guy on can be an incredibly valuable tool for any woman hoping to spice up her romantic relationship.

While some men may prefer different things than others, certain turn-ons consistently make them feel aroused and desired. From physical touches to mental stimulation, here are the 15 biggest turn-ons for guys that will get him going like crazy!

15 Biggest Turn Ons For Guys that will drive him crazy

Whether you’ve been together for years or have just started dating, knowing what makes your man tick can help bring new excitement and intimacy into your relationship. Here are 15 of the biggest turn ons for guys that will arouse him like crazy!

1. Flirtatious touch

When it comes to a guy’s biggest turn ons, the list is endless. However, the one thing that always seems to be at the top is flirty physical contact.

If you feel adventurous, you can touch his leg with yours while dining at a restaurant, or put your hands on his legs while talking. You can also pretend to adjust your shoes and hold his hand, or slightly touch his hand while playing with his accessories. Playful wrestling matches and cuddling up close are also surefire ways to get his heart racing too.

Subtle body language like touches works very well to turn on a man.

2. Passionate Kisses

Passionate kisses are a surefire way to make any man feel special. These intimate moments can do more than just fan the flames of desire, they can also be emotionally rewarding for both partners. For men, in particular, passionate kisses are one of the most significant turn-ons.

A passionate kiss should involve a combination of slow and gentle motions with deep intensity. This level of intimacy builds emotional connection as well as physical attraction. An example would be a long, lingering kiss that starts slowly and then turns into something more heated as both partners give in to their desires. Additionally, exploring each other’s mouths and faces with lips and tongues adds to the excitement for both parties involved.

3. Dirty Talk

Dirty talking never fails to turn on a man. You can slowly build up the sexual intensity by texting him out of the blue during the day. For example, you can text something like “I feel like licking something stiff later”, “I miss you….in me”, or “I’m feeling naughty today and I’m free after work”. This will definitely turn on your man and make him can’t focus on his work.

Then, as the night approaches, you can continue to escalate the sexual intensity by texting him things like “I’ll let you do anything you want on me later”, “I’ve been a naughty girl. Bend me over and spank me”, and “I want you to tie me up and fuck me any way you’d like”.

This will spark your man’s imagination and keep him fantasizing about all the naughty things that he wants to do with you. If you want more dirty talk examples to turn on your man, be sure to check out my best dirty talk list here.

4. Playful Teasing

When it comes to what turns men on, playful teasing can be an excellent way to tantalize your partner. Teasing can be great fun and often has the power to create a heightened sense of excitement between two people that can lead to further intimacy. Playful teasing is one of the biggest turn ons for guys.

For example, when you’re out with your partner in public, you could look at him from across the room and give him a sly smile or wink. When in private, you could whisper something naughty into his ear or softly run your fingertip along his neck as you talk. These subtle actions are sure to get his heart racing and spark a flame of desire between you both!

5. Display Your Feminine features

The phrase “feminine features” can refer to a variety of things. Perhaps the most obvious is physical appearance: a woman’s curves, skin, hair, and overall body shape. But feminine features go beyond just looks; they could be both physical and mental characteristics that men find attractive.

Physically, men are drawn to women who embrace their femininity with confidence. This could mean wearing dresses or skirts and makeup or simply having an air of grace about them.

Mentally speaking, men appreciate when women show kindness, understanding, and compassion towards others. Men are also attracted to intelligence in women; someone who knows how to hold an interesting conversation or have an informed opinion on matters can be incredibly attractive.

6. Role Play and fantasies

Role-play is one of the most exciting turn-ons for many guys. It involves two people who take on different roles or characters, and it adds a spark to any relationship. To make role play even more interesting, some couples set up specific scenarios for each other to act out, which can help them explore their sexual fantasies safely and comfortably.

For example, one popular role-playing scenario is teacher and student. This allows both partners to explore the power dynamics that exist between the two roles enjoyably. The teacher can be demanding while the student responds with playful flirtation while still being compliant. Other fun ideas include doctor/patient, boss/secretary, pirate/captive, or even vampire/human.

7. New sex moves

Guys especially appreciate when their partners bring new moves into the bedroom and here are some of their biggest turn-ons.

First, guys love to watch their partners be active in bed. That means taking control and giving them something different than what they’re used to. Whether it’s trying out a new sexual position or introducing sex toys into the mix, being proactive is sure to make an impact that will keep him coming back for more.

Another big turn-on for men is when women take initiative to start sex and initiate foreplay activities such as body massages, kissing, caressing, or whispering in their ear during intimate moments with them. This can provide a sense of surprise and anticipation that will surely get him excited about the upcoming activity!

8. Take off lingerie and walk away

Taking off lingerie in a sensual way can be incredibly intoxicating for men – there’s something about that slow striptease that gets them going. Whether it’s an elegant nightgown, a simple camisole, and panties, or even more daring lingerie such as crotchless panties, wearing any type of lingerie can be a major turn-on. A man will love watching you take your time taking it off; doing so slowly and seductively is sure to have him mesmerized!

After taking off lingerie in a sexy way, you should just walk away afterward. This will drive him crazy and he will be sure to catch you back to bed. You will enjoy his intense desire for you if you do it correctly.

