13 Ways a Sexless Marriage Affects a Man

Sexless Marriage Affects a Man

Behind closed doors, in the sanctity of marriage, the absence of sexual intimacy can cast a shadow over even the most loving relationships. 

For men who find themselves trapped in a sexless marriage, the experience can be a bewildering and emotionally draining journey. 

In this article, we explore the untold stories of men living in sexless marriages and the profound ways it affects their physical and emotional well-being. 

Through understanding the challenges they face, we shed light on the importance of open communication and mutual support in navigating this sensitive terrain, offering insights into how couples can address this issue and reignite the flames of passion.

13 Ways a Sexless Marriage Affects a Man

In a society where the topic of sexual health and relationships remains often hushed, it is crucial to confront the reality of sexless marriages and how they impact both partners. 

In this section, we delve into the world of men caught in the confines of a sexless marriage and explore 13 ways this predicament affects their emotional well-being, self-esteem, and overall relationship satisfaction.

1) Emotional frustration and distress:

In a sexless marriage, emotional frustration and distress can become pervasive emotions for a man. Intimacy is an essential aspect of human relationships, and the lack of physical connection with a partner can leave him feeling unfulfilled and emotionally distant. Over time, the absence of sexual intimacy may lead to a deep sense of frustration, as the individual’s emotional needs remain unmet. This frustration can manifest in various ways, such as irritability, mood swings, and emotional withdrawal, affecting both the individual’s mental well-being and the overall dynamics of the relationship.

As the emotional distress intensifies, the man might grapple with feelings of confusion and sadness, questioning the reasons behind the lack of intimacy. He may also internalize these emotions, hesitant to express his needs and fears for fear of causing conflict or being perceived as needy. The inability to share and address these emotions openly further exacerbates the distress, potentially creating a cycle of emotional isolation and disconnection within the marriage.

2) Diminished self-esteem and confidence:

A sexless marriage can significantly impact a man’s self-esteem and confidence. The absence of sexual intimacy may lead him to believe that he is not desirable or attractive to his partner, triggering feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt. He may start questioning his worth as a partner and as an individual, wondering if there is something inherently wrong with him that has caused the lack of physical intimacy.

The lack of validation and physical affection from his partner can make him feel unimportant and undervalued. Over time, this erosion of self-esteem can affect various aspects of his life, including his performance at work, social interactions, and overall life satisfaction. He might become increasingly withdrawn, reluctant to engage in new experiences or take risks, fearing rejection or failure. This lack of self-assurance can create a self-perpetuating cycle, as diminished confidence may further impede his ability to address the issues in the relationship effectively.

3) Feeling undesirable and unattractive:

In a sexless marriage, a man may develop a pervasive sense of feeling undesirable and unattractive. The lack of sexual intimacy can lead him to interpret the situation as a reflection of his partner’s lack of interest or physical attraction towards him. The absence of physical affection and the avoidance of intimate moments can contribute to this perception.

This feeling of undesirability can lead to a negative self-image, impacting the way he views himself and his body. He may start comparing himself to others or feeling insecure about his physical appearance, which may further exacerbate his feelings of inadequacy. These emotions can be particularly damaging as they touch upon one’s core sense of self-worth and identity.

Furthermore, the lack of validation and affection may make him seek external sources of validation, potentially leading to self-destructive behavior or seeking validation in unhealthy ways. Without open communication and understanding, these feelings of undesirability can fester and negatively affect both the individual’s mental well-being and the relationship with his partner.

4) Strained intimacy and connection with the partner:

The absence of sexual intimacy in a marriage can lead to a significant strain on emotional intimacy and connection between partners. Sexual intimacy is not solely a physical act but also a means of expressing love, vulnerability, and trust. Without this level of emotional and physical connection, the bond between partners may weaken.

A man in a sexless marriage might struggle to understand why the intimacy has diminished and may interpret it as a sign of rejection or lack of love from his partner. This can create a sense of emotional distance, making it difficult to communicate openly and honestly about the issue. The lack of physical connection may also result in decreased physical affection and non-sexual touch, which are essential for maintaining emotional closeness in a relationship.

As intimacy wanes, partners may drift apart, leading to a breakdown in communication and an increased potential for misunderstandings and conflicts. The emotional distance can create a sense of loneliness, even when physically together, leaving both partners yearning for the deep connection that once existed.

5) Negative impact on mental health and well-being:

Living in a sexless marriage can have a profound negative impact on a man’s mental health and overall well-being. As previously mentioned, the lack of sexual intimacy can lead to emotional frustration and distress, which, if left unaddressed, can evolve into more serious mental health issues. Prolonged emotional distress can contribute to the development of anxiety and depression, leaving the individual feeling overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted.

