What To Say When Approaching A Girl | 4 Simple Scripts

Welcome to my guide on what to say when approaching a girl.

In this guide, not only I will give you the approaching scripts, but also I will show you the step-by-step on how to get her phone number.

In addition to that, you will learn what should you do if she is in a rush or if she already has a boyfriend.

I’m sure all this knowledge can help you to become more confident in approaching a girl.

what to say when approaching a girl

What To Say When Approaching A Girl

A lot of guys are reluctant to do the approaching mainly because they do not know what to say.

They are afraid that the girl might find it awkward.

However, approaching a girl is not as hard as you think.

I’m going to share some excellent scripts that you can use whenever you approach a girl. The scripts are straightforward, and it does not make you look needy.

4 Simple Approaching Scripts:

  1. Hi, I know this is a bit random. I saw you walked by and I just want to come over to say hi. I’m Jason.
  2. Hi, I noticed you and I would kick myself if I didn’t talk to you. I’m Jason, by the way.
  3. I saw you, and I had to come and say hi. My name is Jason, and you are…
  4. Hi, I’m Jason. I was waiting for my friend over there, and I noticed you. So, just thought of getting to know you.

As you can see, all the script above are pretty straightforward and not cheesy.

What To Do When You Approach The Girl

Do not stop her or talk to her from her back as this might scare her.

Before you say hi to her, always try to position yourself by her side first. This way, you won’t be blocking her directly. And, she will feel more secured as she knows she can leave anytime if she feels uncomfortable.

I know it can be nerve-racking approaching a girl you like, but remember to keep that smile on your face.

Also, please speak in a relax and casual tone—no need to be over-polite or formal. Just talk in the way like how you usually talk to your friends.

Last but not least, when you use the script, you want to pay attention to your body language.

First, you want to raise your chest and speak clearly but not too fast. Second, you want to keep the eye contact even if you are a shy person. You want to show her that you are a confident person.

what to say when approaching a girl you like

What To Do After Approaching a Girl You Don’t Know

After you use the approaching script above, remember to wait for her to respond.

Don’t be afraid of the split-second silence and do not start talking nonsense. Just wait for her to respond. This makes you look more confident.

What To Say After Approaching a Girl

Once you introduced yourself, she will probably respond with her name.

For example, Hi, I’m Jessica, I’m Jane.

Then you want to open a conversation right away. It is best to use the environment you are in to start the conversation.

For example, if you are in a book store, then start the conversation about it, “I like to read too. What’s your favourite genre?”

If you are at a musical event, “I’m into music too, who’s your favourite band?”

If you are at the art gallery, “I like this artist too, which one from her is your favourite?”

The idea is simple. Since she is there, she is probably interested in the subject related to the environment.

If you can’t open a conversation with the environment, then just ask her “what are you up to?

Then, catch the keyword from her reply and expand the conversation from there.

I have talked about how to expand a conversation effortlessly in my previous work. You can check them out.


What if she has a boyfriend

If she said she already has a boyfriend, please do not express your impatience or disappointment right away. That’s not cool.

Just say, “Of course. Nice to meet you anyway and see you around.”, then leave the conversation.

The reason she brings up the boyfriend thing, no matter it is true or not, she is trying to draw a boundary with you. In other words, she is trying to reject you politely.

Thus, in my opinion, you should just cut the loss when she said she has a boyfriend because if she does not mind to know you, then she would have just continued the chat with you.

What if she is in a rush

If she is in a rush, then you should just cut the conversation and try to go for her phone number directly.

You can say: I know we just met, but you seem like a fun person. Maybe we should grab a drink sometimes?

If she is cool about it, then you can pull out your phone and get her numbers down.

If she is reluctant, then you can say, “It’s cool. Have a nice day then.” and leave the conversation.

What if she has time

If she is not in a rush when you approach her, for example, she is just looking around or shopping in the mall, then you have 2 option.

You can ask her for an instant date, or you can just chat with her and then ask for the number.

How To Ask For A Date On The Spot

It’s simple, just use the following script

“I know a great place for coffee here. Just 5 minutes walk. Do you want to join me for a while, just chill and relax?”

what to say when approaching a girl you don't know

How To End The Approaching Session & Get Her Number

For the conversation part, you do not want to drag it too long unless you are taking her on an instant date.

10 minutes should be the max, and you want to ask for her phone number by using the script below.

Script to get her phone number:

“I have to go, but you seem like a lot of fun. Maybe we should hang out sometimes?”

If she is positive, then take out your phone and get her number.

On the other hand, if she is negative, then just be cool, wish her have a great day and leave.

How To Ask Her Out After You Get Her Number

There are 2 ways to ask a girl out, the direct and indirect way.

If the first conversation was fun, you can use the direct way to ask her out.

For example, “The last meet up was awesome. Are you free this weekend? Do you want to grab a drink together this Sat?”

Resources: How To Ask A Girl Out | Script & Examples

The Bottom Line

The basic flow to approach a girl consist of 3 steps: approaching, open up a conversation, and lastly, ask for the phone number. If you step up like an honest person, the girl will respect you for having the courage to speak to her. It reflects that you are a confident person.

Even if it does not work out, she will just decline you respectfully. But deep inside, she is happy that you have approached her. It makes her feel proud and special.

So, that’s it, guys.

I wish you all the best in your approaching the girl you like. Maybe she is already waiting for you to approach her, and you never know.

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