How To Make A Man Chase You: 21 Proven Ways

Make A Man Chase You

Are you looking for ways to make a man chase you?

Whether you’re interested in a more serious relationship or just want someone to flirt with, it’s important to know how to get the attention of the man that you desire.

Lucky for you, there are many tried and true methods for getting a guy to pursue you. In this article, we’ll lay out 21 proven strategies that can help you make any man chase after you.

How To Make A Man Chase You: 21 Proven Ways

Do you want to know the secret to make a man chase you? Making a man fall in love and pursue you can feel like an impossible task, but with the right techniques, it’s doable. Here are the 21 proven ways how to make a man chase you without playing hard-to-get.

1. Send flirty text

Sending a text is an easy and fun way to show someone how much you like them. These texts can range from sweet, light-hearted compliments, to funny banter or even a little hint of sex. Here are some examples of flirty messages that will help get his attention:

A simple compliment like “you always make me smile” can go a long way when it comes to making him feel good about himself and the relationship. A follow-up message saying something like “I really enjoy spending time with you” shows that you care enough about him to want more quality time together.

If he likes you, he will pick up the hint and ask you out for a date. Then, both of you can have more interaction during the date.

2. Catch His Attention with Humor

To make a man chase you, it is important to know how to use humor effectively and keep him interested. Here are some tips on how to utilize humor to make a man chase after you.

First of all, let your personality shine through with lighthearted jokes and witty remarks. Even if the conversation isn’t particularly funny, adding a humorous spin can show that you are smart and confident enough not to take life too seriously. For example, when talking about the weather, joke about having your rain cloud following you around or comment on how hot it is outside by saying “The weather is as hot as I’m!” These fun comments will make him laugh while also demonstrating your wit.

3. Flirt with your Eyes and Smile

Flirting with your eyes and smile is an effective way of showing someone that you’re interested in them without actually saying anything. When done correctly, it can be an attractive and alluring form of communication.

One way to flirt with your eyes and smile is by making eye contact with the person for just a few seconds longer than normal. This tells them that you are interested in what they have to say or simply that you find them attractive. Additionally, when smiling, make sure to show some teeth – this indicates that you’re genuinely happy and interested rather than just offering polite politeness. A slight tilt of the head while doing so will also help draw their attention towards you as well as showcase your confidence in yourself.

4. Find excuses to ask for his help or opinions

When it comes to attracting the attention of a man and making him chase you, there are certain tactics you can use. Asking for his help or opinions is one way to make yourself unforgettable in his eyes and make sure he remembers you. Whether it’s asking him where the best place is to get tacos around town or how to fix a flat tire, by showing genuine interest in what he knows and seeking his advice, you can get him interested in your relationship.

For example, if you know he is good with computers, then you can ask for his help to fix your computers or ask for his opinions on certain software that can help you to accomplish your work. The key is to find out what he is passionate about, and then you can seek his help or advice about it. This creates chances for more conversation and interaction too.

5. Compliment his manly attributes

When it comes to attracting a man, it’s important to show appreciation for his manly attributes. Complimenting him on these qualities is a surefire way to make him feel appreciated and desired, which in turn will make him chase you harder.

One great way of complimenting his manly attributes is by telling him how strong he looks when he carries heavy items or does physical labor. Letting him know that you appreciate his strength and hard work will boost his confidence and make him want to keep impressing you. Another way of complimenting his manly attributes is by praising the little things he does for you, for example, he helps you to carry the grocery, help you to solve some problems, or fix your flat tires. These small acts can often go unnoticed, so acknowledging them will show your appreciation for all that he does for you.

6. Banter with him

Bantering with a man is one of the best ways to make sure he’s chasing you. When done correctly, it can be incredibly powerful and can leave him wanting more. It all starts with good conversation, but even more so, it requires wit and humor to ensure you keep his attention.

When bantering with a man, the goal should always be to show that you have a playful side without coming off as overly aggressive or needy. A great way to do this is by keeping your conversations lighthearted and making sure not to get too serious about any particular topic. You should also use humor whenever possible; make jokes about his interests or bring up something funny from your past together — anything to keep things fun and flirty!

7. Show your feminine side

If you want to make a man chase you and get his attention, one of the best ways to do this is by showing your feminine side. This means displaying traits such as being delicate, gentle, soft-spoken, and graceful. Women who express these qualities are often more attractive to men and make them think that they are worth pursuing.

