8 Solid Ways on How To Meet Girls in College

Hi, welcome to my simple guide on how to meet girls in college.

You can meet girls in college before and after the class, via group assignments, community projects, and also through mutual friends. Alternatively, you can develop your passion and meet new girls who share a similar interest with you. The gym, dining hall, and dorm are good places to meet new girls in college too.

In this guide, you will learn the steps to meet new girls in college and what to say to introduce yourself.

Let’s dive straight into the content.

how to meet girls in college

How To Meet Girls In College

1) In The Class

There are 3 things you want to focus on when it comes to attending class.

First, you want to become a representative whenever it is possible. This is because becoming a leader gives you more exposure and also allows you to get to know more girls in the class.

For example, when there’s a group assignment, you should take up the leadership role. When a teacher asks for help to do something, you can volunteer yourself too.

Second, when you have good questions for the teacher, you should not be afraid to raise your hand and ask about it.

Most of the time, your friends do not understand it either, but they do not want unnecessary attention, so they skip asking the question. If you ask on behalf of them and for yourself, you are actually doing yourself a favor, and you will be recognized subtly as someone with courage among your friends.

Third, you want to nail a subject. I know it can be quite a challenge to score with flying colors for every subject. However, if possible, you want to choose a subject you are passionate about and nail it down. This way, the coursemates will look up to you, and you will be well known for that subject.

If you do the 3 things above right, not only will you have more exposure, but also you will be able to stand out from the crowd. When you introduce yourself around, people would have already heard of you or know you. It makes things much easier and less awkward.

When I was in college, my grades were quite good, so people would often invite me to join their group when there’s a group assignment. My friends joined another group, and when I discuss the group assignment with him, I get to know his groupmates. So, even if I have joined a group, it does not stop me from knowing more people.

Plus, we already have something in common to talk about, which is the assignment. It is fun to do the group assignment together after the class, even if we are in a different group.

2) Mutual Friends

You should grow your overall social circles instead of just getting to know girls only. Otherwise, it will make you look desperate.

First, you need to know a few influential people. They are usually naturally good at socializing.
So, it is easy to know and to mingle with them.

By mixing up with them, you will be able to borrow their social circle and know more people around them. In addition to that, while interacting with them, you will pick up their body language, learn how they speak and how they treat people around them. Slowly, without being aware, you will become someone like them too, who is humorous and fun to be with.

You just need to know 5 people from each of your existing friends, and you will be able to quickly expand your social circle.

Ask your existing friend out for lunch or dinner, and do not just eat alone. While doing so, ask them if they have any friends nearby and request him to invite their friends along. The more, the merrier. This way, you can get to know more people and girls naturally.

how to meet college girls

3) Club, society, community

You should join a few good communities in your college that are popular or resonates with you.

Again, if possible, you want to hold a position in the community you join. This gives you exposure and allows you to know more people naturally.

In addition to that, the community often have multiple projects to run every year. It is one of the best ways to know someone really well because you need to run the project together over a longer-term. Not only will you get to know more girls in college, but you will know them well.

I was the vice president of a community in college. They have different batches, and for the batch I was in, there are about 38 people, and 90% of them are girls. Plus, I have the opportunity to know more girls from the previous or later batch.

So, if you want to know many girls efficiently, the community is the way to go.

4) Sports

Sports allow you to know people quickly because all of you share a similar interest. And the interaction during sports allows you to get along pretty fast with both guys and girls.

If possible, you want to be good at one sport. So, choose the one that resonates with you and practice more.

When you play sports, girls will be watching you. So, the better you play, the easier for you to leave a good impression.

While resting and waiting for your turn, you can initiate a conversation with the girl who sits on the same bench.

I play badminton, and I tell my friends to invite me to their different badminton group. That’s how I get better at it and know more girls at the same time.

Conversation example during sports:

You: Hi, I have seen you around. You play badminton quite often too? Oh, I’m Frost, by the way.

Girl: Hi, I’m Jean. Just once a week. I want to do some exercise and lose some weight.

