How To Start A Conversation With A Girl Over Text | 7 Solid Ways

Welcome to my guide on how to start a conversation with a girl over text.

You can start a conversation with a girl over text by using some simple conversation starters. Alternatively, you can send her an exciting picture about travelling, outdoor activities, food, and pet. Not only it is easy to expand these topics, but also it can help you to demonstrate your personal value.

In this guide, you will get 7 conversation starters and also 4 best conversation topics to start talking to the girl you like over text.

how to start a conversation with a girl over text

How To Start A Conversation with A Girl Over Text

If you do not know how to initiate a conversation with a girl over text, especially when you do not know her well yet, you can use the following conversation starters to have a good head start.

Instead of asking weird questions like “what is your most embarrassing moment in life”, here are seven practical conversations starters for you to initiate a conversation with girls.

7 Practical Conversation Starters With A Girl Over Text

1) What are you up to this weekend?
When the girl receives this message, most of the time she will answer nothing special and hope that you can bring her out to some exciting places. So, before you ask the question above, you should have at least three exciting suggestion in mind. This way, if she does not have any plan, you can invite her out and have some fun together.

2) Do you like great food, good music and great company?
Who doesn’t like that? She will say yes, and you can invite her for a dinner date together. A bar, a cafe, or a good restaurant near her place would be a great choice.

3) Let’s run away and go for an adventure this Saturday.
You can arrange a short trip to a nearby city, go to a theme park, or arrange a food trip for this.
Create a fun memory together.

4) Hey, you are pretty, and I’m cute. Together we’d be pretty cute.
This is a good starter line. Most of the time, it will get the girl laugh. Then, you can follow up and ask the pretty if she has any plan over the weekend. If not, you can date her out.

5) My dog wanted you to know that he misses you.
This is a good one if you have a pet. First, send her the cute picture of your pet. Then, you can send her the text above. Girls can’t resist cute things and animals. She will surely reply to you. Then, you can chat about your pet and share the funny stories about it.

6) Good morning, do you have time to meet me for coffee?
If you say it in this way, you are not asking for permission to meet her, but you are giving her a chance to meet you. And, you are not doing it too aggressively because you have asked her if she has time for it. This is an excellent way to ask for a date without being too needy.

7) You are attractive, gorgeous, sexy, smart, charming and kind. You are becoming more like me every day.
This is a funny way to compliment her and yourself at the same time. She will have a quick laugh of your confidence. After she laughs, you can open up any conversation you want, or date her out directly.

how to start a conversation with a girl over text examples

4 Best Conversation Topics With A Girl Over Text

Below are the four best conversation topics to talk with a girl over text.

You can send her a picture of yourself having a great time, for example, you are enjoying great food or you are travelling, then start a conversation with the related topic.

Conversation Topic #1: Travelling

Travelling stories are one of the best topics out there. When you travel, you get to explore new things, and you will encounter some funny stories and challenges. All of these will keep the girl curious and engaged in the conversation.

When you share your travelling stories, it indirectly tells the girl that you are a person who not only knows how to enjoy life, but you are also a courageous person who dare to try new things. That, my friend, helps you to position yourself as a high-value person.

Conversation Topic #2: Outdoor Activities

If you are into outdoor activities, for example, rock climbing, hiking, swimming, jungle trekking, camping, then you can share your passion with her. Share how long you have been doing it, and why do you love it.

If she is not into it, then you should stop talking about it. Next, you can ask her what is her passion and expand your conversation about it. On the other hand, if she is totally into the topic, then you can suggest her to do it together next time.

Outdoor activities give you a lot of opportunities to interact with each other and to have physical touch naturally. In addition to that, while you are playing sports, your body will produce all the happy hormones like dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. This will elevate the mood and link you and happiness together in her mind.

Outdoor sports also help you to demonstrate your value. It reflects that you are a sunshine person, and you are confident enough to take up challenges. Girls like this type of guys. It gives them a sense of security.

Conversation Topic #3: Food

Girls have zero defence for desserts. If you show them the photos of it, they will go crazy.

So, how do you initiate this topic quickly and invite her out for a date?

Well, it is easy. Just send her a picture of you enjoying the desserts, and she will scream over the phone asking why didn’t you bring her along. Then, you can tease her by sending her another picture of you enjoying the food.

You can talk about desserts or any kind of authentic food which you have tried. The key here is to take good pictures of the food and shows it to her because a picture tells a thousand words.

If you know how to cook, like a steak and a simple soup, you can share about it with her. If she is impressed, you can offer to cook for her and invite her to your place. Home dating is fantastic because it is your place. You are familiar with it, and it’s the perfect private space for both of you.

Talking about food can help you to demonstrate you know how to enjoy life. This is an attractive point for girls.

Conversation Topic #4: Pets

Girls love pets because they are adorable. And if you share about your pets, it shows that you are a responsible person and you a loving person. You know how to take care of others.

Take pictures or videos of your pets, then send it to her. It will certainly open up an exciting conversation with the girl you like. It’s best if you have funny photos of your pet. You can tell her all the silly things your pet did last week.

If she likes your pet, you can invite her home to play with it.

The Bottom Line On How To Start A Conversation With Girl Over Text

You should send her something interesting to demonstrate that you are an exciting person. Let her get entertained while talking to you. This way, she will be more likely to reply to you because she enjoys talking to you.

Guys, I wish you all the best in starting a conversation with the girl you like.

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