What Does It Mean When Someone Says They Are Looking For “Something Casual”?

something casual meaning

What is the meaning of “something casual”?

If someone says they are only looking for something casual, it means that they are not interested in a committed and exclusive relationship now. They want to keep their options open and still be able to meet multiple other people if they want. In other words, they just want to meet new people and have some fun together, but not ready for a serious relationship.

“Something casual” could also mean they are just looking for a hookup or casual sex without any commitment in the relationship. This is a common tag in dating apps nowadays.

What Does It Mean When Someone says They Are Looking For Something Casual?

1. They are not looking for anything serious and just want to have some fun.

When someone says they are looking for “something casual”, it often means they are not ready to settle down or be tied into a serious relationship for now. They will want to meet multiple new people, get some companionship, and have a good time together. If the date went wrong or it is boring, they will choose to withdraw from it immediately because what they want ultimately is having fun.

2. They are not ready for a committed relationship.

It means that they do not want to deal much with the drama and the hassles that often come with the traditional committed relationship.

For example, they do not want to waste time dealing with jealousy issues, resolve conflict in the relationship, and spend too much time pleasing their partner in the relationship. They prefer to have more control over their time and be free from the responsibilities needed to sustain a committed relationship.

3. They are not interested in a long-term relationship.

Something casual could also mean that the person is enjoying his single life without being tied down. They will not include their partner in their plan and they won’t consider much about their partner’s feelings when deciding on life.

In other words, the relationship is not their top priority in life. If they found someone else, or they need to move to the other city due to work, they will not hesitate to let go of the relationship. They are just enjoying short-term companionship for now.

4. They are only interested in a physical relationship.

This could mean that they are only looking for casual sex or hookup without any commitment. When things get difficult in the relationship, for example, if there’s a quarrel or if their partner becomes clingy and demands more attention, they will tend to walk away from the relationship. They do not care much about the partner’s emotional needs and all they want is the short-term enjoyment of sex.

5. They are not looking for anything exclusive.

This means that they want to still be able to meet multiple other people while dating you. And, they get to choose who they want to meet first and who they want to meet less. In other words, you are not their only option on hand and they are not that serious about you and in the relationship. They like your companionship but they are not willing to be tied down to only you.

6. They are not sure what they want.

Sometimes, people say they are just looking for something casual could be because they are not sure who they want or what they want from a relationship. So, they resort to making more friends and enlarging their social circle first.

Throughout the process of interacting with more people, they will see who can click better with them and learn which type of person is more compatible with them.

Then, they will filter the list and see who is the best candidate for them to start a relationship with when they are ready. In other words, they are still in the exploration stage and they want to know what they want in their partner.

7. They are not looking to get married or have kids anytime soon.

In today’s society, more and more young people are choosing to remain single and focus on their careers rather than getting married or starting a family. There are several reasons for this trend, including the high cost of living, the difficulty of finding a partner with similar values, and the increasing acceptance of non-traditional lifestyles.

For many young people, the idea of getting married and having children is simply not something that is a top priority. They are more concerned with furthering their career, establishing themselves financially, and enjoying their freedom.

So, when someone is looking for something casual, it could mean they just want to have companionship with or without sexual benefits, but certainly, they are not into the idea of getting married yet.

9. They don’t expect it will turn into a serious relationship later.

Casual dating is all about keeping things light and enjoying spending time together without any serious commitment. So, you should never cling to the hope that someone who is just looking for something casual will eventually want to start a relationship with you one day if you try hard enough. Otherwise, you could end up feeling disappointed or even heartbroken if things don’t work out the way you had hoped.

If someone already told you that they are just looking for something casual outright, then you should not get too attached to them or it will only be a burden for both of you. Instead, you should take things slow and easy, and enjoy the companionship as a friend.

10. They are unwilling to invest much in the relationship.

When a person is unwilling to invest much in a relationship, it usually means that they are not very interested in pursuing a long-term, committed relationship with that person.

They may still enjoy spending time with the other person and may even have strong feelings for them, but they are not willing to put in the effort required to maintain a healthy, thriving relationship. They will tend to avoid difficult conversations, refrain from expressing their affection, are unwilling to meet their partner’s friends or family, and do not want to forge a strong emotional connection with their partner.

This is because they want to keep their distance from their partner so that it is easier for them when they want to walk away from the relationship. There will be less guilt or hassle for them.

Why do people look for something casual?

There are a few reasons people might be interested in a casual relationship as opposed to something more committed.

For some, it could simply be a matter of not being ready for a serious relationship. They might just want to date and have some fun without any pressure or strings attached. Other people might be interested in a casual relationship because they’re not sure they want anything serious, or they might be afraid of getting hurt again if they open themselves up to something more. Maybe they are still in the healing stage from a previous toxic relationship. So, they only want to make friends until they are ready for a new relationship again.

Additionally, some people might just prefer the freedom and flexibility that comes with a casual relationship. They might like being able to date around and not have to worry about being exclusive with anyone.

Lastly, some people might be in a place where they’re not looking for anything serious, but they’re also not opposed to it if the right person comes along. A casual relationship might be a good way to test the waters and see if they’re open to something more.

Can something casual turn into a relationship

It’s definitely possible for something casual to turn into a relationship. A lot of times, people start out casually dating or hooking up, and then they realize that they have more feelings for the other person than they originally thought. Once they start to develop feelings, they might want to pursue a more serious relationship.

There are a few things that can happen that could lead to a casual relationship turning into something more. For example, if you start spending more and more time together and you find that you can’t get enough of each other, it might be time to start thinking about a more serious relationship. Additionally, if you find yourself confiding in each other and sharing things that you wouldn’t normally share with someone you’re just casually dating, it’s a sign that you’re developing a deeper connection.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that a casual relationship will turn into a serious one, but it definitely can happen. If you’re interested in pursuing something more with someone you’re casually seeing, it’s important to communicate your feelings and see if they’re on the same page.

Is casual dating right for you?

On the one hand, casual dating can be great fun. You get to meet new people, have new experiences, and learn about yourself. On the other hand, casual dating can be stressful because you have to juggle your feelings, manage your expectations, and deal with potential heartbreak. If you’re wondering if casual dating is right for you, here are some things to think about.

The first thing to consider is what you’re looking for. Are you just looking for some fun, or are you looking for something more serious? If you’re just looking for fun, then casual dating is probably right for you. But if you’re looking for something more serious, you might want to think twice. Casual dating is all about keeping things light and easy. If you’re looking for something more serious, you might have trouble finding it in a casual relationship.

Another thing to consider is your own emotional needs. Can you handle the ups and downs of a casual relationship? If you’re someone who gets attached easily, or who needs a lot of emotional support, a casual relationship might not be right for you. On the other hand, if you’re independent and self-sufficient, you might find that a casual relationship is just what you need.

Finally, you need to think about the other person. Do both of you want the same things out of the relationship? Do they know what’s your intention and have the right expectation for the relationship? If you’re not sure, it’s probably best to clarify it clearly to them to avoid any misunderstanding down the road. Make sure the person you are casually dating is not the type who gets attached easily. Otherwise, it is not suitable to start a casual relationship with them or things might get messy later on.