8 Best Ways: How To Start A Conversation Over Text

Welcome to my guide on how to start a conversation over text.

In this guide, you will discover 8 ways to start a conversation with the girl you like over text without sounding too needy or desperate.

I have also provided a lot of good conversation starters for texting, which you can use right away.

Last but not least, you will learn how to ask a girl out, so you can finally meet her in person.

Let’s dive right into the content.

how to start a conversation over text

The Real Goal Of Text Conversation

Text messages are great to keep the relationship warm. However, whenever possible, you will still want to meet her in person because it allows you to increase the intimacy level much faster.

By seeing each other face to face, you can use tonality, facial expression, and body language to your advantage. It is easier to make her attracted to you that way. Plus, both of you can create a lot of shared memories together, and it makes the relationship becomes more memorable.

In a nutshell, text conversation is just to warm up the connection. If the conversation goes well, you should try to ask her out as soon as you can.

How To Start A Conversation Over Text

There are many ways you can start talking to the girl you like by texting.

Some of the ways include using conversation starters, continuing the last conversation, giving a compliment, sending memes, talking about shared memory, or just sending her a random message to catch up.

I will show you how to do it in the following section and give you examples to easily apply it in real life.

Method#1: Text Conversation Starters

Here is a good list of conversation starters that you can use to start talking to the girl you like over text.

You should not use all of them at once or keep jumping between one conversation starter after another.

Instead, find the one that resonates with you, then use it to talk to the girl you like. This way, you will find it easier to expand the conversation later.

Conversation starter list:

  1. Do you have any exciting plans for the weekend?
  2. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
  3. Would you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?
  4. Working on anything interesting lately?
  5. What is the most exciting thing you’ve read recently?
  6. What are the small things that make you happy in life?
  7. What is your passion?
  8. Are you a morning person or a night owl?
  9. If you can travel anywhere in the world now, where would you go?
  10. Who is your favorite singer?
  11. Have you watched any exciting movies lately?
  12. Do you prefer traveling alone or with a group?
  13. What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done?
  14. Do you have any extraordinary talents?
  15. When did you last go to the movies?
  16. What are the top 3 things on your bucket list?

Funny text conversation starters:

  1. You are intelligent, sexy, charming, and smart. You’re becoming more like me every day!
  2. My dog wanted you to know what he misses you.
  3. Do you smile stupidly when you read my message? I know you do.
  4. I decided to text you. So, you can stop looking forward to my message and focus on your job.
  5. My grandma can text faster, ya know.
  6. Ok. I need to go to the dreamland now. You can start to miss me.
  7. Good night. I approved it. You can dream about me later.

These are playful text messages you can send to your crush to tease her and have some fun.

Try using some of the funny messages above. Make her laugh, and that will increase her reply rate.

Method#2: Compliment Her The Right Way

When you give her a genuine compliment, you should not expect anything in return. This will make your praise sounds so much better and sincere than the others.

Also, I have mentioned this many times; when you give her a compliment, you should no overdo it.

If you went overboard, she would become the prize, and you have to put in so much more effort to make yourself deserved her attention. So, always remember not to throw your positioning away.

When you give a compliment, try to praise her on anything besides her look and body. For example, avoid saying “you are so beautiful,” “you are so cute,” “you have such a sexy ass,” etc.

Instead, you should compliment her smile, achievement, personality, her dog, her discipline and effort to workout, and anything else but her body. Get it?

Compliment examples:

  • You are cute. And, your hooman is pretty ok too. (If she has a pet)
  • I like the way you put in 100% effort during the workout, and it’s motivating to see the recent changes in you.
  • Very beautiful! I mean your cup.
  • Ok, I have to admit. The dress suits you really well.

Method#3 Continue the last conversation

Recall what she told you in the last conversation, and you can ask questions to expand the conversation again.

If she has talked about many things in the last conversation, you should only pick the most exciting topic or the one that resonates the most with you.

For example, if you love to listen to music and tell you her favorite singer in the last conversation, you can ask her what her favorite song from that particular singer is.

If she mentioned she loves horror movies, you could ask her if she has watched the cinema’s latest horror movie. If she hasn’t, then you can invite her out to watch it together.

Next time, when you talk to the girl you like, be sure to remember some of the exciting points she threw out.

If you are not that good at remembering things, I would suggest you note down the key points.

