11 Solid Ways On How To Make A Girl Laugh

Welcome to my guide on how to make a girl laugh.

In this guide, you will learn 11 reliable ways on how to make a girl laugh.

You will also learn how to become a likable humourous person at a high level and attract the girls you like.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the content.

how to make a girl laugh

Must Read: How To Make A Girl Laugh The Right Way

I do not want you to be flying blind.

So, before I show you the list of ways to make a girl laugh, I want to make sure that you are fully aware that not all methods are equals.

If you want to become charismatic or attractive, you want to use high-level methods like humour or tease to make a girl laugh. 

Using low-level methods like telling memorized jokes may pull the trick and make her laugh too. However, too much of that will make you look desperate and trying too hard.

This will put you in an unbalanced position where she becomes the prize, and you need to work so hard to win her by trying to be funny. When she is at a higher position while you are at a lower position, it automatically makes you unattractive.

So, a gentle reminder to you, bro, you want to make her laugh but always in the way that will make her attracted to you. 

What You Want: You want to make her laugh with you and be attracted by you.

What You Do Not Want: You do not want her to laugh at you and get away from you.

how to make a girl laugh on a date

How To Make A Girl Laugh

Low-Level Method

You can make her laugh with these methods. However, using them too much can backfire because they are memorized third-party content and make you seem like trying too hard to get attention. 

1) Memorized Jokes

You definitely need a few of this, so you can throw it out during a party or a date. It is best to tell jokes when people around you do not know what to say, and you can help them get out of the awkwardness.

On the other hand, you can also tell a joke during a date when it is relevant to the conversation topic, or you just want to share it casually.  

2) Third-party Funny Content (meme, video, gif)

These are the content you come across online, or you get it from your friends. If they are too funny to be missed, you can send them to the girl you like and see if she resonates with it as well.

However, if you do it too much, she will become lazy to give you a response every time. 

3) Do funny things 

You can get her to laugh by doing something nonsense yet funny.  However, you do not want to overdo it and become a clown. You want her to laugh with you, not laugh at you all the time.

Medium Level Method

These methods have a higher engagement level. In addition to that, it also helps to demonstrate your value and makes her feel fun being with you.

4) Self-mockery

It is funny to make fun of yourself sometimes. It shows that you are not the kind of person who gets offended easily because you can laugh at your own silly mistakes.

5) Funny Questions Or Tricky Questions

You can ask her some tricky questions, then you will be able to have a quick laugh with her. Or you can ask her some funny questions where she needs to put out a creative or wild answer.

Tricky and funny questions:

Question: If a plane crashes on the border between the United States and Canada, where do they bury the survivors?
Answer: We do not need burry survivors.

Question: If you have a bowl with six apples and take away four, how many do you have?
Answer: You have 4, the 4 you took away

Question: Some months have 31 days, others have 30 days, but how many have 28 days?
Answer: All the months have 28 days.

6) Recall funny memories

Did both of you have some good old memories that are funny? You can talk about it during the date and laugh at the shared memories. Make it nostalgic.

7) Funny magic tricks

You do not need expensive tools to pull magic tricks. Show it to her and then make her ask you, “how you did it!”. Don’t reveal the secret to her unless she is willing to buy you an ice cream.

8) Funny Third-party Stories

These are the stories you heard from your friends. You can share it with her and have a quick laugh together.

High Level Method

These methods are hard to copy, and it makes you a highly attractive person. You make her laugh by being yourself and through your conversation skills

9) Be humourous

Girls like humourous guys, and you can learn how to do this. I will elaborate more on how you can improve your humor in the next section.

10) Funny real-life stories

Instead of sharing other people’s funny stories, you can share what is funny in your life lately. What are the new things you have tried or learn this week, and it is funny?

Make her feel that your life is full of excitement and hilarious at the same time. It’s so fun to be able to live your life.

11) Tease her

You want to tease her and make her shy. Then, you can laugh at her for being so cute. You can tease her on anything, but not her appearance or weight.

how to make a girl laugh over text

How To Make A Girl Laugh By Being Humourous

All of us want to have an enjoyable conversation with the girl we like, and if possible, we want to make her laugh. However, this does not mean that we want to become a clown.

Ultimately, we want her to laugh with us and have a great time together, not just laugh at us.

Today, I want to share with you how to become more humorous and make her like to talk to you. 

The Ugly Truth:

First, I want to be very honest with you. Being humorous is more of a personality thing than a skill thing.

To pull the trick, you need to become the kind of person who is always relaxed, confident, and able to perceive and interpret things in a funny way. So, this means that you cannot become a humorous person overnight. That is the bad news.

However, if you are patient enough to put in conscious practice, you can definitely become a more humorous person one day. That is the good news.

Nonetheless, let’s begin the lesson on humor.

What is real humor?

In my opinion, real humour is basically a joke that requires the other person to think before they can get it.

