Men Sexual Fantasies: 17 Dirty & Kinky Ideas

Men Sexual Fantasies

What do men fantasize about when it comes to sex?

It’s a question that many people wonder about, yet few feel comfortable discussing. As it turns out, there is a wide range of sexual fantasies that men think about and desire.

This article explores 17 of the most common sexual fantasies for men and offers insight into why these fantasies are so appealing.

17 Popular Men Sexual Fantasies Ideas

Most men have a few sexual fantasies they would love to explore with their partners. But it can be hard to find the right words to express these fantasies and even harder to find someone willing to indulge in them.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 17 men’s sexual fantasies ideas, so you can get to know how to turn on your man and make him crazy for you.

1. Have Sex In Public Settings.

It’s no secret that men have a variety of sexual fantasies, and one of the most common is fantasizing about being in a public setting.

Public sex can provide men with a unique sensation that they cannot get from regular sex in private settings. The situation itself can be thrilling and exciting, as it creates a sense of risk-taking and danger that heightens arousal levels significantly.

One may also find themselves wanting to satisfy curiosity regarding seeing how others react to their sexual activity in a public setting. This heightened level of arousal can lead to an intense climax, making this particular fantasy all the more appealing to many men.

2. Sexy Roleplay

Role-playing is an element of sexual fantasy that many men enjoy. It involves creating a different character to explore and experience sexual desires, fantasies, or emotions not usually available during regular sex.

Role play can involve dressing up or taking on a certain persona during sex, such as the classic scenario of doctor and nurse, teacher and student, boss and secretary, etc.

The beauty of role-play is it allows both partners to experiment with different parts of their personalities without feeling embarrassed or ashamed. This kind of exploration can add spice to a relationship, create mutual understanding for each partner’s needs, and leads to a more satisfying sex life overall.

3. Domination

Men often fantasize about dominating someone during sex. It can be a powerful, intoxicating experience where they feel in control and even empowered. For some, it’s an escape from their usual lives and allows them to explore aspects of themselves that they wouldn’t normally show in public. This type of fantasy is very common among men and is seen as a way to explore power dynamics in a safe space.

The idea of domination can mean different things to different people; it could involve spanking, bondage, role-play, or verbal commands. Whatever the case may be, partners need to communicate beforehand about desires and boundaries so everyone involved feels comfortable and respected. When done with mutual consent, it can become an intimate act between two people.

4. Intimate In The Car

Another kinky fantasy that many men have is to have sex in the car. The thought of getting a blowjob from their partner while driving through the city can arouse them easily.

Many couples have tried having sex or having intimate moments in the car. The most common place for this would be the parking lots with dim lights, a private place like in the garage or the backyard, or at midnight when everyone else is asleep.

The idea of intimacy in public like this can be an exhilarating experience for many men.

5. With a stranger

When it comes to male sexual fantasies, the idea of having sex with a stranger can be quite appealing. This is because the concept of the unknown and anticipation can lead to heightened arousal and excitement. For some men, this notion of engaging with someone they do not know provides an extra layer of excitement that is difficult to get from someone they are familiar with.

It allows them to have an encounter without any expectations or preconceived notions attached, so they can truly be themselves and enjoy the moments.

6. Daddy issue

The male sexual fantasy is a complex and fascinating concept. From the most mainstream of desires to those which are a little more taboo, men’s fantasies may often surprise us. One of the more unusual and paradoxical sexual fantasies is that of ‘dad’ or paternalism. This particular fantasy involves roleplay between partners where one partner plays the role of an older father figure while the other acts as their child-like submissive.

This particular fantasy allows men to explore a more dominant side without feeling guilty or embarrassed about doing so. It also allows them to express forbidden desires and gain pleasure from doing so.

7. In front of the mirror

Men have a wide array of sexual fantasies, but one that often goes overlooked is the fantasy of having sex in front of a mirror. This fantasy involves either being alone or with a partner in front of a full-length mirror and exploring your own body while experiencing the pleasure of sex. It can be an incredibly arousing experience for many men as it allows them to view their bodies from multiple angles, which can be quite empowering.

Having sex in front of a mirror also gives men the opportunity to visually explore their partner’s body, something that isn’t often possible during traditional intercourse. It allows them to admire the beauty and sensuality of their partner while they become aroused by the reflection. Additionally, some men find that watching themselves during intercourse helps them stay focused on enjoying and savoring every moment.

8. Steamy hot shower

For men, there is no denying that one of their most common fantasies is having sex while having a hot shower with their partner. This fantasy allows partners to engage in sensual touching and explore their sexuality without feeling inhibited.

The water creates an intimate setting with its soothing sound and relaxing atmosphere providing a perfect environment for exploration. Men also find the visual stimulation of seeing their partner’s body wet and glistening to be exciting.