9. Give each other sensual massages

When it comes to the biggest turn-ons for guys, there’s no denying that massages rank right up there near the top. After a long day at work or after a particularly grueling workout session, nothing feels better than a good massage. Not only does it relieve tension and stress, but it also often leads to some pretty enjoyable sensations.

One of the most popular turn-ons is when a woman gives her man an intimate massage. It can range from gently caressing his back and shoulders with soothing motions to applying pressure to various points on his body to release any built-up knots. The man might even be asked to close his eyes during the process so he can focus even more on how he’s feeling.

You can slowly move your hand near his private part while massaging. If he enjoys it, you can then slowly move your hands to his private part and give him a VIP massage there, but maybe not with your hands anymore.

10. Watch some sexy movies together

Watching sexy films together can allow couples to explore their fantasies and deepen their connection.

From steamy thrillers like “Fifty Shades of Grey” to historical dramas like “The Last Tango in Paris” there are endless options for a couple’s film night. Exploring a new genre can be fun and exciting, as well as allowing partners to get to know each other better.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can explore what type of pornography does he like and ask him have he ever fantasized about doing that with you. Then, you can slowly divert the conversation to something more intimate and sexy. This will turn him on and he might start kissing you.

11. Being submissive in bed.

This may come as a surprise to some, but men can find it incredibly arousing when their partner lets them take charge and be a little dominating. From light spanking or biting, to taking control of positions or introducing new toys into playtime, there are plenty of ways you can be submissive that will have your man desires you more.

For example, getting blindfolded or handcuffed by your partner during foreplay is a great way to enhance sensations and create a feeling of vulnerability. You could also work on loosening up your inner inhibitions by following his lead through different activities such as caressing, teasing, and bondage.

Not only will these activities help push boundaries and encourage creative exploration between partners but they also add an element of excitement and anticipation that can make it even more thrilling!

12. Be vocal about your desire and feelings

While physical appearance is important, other things can turn a man on and make him truly feel connected to his partner. One of the biggest turn-ons for guys is when a woman is vocal about her feelings and desires. Being able to express themselves openly and honestly is not only an attractive trait but also an essential part of any relationship.

For example, expressing genuine excitement for a date or outing can boost his confidence and show his interest in getting to know him better. Similarly, if you like something he does – be it sexual exploration or simply holding your hand – let him know! Even verbalizing small compliments throughout the day can go a long way in terms of making him feel appreciated and special.

If he is making you feel great in bed, be sure to let him know amazing he is. Also, moaning, describing how good it feels, or calling his name in bed is a surefire way to turn on your man.

13. Sexy scent

When it comes to big turn-ons for guys, a sexy scent is high on the list of attractive qualities. The right fragrance can captivate and intrigue a man, leaving him with an unforgettable imprint in his mind of the woman wearing it. Sweet scents are often associated with femininity and can be incredibly alluring to a potential partner.

Fruity or floral fragrances are particularly popular among men, such as light touches of jasmine or lavender mixed with subtle notes of citrus or berry. These combinations create an airy and romantic atmosphere that many men find irresistible. For those who prefer something more sultry, warm vanilla-based perfumes give off an inviting aroma that will have any guy wanting more.

14. Intimate in front of a mirror

Intimate moments shared in front of a mirror can be particularly thrilling and exciting for couples, as it allows them to see each other in a whole new light. Not only does it offer the opportunity to engage in self-exploration during an intimate moment, but also provides a great way of connecting with your partner.

There are many different ways that couples can take advantage of these intimate moments in front of a mirror. Some ideas include dancing together while gazing into each other’s eyes through the reflection, or kissing one another while being able to watch each other’s reactions at the same time. Experimenting with different positions, such as doggy style or reverse cowgirl, are both fun activities that can make for an exciting experience when done in front of a mirror.

Overall, it brings a new perspective, new view, and new excitement into the bedroom.

15. Take a romantic bubble bath together

When it comes to romantic activities that turn on guys, few are as luxurious and indulgent as taking a bubble bath together. This intimate experience offers ample opportunity for physical closeness and meaningful conversation, making it one of the best ways to get close to your partner.

Besides the obvious perks of having your partner right in front of you while you soak in warm water and fragrant bubbles, some unique elements make this activity especially exciting for men. For example, with the enormous amount of skin-on-skin contact, you can rest your head against his shoulders while enjoying long moments of silence, or you can whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ears while caressing with your fingers.

This special experience would turn on a guy and he might want to start doing something sexy with you in the bathtub.

What turns a man on most?

Physical touch is often an effective way to get a man aroused. Simple touches such as caressing his arm while talking, running your hand through his hair, or lightly massaging his shoulders can all help to turn him on. Physical touch, admiration, appreciation, and respect can also be arousing for men.

In addition, listening intently when he talks about something he’s passionate about and complimenting his achievements will make him feel attractive and valued which can create an atmosphere of desire between you both.

What is the fastest way to turn a guy on?

One of the most effective ways to turn on a guy is through touch. A light brush of your hand against his arm or holding hands with him can instantly spark his interest.

You can also get creative and use different types of touches like running your fingertips lightly over his back or tracing circles around his neck with your fingertips. Making physical contact helps create an intimate connection between you two and will quickly get him aroused.