17 Signs She Is A High Maintenance Girl – Should You Keep Her

Are you wondering if the girl you’re interested in is high-maintenance?

It can be difficult to tell, but high-maintenance girls tend to have certain behaviors and traits that stand out, making it easier to spot them. Here are 17 signs she is a high-maintenance girl so you can be sure of who you’re dealing with.

17 Signs She Is A High-Maintenance Girl

It can be challenging to discern if a girl is high maintenance or just passionate about what she wants. Here are seventeen tell-tale signs that can help you determine if your girl is high maintenance:

1) Needs to be the center of attention

High maintenance girl always has to be the center of attention when you’re with friends or family, this could be an indication that she’s high maintenance. She might make dramatic entrances or talk over other people’s conversations to draw more attention toward her. In addition, she might also try to monopolize your time; whenever you speak with someone else, she will want all of your attention back on her soon after.

2) Controlling & Manipulative

One of the most obvious signs she is a high-maintenance girl is that she will want to control your every move. She may try to dictate where you go, who you see, and how much time you spend together. She may also constantly ask questions about what you’re doing and who you’re with when apart from her.

On top of this, she might even try manipulating situations in an attempt to get her way. This could include guilt-tripping or using emotional blackmail for things to go in favor of her interests.

3) Excessive jealousy and possessiveness

A telltale sign of a high-maintenance girl is extreme jealousy and possessiveness. If she is constantly asking about your whereabouts or checking up on you, it could be an indication that she is feeling insecure in the relationship.

For example, if she demands to know who you are spending time with or what you are doing when you’re not together, this could be a sign of excessive jealousy and possessiveness. She may try to control your life by telling you who to hang out with or where to go, which is a major red flag of being too controlling.

4) Always Right

The signs that she is a high-maintenance girl who is always right can be seen through her attitude and behavior. She may not listen when you’re trying to make a point or contribute an opinion; instead, she’ll immediately jump in with her thoughts without taking into consideration what you said.

Furthermore, she will refuse to take any blame for mistakes and instead blames them on others or the situation. She’ll also expect the world around her to conform to her standards, expecting special treatment and avoiding anything that isn’t up to par with those expectations.

5) Diva Attitude

The first sign that someone may be high maintenance is if they appear unapproachable and have an air of entitlement about them. This type of person will often demand respect and expect special treatment from those around them. They may also display behavior such as expecting their partner to do all the planning for dates, pay for the bills, or require expensive gifts just because they feel entitled to it.

6) Overly Critical of Others

First, she will usually express her opinion without any regard for how her words may affect other people. She will have no problem telling you exactly why she doesn’t like something or someone, and will likely make disparaging remarks toward them in the process.

Second, she won’t hesitate to call out anyone who isn’t living up to her standards. If someone isn’t dressed properly or isn’t following her exact instructions on how to do something, expect her to let them know quickly and harshly.

7) Set Unrealistic Expectations

One of the biggest indicators that your date is a high-maintenance girl is if she’s constantly expecting more than what you can give. This could be anything from wanting expensive gifts all the time or her making unreasonable demands about how much time you spend together.

In addition, she may expect you to drop whatever plans you have to accommodate her schedule or treat her like a queen. She might also not be satisfied with anything less than perfection so it will always seem like nothing is ever good enough for her.

8) Constant Complaining

High-maintenance girls are often characterized by their constant complaining. From the small details of a dinner date to larger issues in life, she may always seem to be dissatisfied with her current situation.

For example, if your dinner reservations at her favorite restaurant have been canceled and she continues to make an issue out of it and put the blame on you; this could be a sign of her high-maintenance nature. Additionally, while discussing any topic with her, if she has the habit of immediately jumping into negative conversations that lead nowhere it may also indicate how hard-to-please she is.

9) Impulsive Shopping Spree

A high-maintenance girl will likely go on frequent bouts of impulsive shopping sprees, where she will buy items that have no practical use simply because they appeal to her. These purchases may range from expensive designer clothes and jewelry to luxurious vacations or activities that she’s been wanting to try out.

She might also make impulse buys without consulting you first – expecting you to foot the bill with no explanation or even attempt at justification.

10) Selfish and Entitled

A high-maintenance girl often expects special treatment no matter what the situation. She may demand an expensive dinner or gift for every occasion, regardless of her budget or financial state. She also has an inflated sense of entitlement when it comes to favors from you – if she wants something done for her, it’s as if nothing else matters until it is finished.

Furthermore, she will likely expect you to pay for most things due to her financial circumstances; whether this includes groceries or entertainment expenses.

11) Needs validation from everyone

One of the biggest signs of a high-maintenance girl is that she needs validation from everyone around her. She might constantly ask friends, family, and even strangers for reassurance on her decisions and looks.

