5 solid Ways on How To Tell A Girl You Like Her | Script included

Welcome to my guide on how to tell a girl you like her.

You will know exactly what to say to her. Scripts are included.

In addition to that, you will also learn how to tell if she likes you too.

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how to tell a girl you like her

How To Tell A Girl You Like Her Directly

You should only tell a girl you like her directly if you are sure she is into you as well.

If she is not into you yet, and you tell her you like her, it will make things awkward.

If you are not sure if she is into you yet, it is better to ask her out and have some fun with her first. Then, through the interaction, you can read if she is into you as well.

After you know she is into you, you can then use the script below to tell her you like her directly.

How to tell her you like her:

  • “I enjoy spending time with you, and I’ve been thinking, maybe we can be more than just friends.”
  • “We have been seeing each other for quite a while now. I just want to know if you have the same feeling for me, or you were just being friendly?”
  • “I just want you to know that the more I know you, the more I like you. Do you like me too?

After you tell her you like her, you can then try to ask her to become your girlfriend. Since she is into you already, she would probably say yes.

Otherwise, keep cool and tell her it’s alright and you would rather know the truth.

How To Tell A Girl You Like Her Without Telling Her

In my opinion, this is a better way to tell a girl you like her in the early stage of a relationship.

This is because you can express your feelings to her while not giving her any pressure. If she likes you too, she will let you know by words or body language.

There are a few ways to tell a girl you like her without telling her.

Method#1 Praise her.

Praise is an excellent tool to let a girl know you are interested in her.

You use it to advance the friendship into a long-term romantic relationship.

Some of the praises you can give her are, “I like spending time with you,” and I feel great and relaxed around you.”

This kind of praises might seem like nothing on the surface. However, it tells the girl that you are very comfortable when she is there. Everyone likes to know that people are feeling comfortable and happy to be around them.

When you give praise, you must do it at the right moment. You need to make sure she has full attention on you, and then you can praise her by looking at her eyes. This is to make sure that she can feel your sincerity and get the hidden meaning behind your words.

Occasionally, when she does something for you, for example, give you a present or buy you a drink, you can say, “I like you.” It would be best if you said it casually, and as soon as you said that, you want to continue the conversation quickly.

There should not be a pause in between after you say, “I like you.” So, the girl will not feel that you are waiting for a reply from her. It will not create unnecessary pressure.

When you say “I like you” in such a casual way, she will be able to pick it up. However, she can’t be sure if you are interested in her or just being friendly.

Not only will she start analyzing if you are interested in her, but also she will ask herself if she is into you as well. Then, she will start to imagine how it will look like if you both were to become a couple. This creates excitement and can help you to leave the friend zone faster.

Method#2: Flirt With Words

Flirting is an excellent way to let her know you are interested in her. However, you do not need to say out loud that you like her.

If she likes you, she will flirt with you in return. So, you do not need to confirm by asking her if she has feelings for you or not.

Here are some excellent flirty sentences you can use:

  • If it’s not because it’s too crowded here, I would have kissed you.
  • If it’s not because there are too many people here, I would have hugged you.
  • If it’s not because I know you too well, I would have pursued you.

The script above is compelling because you let her know that you want to be more than a friend, yet you pull back at the last minute. This is great because you can test what her responses are.

As long as she seems to enjoy the conversation and does not reject you via words or body language, you know she accepts you flirting with her. In other words, she allows you to cross the border and try to be more than just friends.

If she flirts back with you, then it is a good sign that she is into you.

If she rejects you and tells you she is not comfortable about it, you need to stop flirting with her right away as she is not ready yet. Just go back to the previous stage and chat like a regular friend. Wait until both of you become closer, then you can try to advance to the flirting stage again.

Method#3: Flirt With Body Language

This is a very powerful one. You can tell a girl you like her without saying anything if you know how to use the correct body language.

One of the most accessible body languages is your eye contact.

When you talk to her, you can look at her and pause for a split second before continuing what you want to say. Act like you were busy admiring how beautiful she is for just a second, and then you want to continue the conversation to cover up quickly.

She will pick up the subtle message that you like her, but she won’t say it out too. This is how to tell her you like her with just eye contact.

Another way to tell her you like her is to look at her lips for split seconds. This is a sign that you want to kiss her and taste her lips.

Again, girls are very sensitive. They will be able to sense you are into her. But, you should not make a love confession at this stage. Instead, you should just test her, and try to find out if she is into you also.

