23 Signs Guys Start Missing You After a Breakup

Signs Guys Start Missing You After a Breakup

Breaking up with someone can be one of the most challenging experiences anyone can go through. It’s even harder when you’re the one being left behind. As time goes on, you may wonder if your ex-partner still has feelings for you. 

If you’re hoping for reconciliation or just trying to understand the emotions behind a breakup, here are 23 signs that suggest guys might still be missing you after the end of a relationship.

23 Signs Guys Start Missing You After a Breakup

In this section, we will explore 23 signs that guys may exhibit when they start missing their former partners after a breakup. 

Understanding these signs can provide valuable insights into the emotions behind a split and help you navigate the complexities of moving forward or potentially rekindling a connection.

1. Frequent Contact: If your ex-boyfriend reaches out to you frequently after the breakup, whether through texts, calls, or social media messages, it’s a clear sign that he misses your presence.

When someone still has feelings for their former partner, staying in touch becomes a way to maintain a connection and a sense of emotional closeness. Frequent contact after a breakup suggests that he is not ready to let go and is seeking comfort, support, or reassurance from you. It may indicate that he misses the bond you once shared and is trying to keep that connection alive, even if it’s just through communication. This constant interaction can also be a way for him to cope with the void left by the breakup, as he may still be attached to the emotional support and companionship you provided.

2. Nostalgia: If he talks about memories from your time together or brings up past experiences, it’s likely because he is reminiscing about the connection you once shared.

Revisiting fond memories and shared experiences is a natural response to missing someone deeply. When your ex talks about the past, it shows that he cherishes the moments you spent together and longs for the emotional intimacy and happiness you once had. Nostalgia is a powerful emotion that can trigger a desire to recreate those feelings and reignite the relationship. By discussing your history, he may be trying to convey how significant the relationship was to him and how much he misses the connection you had.

3. Drunk Dialing: A classic sign of missing someone is when he contacts you after a night of drinking. Alcohol can lower inhibitions and allow true emotions to surface.

Alcohol has a way of lowering emotional barriers and inhibitions, making it easier for suppressed feelings to come to the surface. Drunk dialing is often an impulsive act driven by unresolved emotions and the desire to reach out to someone you miss. When your ex calls or texts you after drinking, it’s a clear indication that you’re on his mind even when his judgment is impaired. The raw and unfiltered nature of these interactions can reveal the depth of his emotions and how much he misses you.

4. Stalking Social Media: If he frequently checks your social media profiles or keeps track of your posts, it’s a sign that he is still emotionally invested in your life.

In the digital age, social media provides an easy way to keep tabs on someone, even after a breakup. If your ex is actively monitoring your online presence, it suggests that he is still emotionally connected to you and curious about your life. Social media stalking can be a way for him to find comfort in seeing your updates or simply to stay updated on your activities and well-being. It’s his way of staying close to you virtually, even if physical proximity is not possible.

5. Jealousy: When your ex shows signs of jealousy or becomes upset if he sees you with someone else, it indicates that he still cares deeply about you.

Jealousy is a complex emotion often tied to feelings of possessiveness and longing for someone you once cared for deeply. If your ex becomes visibly upset or exhibits signs of jealousy when he sees you with other people, it’s a clear indication that he still has strong feelings for you. This reaction stems from the fear of losing you completely and the realization that he might not be as emotionally detached as he thought. Seeing you with someone else can be a painful reminder of the connection he once had and the void left by the breakup.

6. Lingering Touch: If he touches you affectionately or lingers during a hug, it shows he craves physical contact and is struggling to let go.

Physical touch is a powerful way to express affection and closeness. When your ex-boyfriend lingers during a hug or initiates affectionate touches, it signals a deep longing for physical contact and intimacy that he once experienced with you. These gestures are indicative of his emotional struggle to let go and move on from the relationship. He might be trying to hold onto the familiar feelings and connection you shared, even if it’s just for a fleeting moment. Lingering touches may also be a subconscious way for him to seek comfort and reassurance during this challenging time.

7. Initiating Meet-ups: When your ex suggests meeting in person, he might be seeking closure or trying to reconnect.

Initiating meet-ups after a breakup can signify various intentions. On one hand, he may be seeking closure and trying to gain a better understanding of the reasons behind the split. Meeting in person allows for more open and honest communication, which can help both of you find peace and clarity. On the other hand, suggesting meet-ups might also be a way for him to reconnect with you on a personal level. He could be yearning for the emotional bond you once had and hoping that spending time together may lead to a reconciliation. It’s essential to approach these meet-ups with caution and be clear about your intentions and boundaries.

