21 Secret Signs Your Best Friend Is in Love With You

Signs Your Best Friend Is in Love With You

As you spend more time with your best friend, you may begin to wonder if there are hidden feelings beyond the platonic love you share. 

Recognizing the signs that your best friend might be in love with you can be tricky, as they often try to conceal their emotions to protect the friendship. 

In this article, we will explore 21 secret signs that could indicate your best friend has romantic feelings for you.

21 Secret Signs Your Best Friend Is in Love With You

By understanding these 21 secret clues, you can gain valuable insight into your best friend’s emotions and, perhaps, uncover a love that was always there, just waiting to be revealed.

1. Frequent Eye Contact:

Eyes are often referred to as the windows to the soul, and this holds true in the context of deciphering someone’s feelings. When your best friend tends to maintain prolonged eye contact with you, it can be a powerful indicator of deeper emotions. This intense gaze can convey a multitude of unspoken messages, including affection, attraction, and a desire for emotional connection. It’s as if they are trying to convey their emotions through their eyes, and the lingering gazes are their way of communicating their feelings without uttering a word.

It’s essential to distinguish this kind of eye contact from mere casual glances or friendly exchanges. Prolonged eye contact involves holding each other’s gaze for an extended period, often accompanied by a softening of facial expressions. If you notice your best friend looking into your eyes with a sense of depth and intensity, it could be a telltale sign that their feelings for you extend beyond the realm of friendship.

2. Body Language:

Nonverbal cues can speak volumes about a person’s feelings, and your best friend’s body language around you can provide significant insight into their emotions. Subtle actions such as leaning in closer when you’re having a conversation, mirroring your movements unconsciously, or initiating gentle touches can be strong indications that they have romantic feelings for you.

Leaning in closer while talking signals a desire to create a deeper emotional connection and be more emotionally present. Mirroring your movements, whether it’s crossing arms or leaning on one leg, is a subconscious way of building rapport and establishing a connection. As for gentle touches, they are a way of breaking down physical barriers and fostering intimacy, often expressing affection without explicitly saying it.

By paying attention to your best friend’s body language, you can gain valuable insights into their unspoken emotions and discover whether there’s an underlying romantic interest.

3. Always There for You:

One of the hallmarks of a true best friend is their unwavering support and commitment to being there for you through thick and thin. However, if your best friend consistently goes above and beyond to offer assistance, a listening ear, or a shoulder to lean on whenever you need it, it could be an indication of more profound feelings.

Their dedication to being your rock during difficult times and their willingness to prioritize your needs showcases a level of emotional investment beyond what one would typically expect in a platonic friendship. It suggests that they deeply care for you and might be experiencing romantic feelings that drive their commitment to your well-being and happiness.

4. Jealousy:

Jealousy is a complex emotion that can be both revealing and confusing. When it comes to your best friend, observing signs of jealousy when you talk about or spend time with someone else can be a clear indication of their deeper feelings for you.

If your best friend displays jealousy when you mention another person in your life, it may imply that they see you as more than just a friend and fear losing your attention or affection to someone else. This protective instinct could stem from their romantic interest in you, making them feel a sense of possessiveness over your relationship.

However, it’s important to handle jealousy with sensitivity and care. If you notice signs of jealousy, it’s worth having an open and honest conversation with your best friend to understand their emotions better and clarify the nature of your relationship.

5. Remembering the Smallest Details:

One of the beautiful aspects of close friendships is the familiarity and understanding that develops over time. If your best friend pays remarkable attention to detail and never forgets the little things about you, it’s a clear sign of their affection and care.

Remembering your favorite color, food, or childhood memories might seem like trivial matters, but it reflects the depth of their emotional connection to you. It shows that they genuinely listen to you and value every aspect of your life, no matter how insignificant it may seem to others.

This attentiveness is a subtle way of demonstrating their care and love, as they make an effort to remember the things that matter to you, even in the midst of their busy lives.

6. Their Tone of Voice:

The way your best friend speaks to you can carry a wealth of emotional cues. If you notice a soft and gentle tone when they address you, it could be a manifestation of their affection and love.

A gentle tone of voice is often an unconscious reflection of the emotions bubbling beneath the surface. It conveys warmth, tenderness, and a desire to communicate in a manner that expresses their feelings without being overtly obvious.

Listening closely to their tone can provide insight into their emotional state, helping you gauge whether their feelings towards you are platonic or something deeper and more meaningful.

7. Special Gestures:

Actions speak louder than words, and when your best friend goes the extra mile to surprise you with thoughtful gestures or gifts, it’s a strong indication of their romantic feelings.