You: What are you talking about? You are thin enough. By the way, I’m here with Jason. Are you invited by Jason too?

Girl: Uh no, I’m here with Nadia. Nadia and Jason are friends. What about you?

You: I’m his classmates. We took social psychology together in the second semester. And I like badminton, so I ask him to invite me whenever he’s playing. You look like a sporty person. Do you play any other sports?

Girl: Yeah, sometimes I go hiking with my friends. Just to sweat and get some fresh air.

You: Oh cool. I would love to try hiking too, if you don’t mind, let me join you next time. But I’m a total beginner. I’m not sure would it be too extreme for me to join.

Girl: No, we are not going for the extreme one. You are going to be okay. Sure, let you know when the next hiking session is up.

You: Awesome, let me text you my numbers first. How to spell your name, by the way? J-E-A-N, right? (Then, get her phone number.)

best places to meet college girls

5) Hostel or Dorm Common Area

I used to live in the hostel during my first year. And, I would say the common area in the hostel is an excellent place to know people.

We have a dining hall, study hall and the management office. When I do my assignment, I often do it in the study hall. There, I can meet many new faces, plus it is fun to study together with my friends, although it lowers down the efficiency.

The people you know at the dorm or hostel will often become your good friends because you will eat and waste time together.

Conversation example in the hostel:

You: Hi, I think I have seen you around in college before. Are you a business student, or are you taking psychology as well? Oh, I’m Frost, by the way.

Girl: Hi, I’m Melissa. I’m doing psychology too.

You: No wonder you look familiar. Which year are you in?

Girl: The second year, and you?

You: I’ll be in my third year beginning of next semester—time flies. By the way, hostel life is pretty dull. How do you spend your time most of the time?

Girl: Well, I watch dramas and maybe hang out at the coffee shop with friends sometimes.

You: A coffee person, huh. Sounds cool. By the way, I have to go, my friends are waiting for me. You look like a fun person to talk to, maybe we can grab a brunch or lunch together when we are both free, what do you say?

Girl: Sure, would love to.

You: Here, give me your numbers. I text ya when I’m free and see how it goes.

Girl: Okay.

6) Events, Parties, Concerts, Workshop

Unfortunately, I’m in an Asian country, so the party thing does not often happen in my college. However, we do have many events and holiday celebrations organized by different clubs and the community.

When I join these events, I often go with my friends. And they will bring some new friends along, so I can get to know more people, including girls.

Besides that, when they meet their friends in the event, I will choose to walk up, introduce myself, and leave a good impression instead of staying quiet. When I meet her at college next time, I will say hi to her and initiate a conversation.

Usually, I will end the conversation with a mutual friend. For example, Jason is a mutual friend. I will say, “I want to have lunch with Jason later, at around 12pm. Do you want to join us?” If she says “okay,” then I will say, “Cool, I’ll text you later on where to meet then. Here, give me your number. “

7) Library

This is another place to meet new people. To be honest, this is my least favourite one because you can’t speak too much in the library and people are busy minding their own business.

I find it uncomfortable about interrupting people who are studying and try to initiate a conversation. So, I would instead remain silent. This is my way of respecting others in a library.

However, you can still get to know people in the library by visiting the section of books relevant to your course. The girls you meet there are probably taking the same subject too. So, you can strike up a conversation based on the subject.

8) Dating Apps

The pros of dating apps are that you can know a lot of girls efficiently. However, it is hard to target only college girls unless you choose to swipe right and left in the college.

So, it’s up to you if you want to use the dating apps while you can actually just get to know the girls in college directly.

The Bottom Line on How To Meet Girls In College

You should focus on your passion and then try to meet girls who share similar interests with you. Just walk up, introduce yourself, and have small talk. If she is friendly, then you can ask her if she wants to go for lunch together next time. Be relaxed and direct, and most of the time, the girl will act in the same way.

Guys, I wish you all the best in approaching college girls. Make some new friends, and hopefully, you will find a special girl who clicks with you.

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