5 Best Ways: How To Start A Conversation With A Girl On Instagram

Welcome to my guide on how to start a conversation with a girl on Instagram.

You will discover 5 indirect ways to start a conversation with her and 1 direct way to do it.

I will also share with you how to ask her out. The exact script and examples are given below, so make sure you read it all.

It will help you to initiate a conversation naturally without unwanted awkwardness.

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl On Instagram

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl On Instagram

#1 Story response

This is the easiest way to start a conversation with the girl on Instagram.

Most of the time, when someone posts something new, they will usually take note of the first few responses. So, if you respond fast enough to the story, she will notice you.

When you leave something on her story, try to end it with a simple question. This way, you will invite her to have a conversation with you.

#2 Meme Tag

Look at her profile and see what she usually posts. Then, when you found a funny meme related to her, you can tag her on Instagram.

For example, if she posts a lot about food, you can tag her meme related to food. If she is into pets, then you can tag her meme related to pets.

Only tag meme which is related to her, so she will resonate with it. Otherwise, you might annoy her.

#3 Meme DM

This is the same as the meme tag. It’s just that you do it with direct messaging. I would suggest you do this only if you know her or have replied to you before.

Otherwise, she will feel weird why did you, as a stranger, sent her a meme out of a sudden. You do not want to be labeled as creepy, do you?

The advantage of Meme DM is that you can start a conversation directly after using the meme. And, it is more private compared to tagging.

#4 Old Photo Double-tap

You can look at her old photo and double-tap only the photo where she is alone or with just one person in the picture.

Don’t go overboard with it. Love just 1 photo every time and do this once every week consistently. This way, you will constantly pop up on her notification for the old photo, which others no longer pay attention to. She might notice you and check your photos back out of curiosity.

After a while, you can start to ask questions on her latest post or DM her. There will be a higher chance she will reply to you.

#5 Comment on her post

Leave a clever comment on her post or ask her simple questions, to which she can reply in 10 seconds.

If you barely know each other, you should avoid being flirty unless that is your character and you do not give a shit about how others see you.

Remember, it is a public comment, so everyone can see it, including her family and friends.

Direct Approach To Talk To Girl On Instagram

If you like a girl and wish to talk to her, I suggest you try to speak to her directly. This way, you will know if she is open to making friends with you now.

If she is not, then it is better not to waste time on her. You better invest more time in yourself and in another girl who is open to making friends with you.

You lose nothing if she does not respond. So, go ahead and take the first step. Being brave enough to initiate a conversation might impress her.

If you know the girl:

If you already know the girl, you can try to ask her out instead of just talking to her. Let me show you the 3 steps process to ask her out.

Step 1: Initiate the conversation
“Hey, I know it’s random. But, it has been a long time since we last met. How are you recently?”

Exchange 2-3 message, then you can suggest hanging out together sometimes.

Step 2: Suggest hanging out together.
“It’s great talking to ya, but I have to go now. Maybe we should grab a drink or brunch together sometime?”

Please do not set a time and date in your first message. This way, there will be less pressure, and she will be most likely to say yes.

Step 3: Asking Her Out
Then, after a week or two, you can text her to ask her out. This way is more casual. You won’t be seen as too needy.

“Hey, do you like good food and music? I know a great cafe/restaurant/bar downtown. Wanna join me this Sat?”

That’s it. This is how you go from initiating a conversation to asking her out. I have used this a lot of times, and it works like a charm. Try it out yourself.

If you do not know the girl:

Well, if you do not know the girl yet, you can still try to ask her out. If she is opened to make new friends, then you might be able to pull the trick.

Here is what you can say to initiate a conversation.

Step 1: Initiate a conversation.
“Hi, I know this is random. But I saw your skating/cooking/traveling picture (whatever that draws your eyes). That’s really cool. You skate/cooking,/traveling very frequently? Oh, by the way, I’m John.”

Step 2: If she replies
She will probably reply how frequently she does the activity because you have asked her the question previously. If she is friendly, she will intro herself.

Then, you can exchange a few messages about the activity you saw on her Instagram.

Step 3: Ask her which area she is staying in.
You can ask her in which area she is staying before you end the conversation. So, that you can plan a good hang out next time.

Just say, “I’m curious in which area you are staying, by the way? Maybe you are my neighbor, who knows? XD”

Please note that we only need to know the area where she is staying. Never ask for the exact address as it can be too sensitive, and you might make the conversation awkward.

Step 4: Suggest hanging out sometimes.
You do not want to drag the conversation for too long over text. After exchange a few messages, you need to cut it and suggest hanging out sometimes.

“I have to go, but you sound like a fun person. Maybe we can grab a drink together sometime? Of course, only if you are comfortable.”

That’s it. Make it simple, and again, do not drag the conversation too long. If you do not know much about her yet, it’s hard to find an excellent common topic to talk about. This will render you to keep asking questions, and that might bore the shyt out of her.

So, just keep the conversation short and sweet, and suggest meeting offline sometimes.

Important Notes On Talking To Girls On Instagram

You should make her feel that you just want to be a friend throughout the conversation on instagram, not to date her. So, do not suggest going for a dinner date or theme park, which might scare her away.

You never know if she is the right person for you too until you meet her. So, start with something light like grabbing a drink, or a brunch will do. If there’s good chemistry between you two, then you can suggest a better date next time.

Also, do not say something like, oh, you are so beautiful, you are so attractive. Remember, you are texting her for the first time, and if you do that, it is obvious you want to become more than just a friend.

She will definitely put up her defenses because, hey, you are just a random guy to her now, unless you are super good-looking. So, stay away from being flirty in the first conversation. You can praise anything about her other than her looks and body.

Like I say, let her feel that you just want to be a friend, not to date her. This is crucial for positioning. Get it right!

What if she does not reply to you on Instagram?

If you have initiated a conversation and she does not reply, just chill and let it go.

Never ever text her to follow up and ask her why she is not replying or what makes her busy because it will make you look super needy.

The best strategy is to improve yourself and make yourself a better person who knows how to enjoy life and is passionate about life.

Spend time learning and doing what you really love, like playing music, traveling, and trying out new things in life. That will make you much more attractive, and she will be more interested in talking to you when you say hi.

Even if she is not interested in you, you would be attracting more wonderful people into your life. So, it’s better to focus on yourself instead of whether she replies to you or not. That’s the best advice I can give you.

How To Continue The Conversation On Instagram

You can use this technique when you want to continue the conversation with her after the first conversation.

First, you can create a topic around what she has posted on Instagram recently, then bring the topic one level up and continue the conversation from there.

For example, if you see she posted new traveling photos, you can choose one picture and ask her where it is. Make it easy for her to reply to you.

After that, you can bring the topic one level up from that specific place to the general traveling topic. This way, you do not need to keep talking about the place in the picture since you probably know nothing much about it anyway.

By leveling the topic to traveling, which is a broader topic, you can have more things to discuss with her.

  • I can feel that you are an adventurous person. Do you travel a lot?
  • What is your favorite place so far?
  • If you have a free VIP ticket to fly to anywhere you want, where would you go?

That’s how you continue the conversation with her on Instagram after the first conversation.

Bottom Line On How To Start A Conversation On Instagram

In my opinion, Instagram is not the best place for chatting. So, you want to ask for phone numbers or get her Lines, Whatsapp, or FB Messenger as soon as possible.

This way, you can continue the conversation in a better place.