For example, in social situations women need to be aware of their body language; instead of crossing our arms or looking away when talking with potential romantic partners, we should be open and welcoming with our posture. Additionally, it can also be beneficial for us to laugh at his jokes and show genuine interest in what he has to say as that lets him know we find him interesting.

8. Maintain a high-value social circle

The chase can be fun, but if you’re looking to make a man go out of his way for you, then maintaining a high-value social circle is essential. A high-value social circle means that the people in it are seen as desirable by others. This could mean having friends who are interesting and active socially or professionally. It could also mean having the right connections and being able to attend interesting events where only limited people are invited – this will certainly raise your desirability.

Having such a social circle makes you more attractive because it shows that you have good judgment, taste, and ambition – traits that men find attractive in women. Plus, when other people see you with someone they consider valuable themselves, they naturally think higher of you too! You’ll also get an added boost in confidence and become more attractive in his eyes.

9. Be passionate about your life and goals

Showing passion for what matters most will show him that you are an interesting, desirable woman who is worth pursuing.

The first step is knowing what your values and goals are so that you can live them every day. This will give him an insight into who you are as a person and why he should want to be with someone like you. Make sure to talk about your passions often – whether it’s through conversations or actions – so that he knows how important these things are to you. For example, if education is something that drives you, you can discuss the classes or degrees that excite you. Or, you can show him how excited you are to be able to get involved in volunteer work for causes close to your heart.

10. Flirt & Tease

Flirting and teasing are an art form, but when done correctly they can be incredibly effective in making a man chase after you.

When flirting with a man, try using body language or subtle facial expressions that suggest you’re interested in him without saying anything at all. For example, smiling at him from across the room, lightly touching his arm during conversations, or giving him long lingering looks. These little gestures will let him know he has your attention and encourage him to pursue you further.

Teasing can also be used as an effective tool for making a man chase after you. Make playful jokes about him and don’t take yourself or life too seriously.

11. Leverage Social Media

When it comes to making a man chase you, leveraging social media can be a great way to get his attention.

You can start by crafting an eye-catching profile across multiple platforms that show off your personality in its best light. Showcase your hobbies and interests, as well as any fun facts about yourself with pictures and captions that reflect your unique style.

In addition to that, you can interact regularly with him while still maintaining your independence. Post content related to topics he’s interested in and comment on his posts when appropriate – this will demonstrate that you’re paying attention without being overly intrusive.

12. Dress confidently

Dressing confidently can be an incredibly effective way to make a man pursue you and will show him that you are not afraid to take charge of your own life.

To dress with confidence, it is important to wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and beautiful and that are flattering for your body type. Clothes should never be too tight or too baggy; they should fit just right and hug the curves of your body.

When it comes to colors, wearing bright colors can help draw attention and create an eye-catching look. Bold hues such as reds, blues, yellows, and oranges will attract looks from any man.

13. Be Mysterious & Unpredictable

First, make sure that your conversations are never dull. Keep it interesting by asking unexpected questions or bringing up unique topics of conversation. When he’s intrigued by what you have to say, he will be drawn in and want to learn more about who you are. Secondly, don’t always respond right away when he texts or messages. Delay your response for at least a few hours so that he doesn’t know exactly when and if he will hear from you again soon.

Also, try not to give out too much information right away because it can take away from the mystery that surrounds you. Instead of sharing every detail, save some stories for later dates so he can get excited with anticipation at what else could be revealed. You can end the conversation at its peak by saying things like “I will leave the interesting part for next time when I see you again”.

14. Show Interest in His Interests

By taking an active interest in what he enjoys, you will show him that you are more than just an attractive face and body. This will help him see that there is something deeper between the two of you, which can encourage him to take action and pursue a relationship with you. For example, if he likes sports, ask questions about his favorite teams or players; if he’s into hiking or camping, take some time to research trails or campsites together; if he’s into photography, offer your opinion on his pictures or suggest places where he could take new ones.

15. Engage in fun activities together

Engaging in fun activities together can be a great way to make any man chase after you. There are many different things that you and your man can do together, from going to the movies or out for dinner, to taking a hike or attending an outdoor concert. Not only will spending time doing something enjoyable with the person you like to make it more likely for them to chase after you, but it will also bring you closer as a couple and allow both of you to get to know each other better.

On the other hand, there are plenty of ideas for dates that don’t require much money. Watching a sunset by the beach or having a picnic in the park are both romantic and cost-effective options while playing tennis or visiting an arcade can be fun for those who have an active lifestyle.

