6 Best Ways: How To End A Conversation With A Girl

Welcome to my guide on how to end a conversation with a girl.

In general, there are only 2 main ways to end a conversation with a girl. It depends on if you are into the girl or she is just a friend.

Well, let’s dive right into it.

how to end a conversation with a girl

How to end a conversation with your crush

If you like the girl and you need to go, you can just give her a good reason why you have to leave.

For example, you can say, “I like you. You are hilarious. But, I have to go. My friends are waiting for me. Catch up with you again later.”

Or, you can say, “It’s fun talking to you. But, I still have an assignment to finish. Maybe we can grab a drink together this weekend and continue the conversation?”

Pro tip: You don’t have to worry about taking the initiative to end the conversation, even if she is your crush.

In fact, I suggest you end the conversation on a high note sometimes. So that the last memory she has with you will remain a positive one.

And, you can always go back and initiate a conversation with her later. She will be happy to talk to you again because of the excellent impression last time.

How To End A Conversation With A Girl Over Text

Here are some excellent ending lines which you can use to end the conversation over text.

Ending Script#1: My battery is running low
The easiest and universal line would be, “My battery is running low.” This always works. You can use it over text or over the phone. She will never find out.

Ending Script#2: I’m exhausted. Let’s continue the conversation next time.
The second best line to end a conversation would be, “I’m exhausted. I need to sleep, but we can continue the conversation in dreams.”

Then, the next day, you can text her and ask her if she is tired. When she asked why, you can say, “because we talked all night long in my dream last night.”

How Do You End A Flirty Text Conversation

The best way to end a flirty text is to flirt back.

You can do so by saying, “I need to go. You can start missing me :P”

If it’s at night, you can end the conversation by saying, “I need to rest. You should too, but don’t dream about me, yeah.”

If you are confident enough, you can also say, “I have to go. You can finally stop staring at your phone waiting for my message :P”

Or, if you want to get extra flirty, you can reply, “It’s late. You should sleep and start dreaming about me, but no horny dream, please XD.”

How Do You Gracefully End A Conversation

Suppose you want to end a conversation with a girl politely. In that case, you can either use transition words or appreciate her time talking to you.

Ending Conversation Method#1: Use “by the way”
For example, after you reply to her, in the same text, you can use “btw (by the way), I’ve to get going because of… (give a reason)”.

Ending Conversation Examples:

She: So, what are you going to do over the weekend?

You: I will go hiking with my family. Looking forward to it. Btw, I’ve to get going. Need to pick up something at the grocery stores.”

Ending Conversation Method#2: Show appreciation
The other way to end a conversation politely is to show appreciation.

Ending Conversation script:

  • “It was nice talking with you. See you around.”
  • I had a wonderful time chatting with yeah. Well, looking forward to “talking to you again soon.”

Cute Ways To End A Conversation

You can tease her and make her laugh when you want to end the conversation.

For example:

  1. “Good night. I will miss your silly face.”
  2. “I need to rest. See you and your annoying face tomorrow.”
  3. Say goodbye and give her a random cute nickname.

For example: 
Good night, hamster.
Bye-bye, Pikachu.

Alternatively, you can overexaggerate it and make it funny.

  • Good night, my queen.
  • Farewell, milady.

How Do You End A Conversation On A Dating App

There are 2 ways to end a conversation on a dating website or dating app.

First, you can just directly unmatch and stop talking to whoever you do not enjoy talking to.

Second, you can just be overly polite and create unnecessary distance, and she will stop talking to you.

For example, “Thank you for spending your time talking with me. Gtg, I hope we can chat more soon. Or, you can just say, “It great talking to you.”

When you aren’t contributing to the conversation, the other person will find it hard to continue the conversation. This way, you are actually ending the conversation indirectly.

The Biggest Mistake Guys Made In Ending A Conversation

Many guys are making the mistakes that they do not want to let go of the conversation when they are talking to their crush.

They try to hold on to the conversation for as long as possible, thinking that the longer they talk, the higher the chance they can make the girl like them.

However, this is not true.

In fact, the longer you drag the conversation, the less likely she will be attracted to you because it’s not easy to keep a conversation long and remains interesting at the same time.

You will soon run out of exciting things to say, and the conversation will start to get stale.

Suppose you continue to drag the conversation unnecessarily. In that case, I guarantee you that the girl will get bored, and she will start running away from you.

Once she labeled you as a boring person, then that’s the end for you. Next time when you try to talk to her again, she will be more hostile or colder than she usually would. And, you do not want that to happen to you.

Take my advice. If you are not that good at conversation yet, just keep the conversation short but super fun and interesting.

That’s 100 times better than having a long but boring conversation, which makes her never want to talk to you again.

When To End The Conversation

You should excuse yourself and end the conversation as soon as you feel that the conversation’s peak is over or you are starting to run out of things to say. You can even end the conversation at the peak moment if you want.

The end goal is to make her associate you with fun and happiness. You want her to feel that talking to you is very enjoyable, and she can’t get enough of it. 

After you end the conversation, allow yourself to recharge and to find new inspiration in life for the following discussion.

Once you have some good conversation materials, you can always create another peak conversation with your crush again.

The Right Mindset Of Ending A Conversation

Always remember that you have the full right to stop talking to whoever you feel uncomfortable with.  And, you do not need their approval to leave a conversation. So, you do not need to ask, “can we chat another time?”

You can just give them a reason and then end the conversation right away if they do not deserve your time and attention. 

Don’t get me wrong. This is not about being harsh. This is about protecting your most valuable resources, time. 

Some people exist to drain energy from others. So, you need to be selective and only spend time with people who deserve your time.