8. Emotional Conversations: If he opens up about his feelings and emotions, it’s a sign that he values your emotional support and misses your connection.

Sharing emotions and feelings can be challenging, especially after a breakup when vulnerability is heightened. If your ex-boyfriend opens up and discusses his emotions with you, it reflects his trust and comfort in confiding with you. It suggests that he still values your emotional support and connection, seeking solace in your understanding and empathy. By being emotionally vulnerable, he may be hoping to bridge the emotional gap between you and potentially rebuild the emotional intimacy that once existed in the relationship.

9. Excessive Flirting: Flirting and compliments may be his way of trying to reignite the spark between you.

Flirting and giving compliments are common ways to express attraction and interest in someone. If your ex-boyfriend engages in excessive flirting, it may indicate that he’s attempting to reignite the romantic spark between you. Compliments are often a subtle way of reminding you of your positive qualities and the things he admired about you during the relationship. Through these actions, he is trying to demonstrate his continued interest and affection, hoping to rekindle the romantic feelings that brought you together in the first place.

10. Bringing Up Inside Jokes: Mentioning inside jokes you used to share is a way of reminding you of the special bond you had.

Inside jokes are unique and intimate aspects of any relationship. When your ex-boyfriend brings up these shared jokes, it’s a nostalgic reminder of the special bond and intimacy you once shared. This action not only signifies the cherished memories he has of your time together but also highlights the familiarity and understanding that developed during the relationship. By referencing these inside jokes, he is subtly trying to reignite the emotional connection and remind you of the closeness you once had.

11. Subtle Hints: He may drop subtle hints about wanting to get back together or mention how much he misses certain aspects of the relationship.

When someone still has feelings for their ex-partner, they may drop hints or make comments about missing certain aspects of the relationship. These subtle hints could be an attempt to gauge your response or see if there’s a chance of reconciliation. By expressing nostalgia or longing for specific moments you shared, he’s indirectly communicating his desire to rekindle the romance. However, these hints might also be his way of testing the waters before making a more direct approach, as he may fear rejection or not want to rush things.

12. Being Supportive: If he remains a supportive friend during tough times, he may be using this opportunity to remain close to you emotionally.

Remaining supportive during challenging moments, such as when you’re going through a difficult time, can be a way for your ex-boyfriend to maintain emotional intimacy with you. While he may no longer be your partner, he still values your well-being and wants to be there for you. By staying supportive, he may be subtly reinforcing the emotional bond between you and showing that he cares about your happiness and needs, even after the breakup.

13. Becoming More Active: If he starts engaging in activities you enjoyed together, he’s likely trying to recreate the connection you had.

Shared activities and hobbies often play a significant role in relationships, fostering bonding and creating lasting memories. If your ex-boyfriend starts participating in activities you both enjoyed during your time together, it’s a clear sign that he’s trying to recapture the connection and happiness you once shared. He may hope that revisiting these shared interests will reignite the flame between you and potentially lead to a rekindled relationship.

14. Liking Old Pictures: If he goes through your old pictures and likes or comments on them, he’s revisiting the good times you shared.

Social media can serve as a treasure trove of memories, allowing your ex to revisit moments you shared together. Liking or commenting on your old pictures signifies that he’s reminiscing about the positive experiences and happy times you had as a couple. These actions are a way for him to express that he cherishes those memories and still holds a special place in his heart for the time you spent together.

15. Initiating Contact During Special Occasions: Reaching out on your birthday or other special occasions indicates that he still cares about you deeply.

Special occasions hold emotional significance, and when your ex-boyfriend reaches out to you on these days, it’s a strong indication that he still cares about you and the memories you shared. It reflects his thoughtfulness and desire to make you feel valued and appreciated, even after the breakup. These gestures may also indicate that he’s struggling with letting go completely and wants to maintain a connection during meaningful times.

16. Asking About Your Dating Life: Inquiring about your dating life shows that he is curious about your current romantic situation, possibly because he still has feelings for you.

Asking about your dating life is a clear indication of his interest in your emotional availability and relationship status. He might be curious to know if you’ve moved on or if there’s a possibility of getting back together. This curiosity could stem from unresolved feelings or a desire to understand where he stands in your life. It’s essential to handle such conversations with honesty and clarity to avoid misunderstandings.

17. Feeling Awkward Around You: If he appears awkward or nervous in your presence, it might be a sign that he still has feelings for you.

Emotional attachment can often lead to feelings of awkwardness or nervousness, especially when confronted with an ex-partner. If he seems uncomfortable or avoids eye contact, it could be an indication that he still has strong emotions for you. These feelings might be confusing for him, leading to awkward interactions as he navigates the complexities of his emotions post-breakup.

