17 Signs Your Boyfriend Secretly Likes His Female Friend

Signs Your Boyfriend Secretly Likes His Female Friend

Relationships are built on trust, honesty, and open communication. However, it’s natural for doubts and insecurities to arise, especially if you suspect that your boyfriend may have feelings for someone else. 

One of the most common concerns is whether your partner secretly likes his female friend. While it’s essential to remember that these signs are not definitive proof, they may indicate potential underlying issues in your relationship. 

In this article, we’ll explore 17 signs that could suggest your boyfriend may have feelings for his female friend.

17 Signs Your Boyfriend Secretly Likes His Female Friend

While these indicators might raise suspicions, they do not necessarily confirm that your boyfriend secretly likes his female friend. 

The best approach is to have an honest and respectful conversation with your partner about your feelings and concerns. In a healthy relationship, both partners should be willing to listen and address each other’s worries openly. 

1. He Constantly Talks About Her:

Communication is vital in any relationship, and it’s normal for partners to share details about their friendships. However, if your boyfriend frequently brings up his female friend in conversations, it might be worth exploring this behavior further. Frequent mentions of her could indicate that she holds a significant place in his thoughts and emotions, potentially hinting at a stronger emotional attachment than one might expect in a typical friendship.

While not every mention is automatically suspicious, the frequency and emotional tone of these discussions can provide valuable insights into your boyfriend’s feelings for his female friend. If he speaks about her with excessive admiration or positivity, it might suggest that he has deep and affectionate emotions towards her.

2. He Prioritizes Her Over You:

Observing how your boyfriend prioritizes his time and attention can reveal important information about his emotional attachment to his female friend. In a healthy relationship, partners strive to strike a balance between spending time with each other and maintaining their individual friendships. However, if you consistently find that your boyfriend prioritizes his female friend’s needs and requests over yours, it may raise concerns about the depth of their connection.

Feeling like you consistently take a backseat to his female friend could lead to feelings of neglect and disregard for your emotional well-being. This situation can create insecurities and resentment in the relationship, as you may feel undervalued and less important in his life.

3. He Becomes Defensive About Her:

When you inquire casually about your boyfriend’s relationship with his female friend, does he become defensive or evasive in his responses? Defensive behavior in response to innocent questions might signal that he is trying to protect or hide something about his friendship with her.

While defensiveness can sometimes be rooted in fear of misunderstandings or judgment, it’s essential to explore the underlying reasons for his reaction. Honest and open communication is vital in a healthy relationship, so if he becomes defensive, it may be an indicator that there’s more to his friendship with her than he’s willing to reveal.

4. He Keeps Secrets About Their Interactions:

Trust and transparency are essential pillars of a strong and healthy relationship. If your boyfriend is keeping secrets about his interactions with his female friend, it could be cause for concern. While not every aspect of a person’s life needs to be shared, significant secrets or concealed communication might indicate an emotional bond he wishes to keep hidden.

Keeping secrets from your partner can erode trust and create emotional distance in the relationship. If he’s hiding aspects of his friendship with his female friend, it’s crucial to have an open conversation about why he feels the need to do so and what it means for your relationship.

5. He Compares You to Her:

Occasional comparisons between partners’ friends or interests are natural and harmless, as they can lead to shared hobbies and interests. However, constant comparisons that lean positively towards his female friend may be hurtful and damaging to your self-esteem. If he frequently highlights her positive attributes while overlooking or downplaying yours, it might indicate that he holds her in higher regard than you.

Feeling like you have to compete with someone else for your boyfriend’s affection can be emotionally draining and may strain the trust and intimacy in your relationship. Openly discussing your feelings and concerns about these comparisons is essential to address any potential issues and find a resolution together.

6. He Gets Jealous When She’s with Other Guys:

Jealousy is a natural human emotion, and in small doses, it may even be healthy for a relationship. However, excessive and unwarranted jealousy towards his female friend’s interactions with other guys might suggest possessive feelings.

Feeling threatened by his female friend’s interactions with other men might indicate that he perceives her as someone he doesn’t want to share with others. While this behavior may stem from insecurity, it could also imply an emotional attachment beyond a platonic friendship.