Taking the time and effort to plan special surprises or thoughtful gifts indicates that they are invested in making you happy and feel appreciated. These gestures are their way of expressing affection and love, hoping to bring a smile to your face and create cherished memories.

By paying attention to these special gestures, you can decipher their intentions and understand whether your best friend’s actions go beyond what is expected in a typical friendship.

8. Lengthy Conversations:

Meaningful conversations are a hallmark of a close and intimate friendship, but when these exchanges become lengthy and delve into personal topics and emotions, it may signify that your best friend has deeper feelings for you. Engaging in extended discussions allows for a profound emotional connection, enabling both of you to share vulnerabilities, dreams, and fears that go beyond the surface level of friendship.

These conversations often create a sense of emotional intimacy, where you both feel safe and understood. Your best friend’s willingness to invest time and effort in these dialogues suggests that they value your presence in their life and cherish the opportunity to connect with you on a more profound and meaningful level.

9. Protective Nature:

As your best friend, it’s natural for them to care about your well-being and happiness. However, if their protective nature becomes noticeably heightened, where they go out of their way to shield you from harm and offer support during challenging times, it may be a sign of deeper feelings.

Their desire to protect you can stem from an emotional investment that goes beyond platonic affection. They might see you as someone they want to keep safe and cherish, and their protective actions could be a manifestation of their romantic interest.

10. Playful Teasing:

Teasing is a common way of fostering a playful and friendly dynamic within a friendship. However, when your best friend’s jokes and teasing frequently revolve around romantic themes or innuendos, it could be their way of testing the waters and flirting with you in a lighthearted manner.

Playful teasing provides a safe avenue for them to express their interest while gauging your response. By incorporating elements of romance into their jokes, they may be hoping to see how you react and if there is any mutual interest in exploring a romantic connection.

11. Subtle Compliments:

Compliments are a natural part of any friendship, but when your best friend frequently highlights your strengths, talents, and unique qualities, it could indicate that they appreciate you on a much deeper level.

By paying attention to and acknowledging your positive traits, they are expressing admiration and affection. These compliments often reflect the aspects of you they find most endearing and may serve as a subtle way of expressing their romantic feelings.

12. Initiating Physical Contact:

Physical touch can be a powerful way of expressing emotions, and when your best friend initiates subtle touches like brushing against your arm or hugging you more often than usual, it may be a sign of their deeper affection.

Physical contact creates a sense of closeness and intimacy that goes beyond the boundaries of a typical friendship. These small, yet intentional, gestures could be their way of seeking physical connection and expressing their unspoken feelings.

13. Their Supportive Nature:

A true best friend is always there to celebrate your successes and offer unwavering support during difficult times. However, if your best friend consistently stands by you through every phase of your life, it may indicate a level of emotional investment that goes beyond ordinary friendship.

Their unwavering support showcases their commitment to your happiness and well-being, and it could be a sign that they have strong feelings for you and want to be a significant part of your life.

14. Introducing You as Their “Best” Friend:

Pay attention to how your best friend introduces you to others. If they use possessive words like “my best friend” when talking about you, it could be their way of marking their territory, so to speak.

Using possessive language suggests a sense of ownership and pride in their connection with you. It indicates that they see you as a significant person in their life, and by claiming you as their best friend, they may be subtly hinting at the depth of their feelings for you.

15. Inquiring About Your Love Life:

When your best friend takes a keen interest in your romantic interests or relationships, it might be a subtle way of trying to understand your availability and, possibly, your feelings towards them. Regularly asking about your love life could be a sign that they are curious about the possibility of a romantic connection with you.

By inquiring about your romantic pursuits, they might be attempting to gauge whether there is room for them to express their feelings without risking the friendship. This curiosity reflects their emotional investment in your life and their desire to understand your heart’s desires.

16. Subtle Flirting:

Flirting can be a delicate and ambiguous expression of romantic interest. Your best friend may drop hints or engage in subtle flirtatious behavior to test the waters and see how you respond. Their playful and flirtatious comments or gestures might be an attempt to create a sense of romantic tension between you.

By flirting in a lighthearted manner, they can gauge whether there is potential for mutual attraction or if their feelings are reciprocated. Subtle flirting allows them to explore the idea of a romantic relationship without risking the dynamics of your existing friendship.

17. Emotional Vulnerability:

Sharing deep emotional thoughts, fears, dreams, and secrets with someone is an intimate act that showcases trust and a level of closeness beyond ordinary friendship. If your best friend opens up to you emotionally, it could be a sign that they view you as a person they can confide in and rely on for emotional support.