18. Sending Mixed Signals: One moment, he’s hot; the next, he’s cold. Mixed signals can indicate that he’s unsure about moving on or still holding on to hope.

Sending mixed signals is a common behavior in people who are uncertain about their feelings or conflicted about moving on from a past relationship. Your ex-boyfriend might have moments of warmth and closeness, followed by periods of distance and detachment. These fluctuations can be a result of conflicting emotions, where he wants to move forward but also can’t let go of the hope for reconciliation. The inconsistency in his actions may be a reflection of the internal struggle he’s experiencing.

19. Being Defensive: If he gets defensive or avoids talking about the breakup, it could be a sign that he’s not over it.

Breakups can be emotionally charged, and some individuals may find it challenging to confront their feelings directly. If your ex-boyfriend becomes defensive or evasive when the topic of the breakup arises, it could indicate that he’s still processing his emotions. He might not be ready to discuss the details or reasons behind the split, as it can bring up painful memories and unresolved feelings.

20. Emotional Outbursts: Emotional outbursts or uncharacteristic behavior may be a sign that he’s struggling with the breakup.

Strong emotions, such as grief, anger, or frustration, can lead to emotional outbursts in the aftermath of a breakup. If your ex-boyfriend displays uncharacteristic behavior or seems emotionally overwhelmed, it suggests that he’s finding it challenging to cope with the loss of the relationship. These outbursts may be his way of expressing the depth of his emotions and the pain he’s experiencing.

21. Saving Memorabilia: If he keeps items from your relationship, like gifts or letters, it indicates that he’s holding on to the memories.

Holding onto mementos from the relationship is a common behavior among people who are still emotionally attached to their ex-partner. These items represent cherished memories and remind him of the connection you once had. By keeping these memorabilia, he may be seeking comfort in the memories and reluctant to let go of the emotional bond he associates with them.

22. Asking About You Through Friends: If he’s inquiring about you through mutual friends, he might be hesitant to approach you directly but still wants to know about your life.

After a breakup, some individuals find it difficult to reach out to their ex-partner directly, fearing rejection or awkwardness. In such cases, they may resort to asking mutual friends about your well-being and current life. This indirect approach is a way for him to stay informed about your life without directly initiating contact. It indicates that he still cares about you and is interested in knowing how you’re doing, even if he hasn’t found the courage to speak to you directly.

23. Longing Eye Contact: Prolonged eye contact can reveal a lot about someone’s emotions. If he gazes at you intensely, it could be a sign that he misses you deeply.

Eye contact is a powerful nonverbal communication tool that can convey a range of emotions. If your ex-boyfriend maintains prolonged and intense eye contact with you, it may suggest that he’s longing for the connection you once had. Eye contact can often reveal unspoken feelings and emotions, and his gaze could indicate his desire to bridge the emotional distance between you and express his feelings without words.

How can I cope with the pain of a breakup?

Coping with the pain of a breakup can be challenging, but there are several strategies you can employ to navigate this difficult time. First, allow yourself to grieve and process your emotions. Surround yourself with supportive friends or family members who can listen and offer comfort. Engage in self-care activities that bring you joy and help take your mind off the pain, such as hobbies, exercise, or spending time in nature. It’s essential to give yourself time to heal and be patient with the process, as healing from a breakup is a gradual journey.

Is it normal to still have feelings for my ex after the breakup?

Yes, it’s entirely normal to have lingering feelings for your ex after a breakup. Emotions don’t simply disappear overnight, and the end of a significant relationship can leave a void in your life. It’s common to experience sadness, nostalgia, or even moments of hope for reconciliation. Give yourself the space to process these feelings without judgment. However, it’s essential to remember the reasons for the breakup and to focus on personal growth and moving forward, even as you process your emotions.

Should I consider getting back together with my ex?

Deciding whether to get back together with an ex-partner is a complex and individual decision. It’s crucial to carefully evaluate the reasons for the breakup and the issues that led to the relationship’s end. Consider whether the problems that caused the breakup can be resolved and whether both parties are willing to work on the relationship. Open and honest communication is key during this process. Additionally, take into account your own emotional well-being and whether getting back together is truly in your best interest. Weigh the pros and cons, seek advice from trusted friends or a therapist, and make the decision that feels right for you.


Remember, everyone copes with breakups differently, and these signs may not apply to every situation. If you’re considering getting back together, it’s essential to communicate openly about your feelings and intentions to ensure both parties are on the same page. Take your time to heal and evaluate whether reconciliation is the best decision for both of you.