7. He Invests Emotionally in Her Problems:

Supporting friends during challenging times is a hallmark of a healthy friendship. However, if your boyfriend appears excessively invested in his female friend’s emotional struggles, it may raise concerns about the nature of their relationship. Emotional investment beyond normal levels of support might indicate that he feels a deeper connection or responsibility towards her, possibly suggesting romantic feelings.

It’s essential to differentiate between genuine empathy and emotional investment. If he consistently prioritizes her emotional well-being over yours, it might indicate that he is emotionally more connected to her than to you, which could impact your relationship’s dynamics.

8. He Goes Out of His Way to Impress Her:

Effort in a friendship is normal, but if your boyfriend continually seeks to impress or please his female friend, even if it inconveniences you, it could be a sign of his desire to gain her approval and admiration. This behavior may suggest that he values her opinion and validation more than yours, which can be disheartening for any partner.

If he consistently prioritizes her approval over the harmony of your relationship, it may create feelings of insecurity and resentment within your partnership. Openly communicating your feelings about this behavior is crucial to establish healthy boundaries and ensure that your emotional needs are also met.

9. He Makes Comparisons Between You and Her:

Listen carefully to how your boyfriend talks about his female friend’s qualities and traits in comparison to yours. If he frequently highlights her positive attributes while downplaying yours, it might indicate that he holds her in higher regard than you.

Drawing comparisons in a relationship can be hurtful, and if he constantly makes you feel inadequate compared to his female friend, it could lead to a decrease in self-esteem and a strained relationship. Addressing these feelings and concerns with your boyfriend can help promote understanding and a more supportive dynamic.

10. He Defends Her Unconditionally:

Defending a friend, including a female friend, is a natural response in friendships. However, if your boyfriend unquestioningly defends his female friend, even when she is wrong or has behaved inappropriately, it might suggest a deeper emotional attachment.

If he prioritizes protecting her over acknowledging any missteps or shortcomings in her behavior, it could be a sign that he’s emotionally invested in maintaining a positive image of her in his mind. This behavior may impact your relationship if it leads to disagreements or misunderstandings about your boundaries and expectations.

11. He Keeps Her a Secret From His Family:

Introducing close friends to family members is a normal part of many friendships. If your boyfriend has not introduced his female friend to his family or keeps their friendship a secret, it may raise suspicions about the nature of their relationship.

Keeping the friendship hidden might imply that he wants to keep their connection private for personal reasons, potentially indicating that the relationship goes beyond a typical friendship. This secrecy might lead to feelings of insecurity and doubt in your relationship if you’re left wondering why he’s keeping his friendship with her hidden.

12 . He’s Overprotective of His Phone:

Being protective of one’s phone can signify various things, including concerns about privacy or simply valuing personal space. However, if your boyfriend guards his messages and interactions with his female friend excessively, it might indicate that he’s hiding something from you.

Privacy is essential in any relationship, but if there’s a lack of trust or openness surrounding his communication with his female friend, it could contribute to feelings of insecurity and doubt. Openly discussing your feelings and setting clear boundaries regarding privacy can help address any trust issues and promote a more secure relationship.

13. He Gets Anxious When She’s Upset:

If your boyfriend becomes visibly anxious or distressed when his female friend is upset, it may suggest that he deeply cares for her emotional well-being. While empathy and concern for a friend are commendable, heightened emotional reactions might indicate a level of emotional attachment that goes beyond a typical friendship.

If he prioritizes her emotional needs to the extent that it affects his own emotional well-being or your relationship, it’s crucial to have a candid conversation about boundaries and priorities. Ensuring that both of you understand and respect each other’s emotional needs can strengthen the foundation of your relationship.

14. He Initiates Plans With Her Behind Your Back:

Discovering that your boyfriend is making plans with his female friend behind your back can be concerning. It might indicate that he wants to keep the nature of their relationship hidden from you or that he’s intentionally excluding you from their interactions.

While it’s natural for friends to spend time together, keeping plans secret might signal potential emotional attachment beyond a platonic friendship. Open communication about your feelings and concerns can help establish trust and ensure that both of you feel respected in the relationship.