In other words, it is a witty way of delivering a joke or a story, often in a way that is out of the other person’s expectation.

Being funny Vs. Being Humorous

When you try to be funny, you will be just trying to make the other person laugh at something directly.

But, when you are humorous, after you say something, there will be a split second of silence because the girl needs to think and catch it first before she can laugh at your joke or stories.  And that, my friend, is real humor.

In that split second of silence, she needs to think because there could be another hidden meaning behind your words, or it is beyond her typical understanding. Once she gets it, she will laugh because she finds it funny too. It is like how the comedians deliver their punchlines. 

What If They Do Not Find It Funny?

Please note that humor requires intelligence to deliver and to perceive.

In other words, if you say something witty, yet the girl does not have the same level of humor, then she won’t be able to perceive and resonate with it.  So, it’s not always your fault if she can’t get your jokes.

Humourous people can perceive funniness as almost everything in life, even in sarcasm. On the other hand, people lack humourous have fewer things to laugh at, and they get offended pretty easily on many things in life. 

1) How To Be More Humourous – Contrast Clauses

The first way to be humorous is to leverage on the contrast clauses.

You make 2 statements, but the second statement is contrasted with the first one.

For example, you flirt with a girl, and she asks, “do you talk to girl like this all the time?”. You can reply, “I rarely do it, maybe just 10 times a day.”

If you meet a girl in a bar and she asks, “do you come here frequently?” You can say, “not really, I only come once per day.”

If you invite a girl home, and she asks, “do bring girls home frequently?” You can say, “nope, usually I bring guys home.”

Use contrast to create surprise.

If you give her an unexpected answer, she will think you are funny and outstanding because all the guys she knows only give standard answers, which is boring.

2) How To Be More Humourous – Exaggerate Things

The second way to level up your humor game is to be exaggerated. Make things sound more dramatic, and make your stories more interesting.

I like to use this because you can tease the girl you like with it.

For example, if a girl asks you, “how do I look today?” Usually, what is the standard answer guys use in this situation? They will say you are beautiful, you are gorgeous. That’s the standard answer. There’s a lack of emotion in it.

So, what can you do and say instead?

You can look into her eyes like you have never seen a girl in your entire life before. Then, you look at her from top to bottom, while having your jaw drop as if you saw at an angel. With an exaggerated facial expression, you can say, “where are your wings?”

Another example, if a girl changed her hairstyle or fashion style, you can look at her as if you do not know her. It is like she has become a different person because of the changes.

When you look at her that way, she will definitely ask you, “what are you doing?”.

Then, you shake your head slowly and say, “wow, can I have your phone number please.”

Instead of saying she is gorgeous directly, you want to tease her. And, she will know you are teasing her. She will hit you playfully in return. It’s fun, and she will get a quick laugh.

You can do this right away when you see her during a date.

I like this kind of humor because it allows you to be playful and have fun with the girl.

Usually, the girl will tease you back in a playful way, just like you do. This will make the conversation or interaction becomes more fun and exciting.

3) How To Be More Humourous – Imitate Her

The third way is to copy the way she speaks or her body language on purpose.

For example, if she likes to say, “oh my god” during a conversation, you can copy her and say the same thing with the same body language or facial expression. She will know your copying her, and she will pretend to be angry.

Just tease her like that, and she will laugh. But do not overdo this, or else she will completely stop talking to you. Just have fun a few times, and that’s it.

Another way to copy her is to think and speak like her before she even says it out.

For example, when you ask her what she wants to eat, before she even replies to you, you can act as if you have read her mind and say “anything.”

Most of the time, when you ask a girl what do they want to eat, they will tell you “anything.” Then, the moment you suggest something, like pizza, spaghetti, or sushi, they will start to disagree with you, right? Well, that’s a girl.

So, before she answers you “anything,” you can just go ahead and say “anything” in her tone. Then, shake your head and say, “I can read you like a book.”

How To Improve Your Humour

Humour is an art. If you want to improve your humor, my best suggestion is to watch stand-up comedy.

If you watch it enough, you will able to absorb some of their skills. For example, how they structure their stories, how they lay out their sentences, and, most importantly, how they deliver the punchline. It is logic, yet, it is often out of your expectation and funny.

If you want to become more humorous, not only do you need to have exciting and funny stories, but also you need to improve your tonality and facial expression while delivering the story.

How you say it is more important than what you say.

This is why sometimes we see when a person tells a joke; even before he throws the punchlines, people around him are already smiling or laughing. That is because the way he tells stories is amusing.

The Bottom Line

Being a clown might get her laughing, but it will not help you to attract her. So, you want to remember your goal is to make her laugh with you, but not laugh at you. Share funny and real-life stories to make her feel that you live an exciting life, and there’s so much fun in you. This way, she will be attracted not only to your stories but to you as well. 

Guys, I wish you all the best in interacting with the girl you like. I hope you will be able to make her laugh and attracted to you. 

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