If a girl likes you, they will not reject your flirt, and most of the time, they will flirt with you back. She will want to give you a hint that she is into you as well.

Next is about holding her hands.

There are a few situations where you can try to hold her hand. For example, when crossing a busy road and when you want to lead her through a crowded place.

Once you cross the road or pass through a crowded place, you want to let go of her hand immediately. This makes it look like a protective gesture and not because you want to take advantage of her.

Method#4 Ask Her Out On Special Holidays

If you want to tell her you like her indirectly, you can try to ask her out on special holidays like Christmas, valentine’s day, new year’s eve, etc.

If she is willing to come out for a date, it means that she is probably into you. This is because the girl will want to spend her time with someone important to her on special days.

In addition to that, during these holidays or special events, the celebration atmosphere and mood will be high and touching. For example, on Valentine’s day, she will see many couples around. This will make her feels like she wants to have someone special in life too, and you happen to be just beside her.

how to tell a girl you like her without telling her

Telling a girl you like her over text.

I would suggest you always tell a girl you like her in person.

However, if you still want to do it over the phone occasionally, here are some text messages you can use

Text messages to tell a girl you like her:

  • Girl, I want to date you this Saturday. Just say yes.
  • I can’t stop thinking about you. Did you cast magic on me?
  • I just want to tell you that my dog misses you. Maybe you should come over.
  • Just in case if you are wondering, I’m free this Sat.
  • It’s not fair if I’m the only one who keeps missing you.
  • I’ve tried, but I just can’t stop thinking about you. I think you owe me $15 for the meal that day.
  • Are you tired? You were running around in my dream for the last 3 days.

When you text a girl that you like her, you do not need to tell her that you like her or you love her directly all the time.

It is best to add some humour elements in it and be as creative as you can. When you are playful, she will want to play with you back. This makes the interaction becomes more fun.

How To Tell A Girl You Like Her Without Ruining The Friendship

If you plan to tell a girl in college or the workplace that you like her, it is best to date her outside of the college or workplace first.

If she is willing to come out for a date and have a casual conversation with you besides work and academics, then you both can be good friends rather than just a colleague or classmate. You want to switch your role.

After you date with her a few times, you will know if she is compatible with you and if she is interested in you. Only after you sure she is into you, then you can tell her that you like her casually.

In the event of rejection, do not express disappointment or frustration in front of her.

You need to remain cool and not question her about anything, for example, why she doesn’t like you, what can you do to make her like you, etc. Cut down the pressure on her.

You can say, “at least I know how you feel about me now. No hard feelings, and let’s just remain as good friends then.”

This is to let her know you are cool about it so she won’t feel guilty about the rejection. It helps her to face you the same way like in the past. And, this is how you tell a girl you like her without ruining the friendship.

how to tell a girl you like her over text

Should I tell a girl I like her

As I said, you should only tell a girl you like her if you received signals that she is into you.

For example, she flirts back with words or body language, she shows up on the date, and she does not mind sitting very close.

A lot of guys think that when they like a girl, they should immediately tell the girl. However, that is a wrong move if the girl is not into you yet.

Your love confession will not touch her and will not automatically make her like you back. It will only give her a heart attack and stress her out. Then, she is forced to reject you to escape from the awkwardness.

Thus, you want to ask her out and date her first. Find out if both of you are compatible and click with each other. Then, when the relationship gets better, or the intimacy level gets higher, you can tell her that you like her.

Tell a girl you like her at the middle stage of a relationship, not in the early stage, which you haven’t even dated her yet.

How To Tell If A Girl Likes you Too

Here are the good signs that she is into you:

  • She laughs at your stupid jokes.
  • She teases you
  • She remembers your interest or preference.
  • She put in extra effort to dress up for the date.
  • She cares about your opinion of her.
  • She celebrates important days with you.
  • She always replies to your message the same day.
  • She let you touch her and hold her hands.
  • She sits close to you or leans forward to you when talking.
  • She shares with you her life stories and secrets.
  • She always says yes to hang out with you.

The Bottom Line

You should only tell a girl you like her if you know she is also interested in you. Make sure she is paying attention to you when you say it, and remember to look into her eyes. If you are sincere and honest with her about your feelings, she will always respect you no matter what the outcome is.

Guys, I wish you all the best in your love confession with the girl you like. I know it can be nervous, but you will be fine if you follow the tips given above.

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