15. He Buys Her Expensive Gifts:

Gift-giving is a common expression of affection in both friendships and romantic relationships. However, if your boyfriend frequently buys his female friend expensive gifts, it may raise questions about the motivation behind such gestures.

Excessive and extravagant gift-giving might be a way for him to show his affection for her or to impress her, potentially indicating romantic feelings. It’s essential to have an open and honest conversation about your feelings regarding this behavior to ensure that both of your emotional needs are being met.

16. He Becomes Distant After Spending Time With Her:

If your boyfriend becomes emotionally distant or withdrawn after spending time with his female friend, it could be an indication of inner conflict or guilt. He may feel torn between his feelings for his friend and his commitment to you.

Emotional distance after spending time with his female friend could also be a sign of him processing his emotions or trying to avoid confrontations about their relationship. Open communication and reassurance within your relationship can help address any concerns and strengthen your emotional bond.

17. He Avoids Discussions About Their Friendship:

Open communication is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship. If your attempts to discuss his friendship with his female friend are met with evasion or shutdown, it may suggest that he’s uncomfortable sharing certain aspects of their relationship with you.

Avoiding discussions could be a way for him to keep the nature of their connection hidden or to prevent potential conflict about the depth of their friendship. It’s essential to create a safe and non-judgmental space for open communication so that both of you can express your feelings and concerns honestly.

What is the biggest sign my boyfriend likes his female friend?

The most significant sign that your boyfriend might have feelings for his female friend is the frequency and emotional intensity with which he talks about her. If he constantly mentions her in conversations, speaks admirably of her, prioritizes her over you, or becomes defensive when you inquire about their relationship, it could indicate a deeper emotional attachment. Other signs may include excessive gift-giving, comparing you to her, and becoming anxious or distant after spending time with her. While these signs don’t automatically mean he has romantic feelings, they warrant open communication to understand his emotions better.

Is it normal to be jealous of your boyfriend’s female friends?

Feeling a tinge of jealousy occasionally is normal and can even be healthy in small doses. It shows that you care about your relationship and value your partner. However, if jealousy becomes excessive, constant, or irrational, it might negatively impact your relationship. It’s essential to communicate openly with your boyfriend about your feelings and find ways to address the underlying insecurities or concerns. Building trust and maintaining open communication can help alleviate jealousy and strengthen your bond.

How do I deal with my boyfriend’s girl best friend?

Dealing with your boyfriend’s close female friend requires a balance of understanding, trust, and open communication. Here are some tips:

  • Communicate openly: Talk to your boyfriend about his friendship with his girl best friend. Share your feelings, concerns, and boundaries without being accusatory.
  • Get to know her: Take the time to get to know his female friend better. Spending time together in group settings or one-on-one can help build a friendship and alleviate any initial discomfort.
  • Trust your boyfriend: Trust is vital in any relationship. If your partner has shown himself to be trustworthy, give him the benefit of the doubt regarding his friendship.
  • Address your insecurities: If you find yourself feeling insecure about their friendship, take some time for self-reflection. Identify the root causes of your insecurities and work on building self-confidence.
  • Set healthy boundaries: Discuss and establish healthy boundaries with your boyfriend. It’s essential to understand each other’s comfort levels regarding interactions with opposite-sex friends.
  • Support his friendships: Encourage your boyfriend to maintain his friendships, including his friendship with his girl best friend. A healthy relationship allows for individual friendships outside of the romantic bond.
  • Express your needs: Be clear about your emotional needs in the relationship. Openly communicate about what makes you feel secure and valued.


If you suspect that your boyfriend may have more than just a platonic connection with his female friend, it’s essential to address your concerns openly and honestly. While the signs mentioned in this article could indicate a deeper emotional attachment, they do not necessarily mean that he is romantically involved with her.

Remember, every relationship is unique, and it’s crucial to approach these situations with empathy and respect. Regardless of the outcome, prioritize your emotional well-being and ensure that you’re in a partnership where both parties feel valued, respected, and secure in their connection.