3 Easy Steps on How To Date A Girl You Just Met | Script Inside

Welcome to my guide on how to date a girl you just met.

To date a girl you just met, you want to walk up to her and introduce yourself, open up a small talk and learn a little bit about her. Then, at the end of the conversation, you want to compliment her and invite her to hang out together sometimes. If she agrees, then you can ask for her phone number and text her later to fix the first date.

In this guide, you will get practical examples and scripts from approaching a girl to dating her out.

how to date a girl you just met

How To Date A Girl You Just Met

There are two main ways you can know a girl and the approaching method is roughly the same.

Warm Connection

First, you know the girl via a common interest or mutual friend. For example, when you went to a gathering event, your friend brought along a few new faces, and you get to know the girl through him. Or, you went for a badminton session, and you know a girl who shares the same interest.

Under the circumstances above, it is easier for you to introduce yourself and initiate a conversation with the girl you just met. This is because you already have a common topic to talk about, which is the interest itself or the mutual friend.

After a small talk session, you can praise her and suggest hanging out together. If she is okay with it, then you can get her phone number.

Cold Connection

This is when you approach a girl that has zero connection with you. For example, you approach a cute girl who passes by while you are waiting for a friend on the street. There’s no common interest or a mutual friend involved.

For this kind of situation, usually, you just want to walk up to her and initiate a conversation directly.

You can start by introducing yourself, letting her know why you want to talk to her, and lastly try to get her phone number.

What To Say To Date A Girl You Just Met

Here is how you can initiate a conversation with a girl and then ask her for a date.

Warm connection

Step 1: Talk Like Usual In The Group

If it is a warm connection, you can just go with the flow and chat in the group like how you usually do. Try to talk to her whenever you have the chance.

Then, at the end of the dinner or a sports session, you can say you like her and try to get her phone number. Below is what you can initiate a conversation with her.

Step 2: Initiate A Conversation With Her

  1. How do you know Jason (the mutual friend who brought her to the session)?
  2. Do you play badminton (or any other common interest) very often?
  3. You look like a sporty person, do you play any sports?
  4. How did you find this place? Or How did you learn about this event?
  5. Are you staying nearby? Do you know any good cafes here?
  6. You seem like an outgoing person. What do you like to do on the weekend?

Step 3: Ask For A Date

At the end of the small talk, you can use the script below to invite her out.

“You are fun. I like talking to you. Maybe we can grab a drink together sometime? What do you say?”

Short, simple and straight to the point. You give her praise, and then, you ask her out. No need to overcomplicate things.

Cold connection

If it is a cold connection, then you should introduce yourself directly and initiate a conversation. Lastly, you can ask for her phone number.

Step 1: Approaching script

“Hi, I’m Jason. I know this is random, but I think you are very beautiful (cute/stunning), so I had to come over and say hi. What’s your name?”

Step 2: Start A Small Talk

  1. So, what are you up to?
  2. Do you come here often?
  3. Are you a student, or are you working nearby?
  4. You look like a sporty person, do you play any sports?
  5. What kind of movie do you like to watch? (Use the environment and the item she is holding, e.g. if you meet her at a library, then you can ask her about the book)

Step 3: Ask For A Date On The Spot

“I know a good cafe downtown. Just 10 minutes from here. Do you want to grab a drink together and chill for a while?”


Just Ask For Her Phone Number

“You are fun. I like talking to you. Maybe we can grab a drink together sometime? What do you say?”

how to start a conversation with a girl you just met

What To Say If She Agrees To Hang Out

You can say, “Great, can I get your phone number so that I can catch up with you next week?”

What To Say If She Is In A Rush?

If she says, “sorry I’m in a rush”, then you can use the following script to get her number directly.

“Okay. But you seem like a fun person. Maybe we can grab a drink together another time? What do you say?”

What To Say If She Rejects

If she says, “sorry I have a boyfriend”, or sorry “I’m not interested in meeting strangers.”, then, you can say, “It’s cool. Take it as a compliment then. See you around.”

And, you can leave the conversation.

How To Follow Up With The Girl You Just Met

After you get her phone number, you should not text her random things every day.

Avoid sending her good morning, good evening, and good night text. It will just annoy her.

For the first message, you should text her who you are, and tell her you were having fun talking to her. Then, for the second message, you can text her and ask her out directly.

What to Say To A Girl You Just Met Over Text

First Message example:
Hi, Melissa. Jason here. It was fun talking to you just now. Looking forward to hanging out together sometime.

Second Message example:
Hi Melissa, I know a great bar (cafe/restaurant) downtown (her area/your area). Do you want to grab a drink (brunch/lunch) together this weekend?


Hi, Melissa, I will finish my appointment (work/project/meeting a friend) in your area this Saturday. Do you want to grab lunch together?

what to say to a girl you just met over text

Why you should not take rejection personally

She does not know you yet, so she can’t tell if your personality is compatible with hers.

Most of the time, she will just reject because that’s her default response. So, you should not take it personally.

Remember this. You are awesome, and you deserve a beautiful girl who can click with you. If she is not the one, then you just keep the door open. Someone special will enter your life one day.

By the way, there are so many girls out there, and each of them is beautiful in its very own way. So, you lose nothing.

Extra Tips On How To Date A Girl You Just Met

  • Try to learn where she is staying. You do not need to know where she stays precisely, but you do want to know which area she is staying. This will come in handy when you plan the first date. You will be able to choose a good dating location, know where to meet up, and how convenient is it for you to walk her home.
  • When you approach a girl, you want to make it direct. So, you will show up as an honest person, and you are sincere about wanting to get to know her.
    This will leave a good impression no matter what the result is.
  • If she rejects the invitation, do not express your disappointment through words or body language. Instead, just remain cool and wish her a great day ahead. Begging and acting like a victim will only make you look desperate. So, you would rather let her go like a gentleman.
  • You should not wait too long to ask her out. I suggest you ask her out within a week after you meet her. It will be awkward if you ask her out, but she has forgotten about you.
  • For the first date, it is better to pick something light instead of a heavy and romantic dinner. You can just grab a drink together and have small talk. The first date should not be longer than 1 hour. If she is obviously into you, you can invite her home to try out the red wine you bought the other day.
  • In the event, that she does not come out for a date after you have invited her at least three times, then just accept the fact that she is not interested in you and move on. She might be just being friendly or not know how to reject you in the first place, so she gave you her number. Again, just move on.
  • Suppose you can have a small talk, ask her what she likes to do over the weekend. What is her passion? Then, you can prepare some good conversation topics or questions for the date next time.

The Bottom Line On How To Date Girl You Just Met

The flow of dating the girl you just met is straightforward. Just tell her that you would like to hang out together and ask her if she is free over the weekend. If she is interested in you, she will put in the effort to show up or suggest a better time. Otherwise, it is time to move on.