In addition, she might be overly concerned with her appearance or how others perceive her, always wanting to make sure she appears perfect at all times. She may also express discontentment very easily when things don’t go according to plan or when something doesn’t go as expected.

12) Drama Queen Behavior

High-maintenance girls often struggle with low self-esteem and insecurities, which leads them to create unnecessary drama in their lives.

If your girlfriend has a flair for theatrics and tends to overreact to everyday situations, this could be an indication of her high-maintenance tendencies. She might also complain about small details or throw temper tantrums when things don’t go her way. Another sign that she is a high-maintenance girl is if she pays too much attention to what others think of her, and tries hard to fit in with certain social groups or lifestyles.

13) Extremely demanding

Signs she is a high-maintenance girl include expecting you to pick up the tab for all dates, always wanting gifts and never saying thank you, or acting like things should just be given to her without her having to ask. She may also insist on only shopping at certain stores or wearing nothing but designer clothes and accessories.

Additionally, she may require regular spa days or expensive vacations to feel happy and content. If any of these behaviors sound familiar then it is likely that your girlfriend is a high-maintenance girl and will continue being that way.

14) Pricey Taste

High-maintenance girls always expect you to take them out to the fanciest restaurants in town. She’ll likely want to go shopping at only the most expensive stores and purchase luxurious items like designer clothes and jewelry. High-maintenance girlfriends might also request extravagant vacations such as cruises or trips to exotic locations with five-star hotels.

Additionally, high-maintenance girls typically have very specific requirements when it comes to gifts; expect them to ask for certain brands of clothing or special gadgets that cost hundreds of dollars each time they celebrate a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary.

15) Late Night Calls & Messages

Late-night calls and messages are one of the easiest ways to tell if a girl is a high maintenance. If she’s constantly calling and sending texts late into the night or early in the morning, this can be an indication that she expects you to always answer her call or respond immediately. Additionally, she may expect you to drop whatever you’re doing and pay attention to her when she calls or sends a message.

Particularly telling is if her late-night communication seems frivolous and unnecessary, like wanting you to discuss something trivial or asking incessant questions about your plans for the next day. This reinforces the idea that she wants your undivided attention no matter what time of day it is.

16) Always trying to one-up everyone else

A high-maintenance girl always trying to one-up everyone else. This could be in the form of talking about her expensive clothes and possessions or showing off her money by paying for the most expensive items on the menu at dinner. She may even compare your answers and accomplishments to hers as if she’s in constant competition with everyone around her.

For example, if you tell someone about a great vacation you went on, she will talk about her luxurious getaway as if it was better. She might also have an air of superiority when she talks to people and acts like other people’s success doesn’t quite stack up against hers.

It makes you feel forced to constantly up your game too, otherwise, you are not good enough for her. It can be very stressful to be in a relationship with someone with who you can just be yourself all the time.

17) Playing games

Being in a relationship with a high-maintenance girl can be both exciting and exhausting at the same time. She may be fun to be around, but she can also put an immense amount of pressure on you if you don’t act the way she wants.

High-maintenance girls love playing games. It could start small, like her making you guess what she wants for dinner or which movie to watch. But it quickly escalates to playing mind games where she’ll give subtle hints about things without coming right out and saying them. She also plays hard-to-get-to test how much you care about her and whether or not you’re willing to go through hoops for her attention.

Should you date a high-maintenance girl?

If you’re considering dating a high-maintenance girl, it would be wise to reconsider. High-maintenance girls come with a long list of demands that can quickly become too much for any man to handle. They constantly need attention and reassurance, which can make even the most confident of men feel inadequate. Not only are they demanding in relationships, but they also often have a sense of entitlement that leads them to expect more than they deserve from their partners.

High-maintenance girls also tend to be very controlling in relationships, wanting everything done their way and resenting any kind of compromise. Despite their appearances and charisma, high-maintenance women usually cause more trouble than they’re worth due to their neediness and unrealistic expectations.

Thus, guys shouldn’t get involved with these types of women if they want to avoid frustration and heartache down the road.

Should you keep a high-maintenance girlfriend?

When it comes to relationships, it is important to consider if a person is worth the effort. If someone has high maintenance needs, they may not be worth your time and energy. Keeping a high-maintenance girl can be difficult and draining for all parties involved.

High-maintenance girls often want or expect more attention than usual and require constant reassurance that their relationship is going well. This can add an excessive amount of stress on both people in the relationship, making it hard to maintain a healthy balance of give-and-take. Furthermore, having too many expectations can make one feel as though they are not appreciated or valued in the relationship.

Ultimately, it is better to avoid keeping a high-maintenance girl as there are plenty of others who will appreciate what you have to offer without asking for too much in return.