By doing so, you will hardly run out of things to say again because every time you talked to her, you will discover a new topic which you can talk about next time.

Method#4 Tell her that you think of her

Not every time you need to have a reason to contact her. Sometimes, you can send her messages directly just because you feel like talking to her.

It does not have to be a long conversation. Just drop a message telling her that she came across your mind today will do.

Do this occasionally, and the relationship will be kept warm. However, do not do it every day, or you might annoy her. Maybe once a week or every two weeks is fine.

Text Messages Example:

  • I know you are busy, so I just want to tell you, have a good night 🙂
  • (What happened today) reminds me of you.
  • I know it’s random, but I suddenly thought of you and your silly face.
  • I kinda miss your lame jokes. It seems I have lowered my standard XD
  • How’s life lately? Working on anything interesting?

Method#5 Send her photos of you having fun

Whenever you ordered some delicious food, especially desserts, be sure to take a photo of it and send it to her.

Girls have low resistance towards food, so they are super likely to reply to you.

Let her ask you where the restaurant is, but you do not need to answer her. Instead, just send her another picture of you enjoying the food.

She will go crazy and ask you why didn’t you bring her there too. Then, you can tell her to be a good girl and next time you will get her there.

This is an excellent way to tease her.

You can also send her a photo when you have some fun like rock-climbing, working out, running, cooking, etc.

Send her a picture like this is an excellent way to start a conversation and position yourself as someone passionate about life and know how to enjoy life. This will subtly make you more attractive.

Method#6 Talk about shared memory

Have both of you done something together before? If yes, then you can talk about it over text.

Taking about the past can be nostalgic. It reminds her about the unique experience which only belongs to both of you.

If she said she misses the good memory, then you can suggest catching up over the weekend.

Conversation examples:

  • Do you remember how we met each other the first time?
  • What was the impression when you meet me for the first time?
  • Remember the last time we went to (place) together?
  • It has been a long time since we (activity) together. Do you miss the old days?

Method#7 Send her something funny

Whenever you come across something funny that relates to her, it’s ok to message it to her. It can be a simple joke, a Gif, or a meme.

To make the conversation even funnier, you can even use her face expression as the sticker. It will surely make her laugh and have a fun conversation with you.

As long as you can keep the conversation fun, she will be very likely to text you back. This is because texting with you has become a source of entertainment and happiness, and she enjoys it.

So, don’t be boring, be humourous.

Method#8 Ask Her Out

Asking a girl out is not as hard as you think. Here is a list of conversation starters for you to ask the girl out over text.

Do not just say “let’s go adventure” when you do not have any idea in mind. If you do that, she will feel you are half-hearted.

So, always make sure you already have an exciting plan before you message her.

Text Message To Ask Her Out:

  • I heard there’s a new cafe near your place. Wanna explore it together tomorrow?
  • I will be near your place tomorrow at 11am. Wanna join me for brunch?
  • I’m thinking of grabbing a drink at the new cafe. They are famous for their matcha latte. Wanna try it out together?
  • I don’t remember the last time we met. We need to catch up this Sat.
  • I wanted to watch a movie. If you are in the mood, wanna join me for (movie name)?
  • Just thinking of you. It has been quite a while since we last met. Wanna catch up this weekend and have brunch together?
  • I wanna watch the (movie name) this weekend. Wanna go with me?
  • I’m free this Sat. Do you want to meet out somewhere for a coffee?
  • Good morning, do you wanna meet me for coffee later?

When You Should Stop Texting Her

If you have been trying to reach her, but she just does not seem keen to talk to you, then you should just let go and invest your time with someone who resonates better with you.

4 signals that you should stop texting her:

  1. She always replies in one word or a very short sentence.
  2. She tells you she is busy all the time.
  3. She replies to your message after days or weeks all the time.
  4. She just doesn’t bother to reply

Most of the time, it is not your fault that she does not reply to you. So, do not let this cut down your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Just enjoy and learn from the process, and you will definitely get better at texting girls after some time.

The Bottom Line On How To Start A Conversation Over Text

Text conversation is good to keep a relationship warm. But, as I’ve said, you want to invite the girl out and have some fun together whenever possible, especially if you like her.

This is because face-to-face communication allows you to use body language, tonality, and facial expression to your advantage to build a closer relationship with her.

The sooner you can let her feel comfortable to be around you, the faster you can proceed to hold hands, hugs, and kisses.