9. Up against the glass window

Another popular fantasy among men is having sex up against the glass window. This fantasy has become increasingly mainstream, as it allows for a thrilling visual experience between partners that can be experienced both inside and outside of a home setting.

Up against the glass window is about creating an intense physical connection in public or semi-public environments. This type of fantasy creates an adrenaline rush as both partners feel exposed yet safe at the same time, making it one of today’s most powerful sexual fantasies for men.

10. Threesome

A threesome with two women is one of the most common fantasies between men. The idea that a man has access to two women at once implies an inherent power dynamic between them all.

This allows men to explore notions of dominance and submission in their fantasy world as they figure out how they would interact with all two individuals simultaneously. It also speaks to a desire for variety and exploration in their sexual lives which might not be present in real-life relationships.

11. BDSM

BDSM is a popular sexual fantasy among men. It stands for bondage and discipline, domination and submission, and sadism and masochism. BDSM involves consensual role-playing between two or more individuals to explore new realms of pleasure. The participants can choose to experience different styles of play, such as light bondage with spanking or more intense forms like choking or sensory deprivation.

The appeal of BDSM lies in the power dynamic between the dom (the person who is dominating) and the sub (the person who is submitting). Men often find this kind of play pleasurable because they can break away from traditional gender roles while exploring their sexuality. In addition to being an exciting new way to express themselves sexually, participating in BDSM can also help them connect with their partner on a deeper level by creating trust and understanding through communication.

12. Try things seen in porn

Men who watch porn will often want to try out a new position or the scenario in the porn with their partner. It gives them confidence if they can execute the same moves and it also allows them to inject novelty into the sexual relationship. Be it trying out a new position, a new role play, or doing it in a different setting can often elevate the overall sexual experience.

13. Anal penetration

Many men are uncomfortable voicing out this but anal penetration is one of the common sexual fantasies that they have. They often imagine pressing their partner up against the wall and penetrating them deep from behind.

Men would want to try this because of curiosity as they often see it in pornography and wonder how it feels. Very often, they expect the tighter sensation will elevate the penetration experience and help them to achieve orgasm faster.

14. Forced sex or raping fantasy

Some men secretly have forced sex or rape fantasy. This is because it allows them to unleash their raw desire on their partner and the rough sex could heighten the overall sexual experience to the next level.

The whole idea is they can exert dominance against their partner and have full control over the situation. It is the primal and raw sexual instinct that excites them the most. It allows them to feel more manly and can increase their confidence in bed.

However, it is important to communicate with your partner about the boundaries before you agree to role-play for this. Let him know what is allowed and what is not first, so both of you can enjoy sex.

15. Forbidden relationship

Another sexual fantasy men often have is having an intimate relationship with people who they are forbidden to have sex with. These people could be their cousins, step-siblings (step-siblings is a huge theme in the porno industry in case you do not know), neighbors, colleagues, or even other people’s wives.

The idea of something being forbidden often leaves men feeling intrigued and tempted and it becomes almost too hard to resist. Forbidden relationships also tap into our primal desires which can be highly arousing for some people. The thrill of going against societal norms also adds an extra layer of excitement to the fantasy.

16. Workplace or office

It’s not uncommon for men to have sexual fantasies about women in the office. Seeing their female colleagues dress up in professional attire can be an aphrodisiac for many male workers. It triggers reactions that range from subtle glances and double takes to fantasies about what might happen if everyone else left the office at the end of the day.

They might imagine stealing a passionate kiss with their female coworker while others may envision more intimate scenarios involving them both undressing each other in the office. These fantasies could be driven by an unrequited attraction or just general curiosity and excitement about being around attractive women daily in a professional setting.

17. Time-stopping fantasy

Time-stopping is a common sexual fantasy for men. This fantasy involves them stopping time, so they can do whatever they want. This includes exploring anyone’s body and pleasure themselves in ways that would not normally be possible.

For example, they would imagine themselves stopping time at the workplace and doing whatever they want to their crush colleague, or stopping time in the shopping mall and having spontaneous sex with anyone they want.

Is it normal to have a sexual fantasy?

Absolutely! Everyone has different tastes when it comes to their own fantasy life, but it is perfectly normal for men (and women) of all ages to explore their sexuality by fantasizing about potential scenarios or activities that please them.

However, it is important to differentiate the imaginary fantasy and the reality, so you won’t violate the law and ended up causing harm to others.

How to convince your partner to try sexual fantasy?

Firstly, open an honest dialogue about each of your sexual desires without judgment or assumptions. Talk about what turns you on and why, and let them express their thoughts freely as well. Make sure that any boundaries or limits are discussed openly so both parties feel comfortable and respected.

Secondly, suggest watching porn together as a way of introducing fantasy talk into the bedroom. This could include watching films of different genres such as BDSM or role-playing scenarios that may be interesting for both parties to explore further in real life.

Once you found something both of you like, then you can suggest bringing it to the bedroom and experiencing it together.