You can give him hint to ask you out by telling him some interesting places you want to go and if he likes you, he will surely pick up the hint and offer to bring you there. For example, you can say things like “I miss picnicking at the beach. It has been quite a while since I did that” and he will probably ask if you want to do it together this weekend if he is into you.

16. Ask Interesting Questions

Another way to make a man chase you is to ask interesting questions. When talking with a man, focus on creating conversations that he will find intriguing by asking him questions about himself, his passions, interests, or hobbies. Asking open-ended questions allows for more meaningful conversations that can help develop the connection between the two of you.

Another effective approach when conversing with men is to provide meaningful feedback during the conversation as this shows your interest in getting to know him better. For example, if he mentions something about his favorite music artist, share your thoughts on it or tell him why you think it’s great too.

17. Make Yourself Unavailable at Times

If you are looking for ways to make a man chase you, then one of the best tips is to make yourself unavailable at times. When men feel like they can’t have something, it often makes them want it even more. Making yourself scarce will ignite his desire for you and make him take action to win your affection back.

One way to do this is by not always responding right away when he texts or calls. Take some time before replying so he wonders what you’re up to and if someone else has caught your interest. Another option is to politely decline plans that don’t fit with your already busy schedule – this shows him that other things in your life come first and will keep him on his toes as he tries harder to fit into your life without feeling smothered or rejected.

18. Let Him Lead the Conversation

When engaging with a man in conversation, let him be the one that directs it. Ask questions when appropriate and listen carefully as he answers. This type of active listening demonstrates your interest while taking some pressure off of yourself by allowing someone else to dominate the discussion. When he pauses or shows signs that he has stopped talking, feel free to transition into another topic or ask another question related to something he just said.

19. Laugh at his jokes

If you want to make a man chase you, then try using laughter as your weapon! Not only will it help keep the conversation light and fun, but it might also make him see you in a different light.

The key is to laugh at his jokes and show genuine interest in his stories. When he notices that his jokes are making you smile or even laugh out loud, it will be an instant ego boost for him and he’ll feel encouraged to keep talking with you. This kind of positive feedback can work wonders when it comes to getting someone interested in you. Make sure not to overdo it though – too much laughing can make things awkward and take away from the moment.

20. Put your hand on his leg

Getting a man to chase you can be tricky, but with a few simple steps, you can make it happen. The first step is to put your hand on his leg. This may sound like an odd move at first, but it works! Your touch on his leg will communicate that you are interested in him and he will be more likely to take notice of you. Plus, the physical contact builds up chemistry and can draw him in!

For example, if the two of you are out at dinner, casually place your hand on his thigh and see how he responds. You should also make sure that your body language is inviting so he’ll feel comfortable enough to reciprocate the gesture. Alternatively, when having a conversation with him or engaging in light flirting try reaching over and giving his arm or shoulder a gentle squeeze as an indication of your interest.

21. Interact with other men

When a man sees that there is potential competition, it can often encourage him to pursue the object of his affection more fervently. However, it is important to remain mindful and not get too carried away.

For example, when speaking with other men, don’t flirt excessively – simply respond politely yet coolly. If the conversation begins to move towards topics that are too personal or intimate, firmly change the subject or excuse yourself from the conversation. Additionally, making eye contact with other men while in conversation with your current love interest may be enough to spark his competitive side and spur him into action.

Also, you can bring up your other male friends during the conversation. But again, you should not overdo this and make him feel that he does not stand a chance to have you.

What to text to get him to chase you?

Begin by being flirty and playful with your messages – try teasing him about things he likes or make jokes about his interests. The key is showing off your personality without crossing any boundaries. From there, hint at the idea of going out together – instead of asking straight up if he wants to meet up, suggest doing something fun that could potentially turn into date night with a bit of luck!

What makes a man chase a woman?

Physical attraction is one of the main things that will draw a man towards pursuing a woman. A beautiful face and figure may be enough for some men to try and get her attention.

Other factors such as intelligence, wit, or confidence can also be attractive qualities for many guys. If she has an aura of mystery around her or displays independence it may compel him further – after all mystery often leads to intrigue!

What Not To Do While Trying To Make Him Chase You

First and foremost, don’t try too hard. If he senses that all your effort is going into making him chase after you, it may have the opposite effect and push him away. Instead, focus on yourself and let yourself shine naturally without any extra effort. Additionally, don’t play mind games or use tactics such as playing hard to get or disappearing for days at a time too much – these tricks just won’t work in the long run and will only create more confusion between the two of you.