4 Steps on How To End The First Date Perfectly

how to end the first date

Welcome to my guide on how to end the first date perfectly.

To end the first date perfectly, you should let her know that you enjoy the night with her. You can compliment her and suggest that both of you should date again soon. Then, you can choose to walk her home or accompany her to wait for her ride to arrive. If you like her, you can text her on the same day and tell her that she is adorable and you wish to see her again.

In this guide, you will learn the 4 steps to end a first date, as well as what to say if you are interested in a second date.

4 Steps On How To End The First Date

Step 1: Ask for the bill.

First, ask her if she wants anything else. If not, then you can take the initiative to ask for the bill. You can choose to split the bill with her, or you can pay for the bill yourself. It’s up to you. I will usually pay the bill if I like the girl.

Step 2: Chat while waiting for the bill.

If you like her and there’s chemistry going on between you two, you can ask her if she has any plans later. If she says no, then you can ask her if she wants to have a walk at a nearby park or watch a movie at your house.

On the other hand, if you are not interested in her, you can just continue the topic before you call the bill or ask her how she is going home later.

Step 3: End the date.

You can tell her that it’s great to have her that evening and decide if you want to walk her home or just say goodbye.

If she is driving or she is going to call Uber, then you can walk her to her car or accompany her until her ride arrives. You can leave once you see her enter the car. That will make you look like a fine gentleman.

Step 4: Text her

You can text her and ask her if she has arrived home safely. Then, if you like her, you can compliment her and tell her that you are looking forward to seeing her again next time.

What To Say At The End Of The Date

Before you say goodbye to her at the end of the date, you can express if you want to meet her again.

1) If you Like Her

“You are funny(cute, adorable, lovely) and I like spending time with you. We should do this again sometime.”

2) If you are not interested in her

“It’s great to have you tonight. Well, take care and see ya around.”

3) If you are not sure

“I enjoyed the night with you. I guessed I will catch up with you again soon.”

How To End A First Date Early If Not Interested

If you find out she is just not the type of girl you like, or she is rude, you can always end the date gracefully.

Just say “It’s great seeing you today, but I think I need to get home early. It has been a long day, and I’m quite exhausted.”

Should You Kiss On The First Date

Well, you can kiss on the first date if both of you are into each other and it fits your culture.

You can know if she is into you or not by flirting with her during the conversation. If she accepts it, or she even teases back, then you can be sure that she is interested in you.

If you want to kiss her, you should look at her first and make sure she is paying attention to you. Then, you can hold her hand gently, get closer to her and kiss her on the cheek or lips.

What To Text Her After The First Date

If you like the girl, you should text her and let her know that you are interested in her and you would love to see her again.

Otherwise, you do not need to do anything. Below is what you can text her.

Text Messages After the First Date
“I enjoyed having dinner with you just now. It was so fun talking to you. Maybe, we should do it again sometime.”

extra tips on how to end the first date

Extra Tips On How To End A First Date

1) Go Simple

The first date should be something simple, like just grabbing a drink or brunch. It should not be too heavy or overly romantic because you are still unsure if she is the right person yet. Make it less than 1 hour.

2) Do Not Drag The Date

If you like her, but she is not expressing apparent interest in you, then you want to take the initiative to end the date. This is because you do not want her to feel that you are a needy person and you certainly do not want to drag the date unnecessarily longer than it should be.

3) Extend The Date

If the first date went very well, and both of you are interested in each other, you can invite her to your place to chill for a while more. You can tell her to try out the red wine you bought the other day, or you can just invite her to watch a movie together.

4) Resist The Urge To Confess Too Early

If she is not into you, but you like her very much, then you should not confess your feelings to her too soon and hope that she will like you back. This will not work, and it will only make her feel awkward. Not only she will have to reject you directly to escape from the situation, but also this will make it harder for you to date her again in the future.

5) Remain Cool

At the end of the date, if she rejects to have a second date with you, you should not express disappointment. Instead, just remain cool, wish her a nice day ahead and say goodbye. Accept the fact that she is not into you instead of begging or playing victim makes you look more like a man.

6) Review For Improvement

After the first date, you want to review your performance. Reflect on what can you improve next time and also note down what is her preference. For example, if she says she likes waffles or ice cream, then you can date her out for dessert next time.

7) Propose A Second Date

If you like her, you can propose a second date within a week. If she wants you, she will put in the effort to show up on the date. However, if she keeps rejecting you and it is more than 3 times, just accept that she is not into you and you should move on.

The Bottom Line On How To End A First Date

If you like the girl and you want to have a second date, you should be focusing on the conversation during the date instead of what should you say at the end of the date. Just be yourself all the time, and if she likes you, she will say yes to having a second date with you.