Feelings of rejection, loneliness, and inadequacy can create a sense of hopelessness, making it challenging for the man to find joy and satisfaction in other areas of life. The emotional toll may lead to a loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities, social withdrawal, and difficulties in coping with daily stressors. The lack of intimacy and emotional connection with the partner may also result in feelings of detachment and emotional numbness.

Moreover, the psychological impact can extend to affect the individual’s self-perception, leading to negative thought patterns and a negative outlook on life. These mental health challenges not only affect the man’s emotional well-being but can also have consequences for his physical health and the overall health of the marriage.

6) Physical health consequences:

The toll of a sexless marriage is not limited to emotional well-being; it can also have tangible physical health consequences. Stress and emotional distress are closely linked to physical health issues, including elevated blood pressure, increased heart rate, and weakened immune system. Chronic stress can lead to a compromised immune system, making the individual more susceptible to illnesses and infections.

Additionally, the emotional strain can negatively impact sleep patterns, leading to sleep disturbances or insomnia. Prolonged sleep disturbances can result in fatigue, decreased energy levels, and difficulty concentrating during the day, affecting various aspects of the individual’s life, including work and relationships outside of the marriage.

Physical health and mental health are intertwined, and the toll of emotional distress from a sexless marriage can, over time, manifest in various physical health problems. As such, addressing the emotional well-being of a man in this situation is vital for overall health and quality of life.

7) Increased relationship tension and conflict:

The lack of sexual intimacy and emotional connection in a marriage often leads to increased tension and conflict between partners. A sexless marriage can create a sense of distance and emotional detachment, causing partners to become more sensitive to each other’s actions and words. Small disagreements or misunderstandings may escalate into significant conflicts as a result of the underlying emotional strain.

Partners may begin to blame each other for the lack of intimacy or may withdraw emotionally to protect themselves from further emotional distress. This breakdown in emotional connection can lead to a breakdown in communication, exacerbating the cycle of tension and conflict.

If the issue of the sexless marriage is not addressed openly and honestly, resentment can build up over time, further contributing to relationship strife. This can create a negative cycle where emotional distance and conflict feed into each other, making it increasingly difficult for the couple to find common ground and resolve the underlying issues.

8) Communication breakdown and lack of openness:

A sexless marriage can lead to a breakdown in communication between partners. The lack of intimacy and emotional frustration may lead to feelings of vulnerability and embarrassment, making it challenging for a man to express his needs and desires openly. He may fear rejection or criticism, causing him to withdraw from communicating about the issue altogether.

On the other hand, the partner may also struggle to initiate discussions about the lack of intimacy, fearing that bringing up the topic might lead to conflict or hurt feelings. This lack of open communication can lead to a cycle of silence, where both partners avoid addressing the issue, hoping it will resolve itself over time.

The absence of open communication can prevent the couple from understanding each other’s perspectives and feelings, making it difficult to find a mutually satisfying solution. The lack of emotional openness may also extend to other aspects of the relationship, impacting overall emotional intimacy and connection.

9) Temptation to seek validation or intimacy outside the marriage:

The lack of sexual intimacy and emotional connection in a sexless marriage can create a void that some men may attempt to fill by seeking validation or intimacy outside the marriage. When a man feels emotionally disconnected and undesirable within the marriage, he may become susceptible to the allure of attention and affection from others.

This temptation can manifest in different ways, such as seeking emotional support from close friends or confidants, forming close bonds with co-workers, or engaging in online interactions that offer a sense of validation and connection. In more extreme cases, it may lead to emotional affairs or, in some instances, even physical infidelity.

The temptation to seek validation outside the marriage is not necessarily a reflection of the man’s character or intentions but can be an attempt to fill the emotional void created by the lack of intimacy with his partner. Nonetheless, succumbing to such temptations can have serious consequences, further eroding trust and intimacy within the marriage and potentially leading to irreparable damage.

10) Loss of trust and intimacy bonds:

In a sexless marriage, the erosion of trust and intimacy bonds between partners is a common consequence. Trust is the foundation of any strong relationship, and the absence of sexual intimacy can make partners question the strength of their emotional connection. The partner who desires intimacy may feel rejected and unimportant, while the other partner might feel pressure and discomfort.

This breakdown in trust can lead to a lack of emotional vulnerability, as both partners may hesitate to share their innermost thoughts and feelings for fear of judgment or further emotional distress. As trust diminishes, partners may become guarded, creating emotional distance and further straining the connection.

