Powerful Method on How To Start A Conversation With A Girl | 3 Examples

Welcome to my guide on how to start a conversation with a girl and acquire information naturally.

Most guys only know one way to open up a conversation with the girl they like, which is by asking a question.

However, asking questions has some significant weaknesses. We shall look at them in the following section.

how to start a conversation with a girl

Why Asking Too Much Question In A Conversation Sucks

Asking questions itself is not a wrong move.

But, if that is your only mode of conversation, it can make the conversation super dry.

Not only will you annoy the girl you are talking to, but it also turns a potentially enjoyable conversation into an interrogation.

2 Main Reasons Why Guys Ask Too Many Questions

To change this, we must understand the real reason why guys keep throwing questions.

They do it mainly for 2 reasons.

Reason No.1
They do not know what else to say, and they want to break the silence. So, they decided to keep throwing questions to keep the conversation going.

If this is your case too, then no worries, it is an easy problem to solve. You only need to learn a new mode of conversation.

Reason No.2
The guy is needy, and he wants the attention of the girl.

These types of guys usually do not have a lot of opportunities to talk to girls. When they get the chance, they become too eager and want to learn all he can about the girl. In other words, they are functioning in a scarcity mindset, and they do not want to lose the only opportunity they have.

This is a much bigger problem to solve than reason no.1 because this indicates a lack of confidence. If this is your case, you will need to change some of your negative mentality and build up your confidence level. I will talk more about confidence building in my future work.

For this guide, we will be focusing only on solving problem no.1.

I will be sharing with you how to stop interrogating and naturally open up a conversation with the girl you like. This way, you will be able to acquire useful information from her and know her better.

how to start a conversation with a girl who likes you

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl Naturally

Today, I want to share with you another method to open up a conversation.

Instead of relying on questions only, I would recommend using a statement to acquire information from the girl.

For example, instead of asking, “where are you coming from? or what do you do?”, you can use a statement like, “from the way you speak, I think you are from Texas.” Or, “by looking at your posture, I think you are a dancer.”

As you can see, instead of asking a question, you can use a statement to express your opinion.

And, as human beings, we have the urge to correct a mistake. So, it does not matter if we guess it wrongly. The girl will tell us that we are wrong, and then she will give us the actual answer.

Long Example on How To Start A Conversation With Statement

Let’s continue from the previous example, where I started the conversation with “by looking at your posture, I think you are a dancer.”

I start with: By looking at your posture, I think you are a dancer.

She might correct me: I’m not a dancer, I’m a yoga teacher.

(She will let me know the answer directly, and then I can further expand the topic on why I guess she is a dancer earlier.)

I can say: Yeah, no wonder you have a good body posture. Only dancers and yoga teachers have that. I bet you have been teaching Yoga for a long time.

(As you can see, I’m trying to expand the conversation with the statement again.)

She: No, I just started teaching Yoga 2 months ago. But, I have been praticing it for about 5 years now.

I can say: Wow, you have been doing it for 5 years and you are teaching Yoga now. Yoga must be your biggest passion.

She might say: Yeah, I enjoy it very much. Not only it is good for my body, but also it is good for my mind. And overall, it helps me to relieve stress and to gain confidence.

I can continue: Actually, I wanted to learn Yoga. But after I watched the tutorials on Youtube, I think the Yoga posture is too hard for me, so I just drop it.

She might say: Oh if you are new, you should start from the basic posture first. They have the easy one for beginners, for example…

I gave you the example above to show you that it is totally possible to start and expand a conversation by just using a statement.

So, instead of bombarding her with questions only, like “are you a dancer?”, “how long you have been doing yoga?” and “why do you practice yoga?”, using statement is a more natural way to invite her into the conversation.

Of course, I’m not saying you should never use a question in your conversation. It is just that you should switch between questions and statements.

With the statement method, you can express your opinion on her, yourself, or on a subject, which is Yoga in the example above. This way, you can acquire information from a girl without asking her any question. She will tell you everything you wanted to know naturally.

how to start a conversation with a girl you like

More Examples On How To Start A Conversation With A Girl

Using a statement in a conversation can be very powerful because you can indirectly praise the other person. At the same time, you can invite her into a conversation naturally.

In addition to that, with the statement method, she won’t feel you are trying to invade her privacy because you are merely expressing your opinion.

For example, if a girl says to you, “you must be working out every day.” Can you imagine what your response is?

You will probably give a quick laugh and say, actually you only hit the gym twice a week. You feel happy to correct her and then feed her with more information about you, am I right?

My friend, this is the power of using statements in a conversation. You can let the other person engage in a conversation with you naturally. This method is similar to another technique known as cold reading.

Asking for age is another excellent example.

A lot of girls do not like it when someone asks them about their age. Asking “what is your age?” might sound impolite in some cultures. So, to bypass that, you can use a statement instead.

For example, you can say, “from your appearance, I think you are 22.” And the girl might respond, “no, I’m actually 25.”

Of course, the tip is you want to always guess it younger to praise them indirectly. The girl is going to be very happy to correct you and tell you her actual age.

Here are some examples of how to use a statement to open up a conversation on various topics.

More examples on how to start a conversation with statement:

How many siblings she has?
You: From the way you speak, I think you are a very independent and mature person. You must be the eldest among your siblings.
Girl: hahaha, I do not have any siblings.
You: No wonder you are independent. That’s because you need to take care of yourself most of the time.
(You are praising her for being independent and mature)

When is her birthday?
You: You have a special aura, gracious and elegant. I think you are a Libra.
Girl: hahaha. No, I’m a Saggitarius.
You: That can’t be. Are you sure you got the zodiac sign correctly? When is your birthday?
Girl: 25 Nov.
(You are praising her gracious and elegant)

What does she like to do on weekends?
You: You have a good physique. I bet you like to exercise at the weekend.
Girl: I like to go hiking on the weekend with my friends.
You: Wow, no wonder you have healthy tanned skin too.
(You are praising her for having a good body physique)

Girls like praises.

If you give them praise, they will lower their defence and become more open to tell you about themselves. This way, you can have an enjoyable conversation with them.

In general, you can use the statement method to open up any kind of conversation you want. Then, if necessary, you can use questions to pinpoint the correct answer.

If you want to use a question, each time after she shares her story, you need to share some information on your side too before you throw another question.

This way, there will be an exchange of information. You can still entertain her with your life stories and be a value giver.

The Bottom Line

Using a statement to open up a conversation can help you acquire information naturally from the girl you talk to. Plus, the girl will not feel like you are invading her privacy. You can still ask a question in a conversation but remember not to do it in a row.

Guys, I wish you all the best in opening up a great conversation with the girl you like when you see her next time.

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