34 Original Sexting Ideas For Long Distance Relationships

sexting ideas for long-distance relationships

I have put together 34 original sexting messages for you, which you won’t be able to find else where.

And, I also spend another few hours gathering and filtering the best sexting ideas from other places for you. So, you can have the best top-picked sexting ideas at one go here for your long-distance partner.

The list is not very long but they are the hottest ones. It will help you to turn on your partner and make him crazy over you on the other side of the phone.

What Is Sexting

Sexting is a form of communication that involves sending sexually explicit messages or images between two people. It can be used to spice up a relationship or to keep things exciting between long-distance partners. Sexting can also be a way to explore new sexual desires and fantasies with your partner.

34 Original and top-picked sexting ideas in a long-distance relationship

These are my original and top-picked sexing ideas and messages that you can send to your long-distance partner. These messages are very dirty and naughty, and I’m sure they will help you to turn on your partner who is away from you. Keep them thinking of you all the time with all these powerful seductive messages.

Here is the list of original and top-picked sexting ideas:

  1. I’m feeling naughty tonight. I’m not sure what to do.
  2. I’m busy with my hands while looking at your pictures. Can you send some new pictures?
  3. I just shaved and it’s so smooth. I bet you can slip in easily now, but too bad, you are not here.
  4. If you guess the color of my underwear, maybe I’ll do a striptease tonight.
  5. When I see you, I’m going to handcuff you and do whatever I want.
  6. My fingers are tired. I rub it for too long while looking at your picture. Do you want to help with it instead?
  7. I can’t wait to feel your warmth again… inside me.
  8. I’m craving something long and stiff. What should I do?
  9. I took a long time in the shower today because I was “thinking” of you.
  10. It’s itchy down there. Do you want to help me to rub it a little?
  11. I feel “empty”. Can you help me “fill up” my emptiness?
  12. I started to have weird sex dreams lately. Is it because you have been away for too long?
  13. I want to feel you tonight, inside of me.
  14. Do you have any candy bars? I feel like sucking one tonight.
  15. I’ve my legs spread. Not sure if you want to hug me from on top.
  16. It’s too hot tonight. I guess I’m just going to sleep without clothes.
  17. I think I’m addicted to you. Can’t stop thinking of you while touching myself.
  18. Do you like me watching you when I lick the tip of it?
  19. Sorry, I didn’t reply to you earlier. Was busy looking at your picture while doing “something” to me.
  20. I have been naughty lately. Maybe spanking me hard will keep me obedient again.
  21. I had a weird dream last night. I was being tied up as your sex slave.
  22. I miss the days when we “exercise” in bed. I need another session with you badly now.
  23. I just took some sexy photos. I’m not sure if should I send you one.
  24. If you are here, I bet we would be doing less talking and more “action”.
  25. I need a hug from you, preferably no clothes in between.
  26. I can’t stop looking at your pictures to “comfort” myself. I need you badly.
  27. Feel like looking at something pointy and bouncy from me?
  28. It’s getting wet, but I can’t stop looking at your pictures. Help me…
  29. I’m not sure if you are too tired but I’m not wearing a bra, and I have some free time.
  30. Please come back faster to “play” with me. I’m feeling lonely and empty here.
  31. What is the feeling of being rammed? Maybe you can show me when you are back.
  32. I can’t concentrate at work today. You are all over my mind and it’s driving me crazy.
  33. When you are back. I will be yours for the night. You can do whatever you want with my body.
  34. I can’t concentrate on work. You can come over to fix it in my office.

14 Safer sexting messages

If the sexting message in the previous list seems too hot or risky for you, then you can start with the list here. The content is safer if you are not sure whether your partner is comfortable with sexting.

Here are some safe sexting ideas to get you started:

  1. I can’t stop thinking about you. I miss feeling your skin on mine, your breath on my neck, your hands on my body. I can’t wait to see you again.
  2. Thinking about our last time together is making me so hot right now. I wish you were here with me so I could “show” you just how much I want you.
  3. I love the way you make me feel – so desired, so wanted, so loved. I can’t wait to have you inside me again.
  4. I’m thinking about you naked right now.
  5. I wish I could be with you right now.”
  6. I can’t wait to feel your body against mine.
  7. I miss feeling your skin on mine.
  8. You make me so hot.
  9. I can’t stop thinking about you.
  10. I can’t wait to feel your hands all over me…
  11. I miss feeling your skin on mine…
  12. I can’t stop thinking about your body…
  13. Do you know what I want to do with you?
  14. I wish I could taste your lips right now…

Types of sexting

Many different types of sexting can be enjoyed in a long-distance relationship. Here are some ideas to get you started.

One type of sexting is sending each other photos or videos of yourselves masturbating. This can be a really hot way to connect and get each other off, even when you’re not physically together.

Another fun way to sext is by sending each other sexy messages throughout the day. This can be anything from telling your partner what you’d like to do to them later, to describing in detail what you’re doing to yourself right then.

You can also get creative with role-playing and dirty talk. This is a great way to explore new fantasies with each other, and it can be really hot and exciting.

Is Sexting good for relationships?

When it comes to long-distance relationships, sexting can be a great way to keep the spark alive. Not only does it allow you to connect with your partner on a physical level, but it can also help to build trust and communication.

However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before sending any naughty messages.

For starters, make sure you are both on the same page about what is acceptable. You don’t want to send something that your partner isn’t comfortable with. Secondly, be aware of the potential risks involved with sexting. If your messages were to fall into the wrong hands, it could cause serious problems for both of you.

Overall, sexting can be a great way to add some excitement to your long-distance relationship. Just be sure to proceed with caution and communicate with your partner beforehand.

What to do if your partner is not comfortable with Sexting

If your partner is not comfortable with sexting, there are a few things you can do in order to try and get them to come around.

First, you can talk to them about why they are not comfortable with it. Maybe they have a past experience that has made them hesitant, or maybe they just don’t like the idea of sending sexual messages. Whatever the reason, try to understand where they are coming from.

Second, you can try to convince them to give it a try. Sexting can be a fun and sexy way to keep the spark alive in a relationship, and it can be a great way to build sexual tension.

Third, you can try to find a compromise. Maybe you can agree to only sext when you are both in the same room, or maybe you can agree to only send non-sexual messages during the day and save the sexting for nighttime.

Whatever you do, make sure you are respectful of your partner’s wishes.

A word from Charismatic Persona

Sexting can be a fun and easy way to keep the spark alive in a long-distance relationship. With a little creativity, you can make sexting a part of your routine. So don’t be afraid to get creative, and have fun!

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