Upward Dating App Review: A Disappointing Experience

Upward Dating App Review

Upward Dating App is a popular platform that claims to revolutionize the world of Christian online dating by connecting users based on their interests and values. However, after using the app extensively, I must say that it falls short of its promises and leaves much to be desired. 

In this review, I will highlight six reasons why Upward Dating App is ultimately a disappointing and unsatisfying experience.

Upward Dating App Review: Bad

Upward Dating App has a lot of potential but fails to deliver on its promises. With numerous better-established dating platforms available, it’s difficult to recommend Upward Dating App to anyone seeking a meaningful and enjoyable online dating experience.

1. Limited User Base:

A diverse and substantial user base is critical for any dating app’s success, as it increases the chances of finding compatible matches. However, Upward Dating App struggles in this area. Upon joining the platform, users often find that there are relatively few active users in their location or with similar interests. As a result, the pool of potential matches is limited, making it difficult to find meaningful connections. This limitation can be especially frustrating for users residing in smaller towns or less densely populated areas, where the chances of finding someone compatible are already slim.

2. Glitches and Bugs:

Technical issues plague the Upward Dating App, significantly impacting the user experience. Users frequently encounter glitches like the app crashing unexpectedly, freezing, or becoming unresponsive. These technical problems not only disrupt the overall experience but also create frustration and diminish the trust users have in the app’s reliability. Additionally, message failures can result in missed opportunities to connect with potential matches, leading to missed connections and potential disappointment.

3. Poor Matching Algorithm:

The success of a dating app hinges on its ability to pair users with compatible matches. Unfortunately, Upward Dating App’s matching algorithm fails to live up to users’ expectations. Instead of providing accurate and relevant matches, the algorithm often presents users with profiles that are not compatible in terms of interests, values, or preferences. This inaccurate matching wastes users’ time and effort, leading to unfulfilling conversations and unsuccessful connections.

4. Expensive Premium Features:

While offering a free version is a common practice among dating apps, Upward Dating App takes it to the extreme by locking many essential features behind a paywall. Basic functionalities, such as unlimited messaging or advanced search filters, are only accessible through expensive premium subscriptions. As a result, users on the free version face severe limitations in their ability to interact with potential matches and fully explore the app’s potential. This restriction can be frustrating, and the value provided by the premium features often does not justify the high cost.

5. Inauthentic Profiles:

The integrity of a dating app relies heavily on the authenticity of its user base. Unfortunately, Upward Dating App falls short in this aspect as well. The lax verification process allows numerous fake and inactive profiles to populate the platform. These fake profiles, often created by scammers or bots, may engage in deceptive practices to bait genuine users into conversation. Such interactions can be misleading and disheartening, leading to a loss of trust in the app’s ability to facilitate genuine connections.

6. Fake Matches to Bait You Into Paying:

In an attempt to entice free users into purchasing premium subscriptions, some dating apps engage in the practice of generating fake matches. These matches may be presented as highly compatible or interested in the user, but in reality, they are computer-generated profiles or inactive users. This manipulative strategy aims to create a sense of urgency and excitement, pushing users to pay for premium features in hopes of connecting with these seemingly perfect matches. However, once users subscribe, they often find that these matches were misleading, leading to feelings of disappointment and regret. This unethical practice erodes trust and credibility in the app’s intentions.


Based on the identified shortcomings and issues with Upward Dating App, it is strongly advised against using the platform. The app’s limited user base, technical glitches, poor matching algorithm, and prevalence of fake profiles create an unsatisfactory and potentially deceptive user experience.

The expensive premium features and questionable practices, such as generating fake matches to entice users into paying, further diminish the app’s credibility and trustworthiness. These factors combined make Upward Dating App an unreliable and disappointing choice for those seeking genuine and meaningful connections.