Emotional vulnerability is a vulnerable and revealing act, and their willingness to share their innermost thoughts and feelings suggests that they feel a special bond with you. This emotional closeness may indicate that they see you as more than just a friend.

18. Future Planning:

When your best friend includes you in their future plans, it could be a strong indication that they envision you as a significant part of their life. Whether it’s making plans for trips, events, or even discussing long-term goals, their desire to include you in their future signifies a deep emotional connection and attachment.

By incorporating you into their plans, they are expressing their desire to have you as a consistent presence in their life, potentially as a partner in a romantic relationship.

19. Increased Nervousness Around You:

If you notice your best friend acting more nervous or fidgety than usual when you’re together, it could be a sign of concealed romantic feelings. Nervousness around someone we have feelings for is common as we become more conscious of our actions and words, hoping to make a positive impression.

Their nervous behavior might manifest as stumbling over words, blushing, or being more self-conscious. It is a subconscious response to the heightened emotions they experience in your presence.

20. Making Time for You:

Despite their busy schedule, your best friend consistently prioritizes spending time with you. Whether it’s going out of their way to make plans or rearranging their commitments, their willingness to allocate time for you demonstrates that you hold a special place in their heart.

Making time for you reflects their genuine interest in nurturing your relationship and cherishing the bond you share. It signifies that you are an essential part of their life, and they value your presence deeply.

21. Unspoken Chemistry:

Sometimes, two people share an unspoken chemistry that goes beyond friendship. You might sense a certain spark and a magnetic connection when you’re together, and there’s an energy that electrifies the air between you.

This unspoken chemistry can be felt through subtle glances, a certain comfort in each other’s presence, and an undeniable attraction. It’s an unexplainable feeling that both of you may be aware of, yet hesitant to address directly, fearing that it could alter the dynamics of your relationship.

Is it common for best friends to develop romantic feelings for each other?

Developing romantic feelings for a best friend is relatively common and can happen over time as the friendship deepens. Best friends often share a strong emotional connection, trust, and understanding, creating a solid foundation for potential romantic attraction. 

As they navigate life’s ups and downs together, they may discover that their bond goes beyond platonic affection. However, it’s essential to remember that not all best friends will develop romantic feelings for each other, and it’s crucial to respect and honor the boundaries of the relationship.

How can I approach the topic of potential romantic feelings with my best friend without jeopardizing the friendship?

Approaching the sensitive topic of potential romantic feelings with your best friend requires a thoughtful and delicate approach. If you suspect they may have feelings for you, consider having a private and honest conversation to express your thoughts and emotions. 

Choose a comfortable setting where both of you can speak openly and candidly. Reassure them that you value the friendship immensely and that the conversation is not meant to jeopardize it in any way. Be prepared for any outcome, whether it leads to a romantic relationship or not, and prioritize the preservation of the friendship above all else.

What should I do if I discover that I have romantic feelings for my best friend after reading this article?

If reading the article triggers a realization of romantic feelings towards your best friend, take some time for self-reflection. Evaluate your emotions and consider whether pursuing a romantic relationship is the right decision for both of you. If you decide to share your feelings, approach the topic with openness, honesty, and vulnerability. 

Express your emotions without placing pressure on them to reciprocate. Be understanding of their response and prepared to accept any outcome while maintaining your respect for their feelings and the value you place on the friendship. Remember that open communication and mutual respect are essential in navigating this potentially transformative phase of your relationship.

How do you know if he likes you more than a best friend?

Determining if your male best friend likes you more than just a friend can be challenging, as he might hide his feelings to preserve the friendship. 

Some signs to look out for include flirtatious behavior or teasing with romantic undertones, expressing his feelings or dropping hints indirectly, emotional intimacy where he shares his thoughts and feelings openly, initiating physical contact that goes beyond what is typical for platonic friends, prioritizing you in his life, being protective of you, using possessive language when talking about you, and displaying signs of jealousy when you talk about or spend time with other people. 

However, it’s essential to consider multiple signs and have open communication with him to gain clarity about his feelings.


Prolonged eye contact, emotional intimacy, subtle flirting, and protective behavior are among the indications that your best friend’s emotions might extend beyond friendship.

However, it’s crucial to approach this situation with care and avoid jumping to conclusions based on individual signs. People express their feelings in diverse ways, and misinterpretations can occur.

If you find yourself experiencing romantic feelings for your best friend or suspect that they might feel the same, consider having an honest and vulnerable conversation with them. Express your emotions while respecting their feelings and the value of your friendship. 

Regardless of the outcome, maintaining open communication and mutual respect will help preserve the special bond you share as best friends.