The loss of intimacy bonds can be particularly devastating for couples who once enjoyed a deep emotional and physical connection. The lack of physical affection and emotional support may leave partners feeling emotionally isolated, yearning for the emotional intimacy that once existed between them.

11) Changes in roles and dynamics within the family:

The impact of a sexless marriage can extend beyond the relationship between partners and affect the entire family dynamic. In some cases, the absence of physical intimacy can lead to shifts in the roles and responsibilities within the family.

For example, a man who feels emotionally frustrated and disconnected may become more withdrawn and less engaged in family activities. He may withdraw emotionally, leading to reduced involvement in parenting and household responsibilities.

On the other hand, the partner who is not seeking physical intimacy may experience increased stress and pressure to meet the emotional needs of the family, potentially leading to burnout and emotional exhaustion.

These changes in roles and dynamics can create tension within the family and affect the emotional well-being of all family members. Children, in particular, may be sensitive to the changes in their parents’ relationship and emotional state, potentially impacting their own sense of security and well-being.

12) Potential feelings of resentment and loneliness:

Living in a sexless marriage can breed feelings of resentment and loneliness for both partners, including the man in the relationship. The partner seeking intimacy may resent the lack of physical connection and emotional support, feeling deprived of a fundamental aspect of a loving relationship.

At the same time, the partner who is not interested in sexual intimacy may feel overwhelmed and burdened by the constant pressure to meet their partner’s needs, leading to feelings of inadequacy and guilt.

The sense of loneliness in a sexless marriage is also noteworthy. Despite being in a committed partnership, both partners may feel emotionally distant and unsupported, longing for the emotional and physical intimacy they once shared. This emotional distance can be isolating, leading to feelings of sadness and disconnection.

13) Impact on overall life satisfaction and fulfillment:

The profound impact of a sexless marriage on a man’s overall life satisfaction and fulfillment cannot be overstated. Intimacy and emotional connection are fundamental human needs, and when these needs are not met within a marriage, it can affect all aspects of a man’s life.

The lack of intimacy can leave him feeling unfulfilled, questioning the purpose of the relationship, and even his life as a whole. His sense of self-worth and happiness may become closely tied to the success or failure of the marriage, leading to a decline in overall life satisfaction.

Additionally, the emotional distress and strain from a sexless marriage can negatively impact other areas of his life, such as work performance, social interactions, and overall engagement in activities he once enjoyed.

Why does a sexless marriage happen?

A sexless marriage can occur due to various reasons. Some common factors include emotional or physical disconnection between partners, unresolved conflicts, stress, communication breakdown, medical issues, or changes in the dynamics of the relationship. 

Additionally, life events such as parenthood, career challenges, or aging may also contribute to a decrease in sexual intimacy. It is essential for couples to communicate openly and honestly about their needs and concerns to address the underlying issues and work towards rebuilding intimacy.

Can a sexless marriage be saved?

Yes, a sexless marriage can be saved with dedication and effort from both partners. The first step is acknowledging the issue and understanding each other’s perspectives. Seeking professional help from a therapist or counselor specialized in couples’ therapy can be beneficial in facilitating open communication and providing guidance to rebuild intimacy and trust. 

Reconnecting emotionally and rekindling the physical aspect of the relationship often requires patience, understanding, and a willingness to work through challenges together.

What should I do if I feel undesirable in a sexless marriage?

Feeling undesirable in a sexless marriage can be emotionally challenging. It’s essential to remember that your self-worth is not solely determined by the sexual aspect of the relationship. Communicate openly with your partner about your feelings, and avoid assuming the reasons for the lack of intimacy. Seek reassurance and understanding from your partner, and consider seeking professional help if the emotional distress becomes overwhelming. 

Engaging in self-care, pursuing hobbies, and maintaining a strong support network can also be helpful in boosting your self-esteem and emotional well-being. Remember, addressing the issue together as a couple is crucial in working towards a healthier and more satisfying relationship.


A sexless marriage can have a profound and far-reaching impact on a man’s life and the dynamics of the relationship. Emotional frustration and distress, diminished self-esteem and confidence, feeling undesirable and unattractive, and strained intimacy and connection with the partner are just some of the interconnected consequences that can arise from this challenging situation.

It’s essential for both partners to take an active role in rebuilding intimacy and trust. This process may involve rediscovering shared interests, engaging in activities that promote emotional connection, and being patient with one another as you work through the challenges together.

Remember that a sexless marriage does not define your worth or the value of your relationship. With dedication, effort, and a commitment to growth, it is possible to overcome the obstacles and foster a more fulfilling and intimate partnership.