4 Steps On How To Bring A Girl Home From A Date Easily

Welcome to my guide on how to bring a girl home from a date.

If you want to bring a girl home directly from a date, you must do a few things correctly.

First, you need to pick a good dating location close to your place. Second, you need to make her more compliant to you. Third, you want to talk about sexual topics and hint at sexual activities during the date. Finally, you want to invite her home with a good reason.

You will learn the full and most effective flow to ask a girl home below.

how to bring a girl home from a date

How To Bring A Girl Home From A Date

If you want to increase the success rate of bringing a girl home, you should not just rely on the script, what you can say at the end of the date to invite her home.

Instead, you should focus on what’s happening during the date and how to build up the compliance or do sexual hinting correctly.

This is the real key factor that will turn the game in your favor.

If you follow my suggestion below and plan everything right, the date won’t be more than an hour, and you will be able to bring the girl home from a date.

Step #1 Pick a close dating location

There are a few critical rules about picking a good dating location that you need to know.

The first rule, you must pick a dating location that is close to your place. It should be within 15 minutes ride to your place. Make it within 10 minutes if you can.

When you pick a dating location, it can be anything like a cafe, a restaurant, or a bar. The key here is to pick a dating location where you can talk to her, tease her, and flirt with her.

This is why I wouldn’t recommend a movie date. It makes a date unnecessarily long, and you cannot talk or flirt with her easily while watching the movie. It’s better to choose a simple dinner date over a movie date.

And, guys, there’s really no need to pick a super expensive restaurant all the time. A simple and decent place will do the job for you.

Also, you do not need beers to pull the trick for you. Drinks help, but just a little bit. If you can’t make her fall into you via conversation or interaction, even 100 beers will not make her follow you home. Remember, the drinks are just a bonus.

The key to bringing her home always lies in good planning and also awesome interaction during the date. The rest is just secondary.

With that being said, you can skip the drinking part altogether if you want and have a regular dinner unless you are dating her at a bar.

Step #2 Start The Compliance Game

Next, we need to start the compliance game. You want to lead her and make her follow your orders more.

To do that, you need to set the meetup location other than the dating place and let her follow you from location X to the dating place.

Ask her to wait for you at a nearby location or the subway station if she is taking the public transport. Then, after you meet up with her, you can ask her to follow you from the meetup location to the dating location.

Alternatively, you can also ask her to follow you to another location after the date. You can move her from dating place to location Y. We called this location switching.

For example, after you guys grab a drink at a coffee shop or something, you can ask her to follow you and have a walk at a nearby park. You can also tell her that you need to buy something nearby, for example, guitar string, pet food, painting materials, etc. It is best to tell her you to want to look for something related to your passion because your passion is your attraction point.

As you can see from the explanation above, you need to do 3 proper planning for the date even before it happens. You must check the map and find a good dating location near your home, then you want to decide the best meet up location before the date and check if there is an interesting place near the dating location.

Ideally, you want to do the compliance game at least once. For example, move her from location x to the dating place, and then bring her home. Or, you want to move her from dating place to location y, and then bring her home.

how to move a date to your place

Step #3 Add flirting elements into the conversation

If you want to bring her home, you need to add sexual hints or flirting elements into the conversation.

Not only will this excites her and open her up, but also it is an excellent test to see if she is receptive to it.

I understand a lot of guys do not know how to steer into sexual conversation. But, no worries, I got you covered in this section. Here are 2 excellent methods to start a sexual conversation with a girl.

Method# 1 Cold Reading

Cold reading is a technique in which you utilize a general statement to describe a person, yet the people will resonate well with it.

Horoscope is an excellent example of cold reading. They are general statements, yet everyone who reads it can resonate well with them. Horoscope is a good topic that I love to use to initiate a conversation with a girl.

Now you understand cold reading, but then you need to know why and how do you use it during the date.

Why you want to use cold reading: You want to use cold reading because you want to open her up and make her more sexual receptive besides building a closer connection with her.

How to use cold reading for sexual framing: If you are new, you should just memorize the one that resonates with you below and starts with it. You will be able to come up with a good one yourself when you get better at it.

Good Cold Reading With Sexual Hints:

  • “I can tell you are the kind of girl who desires excitements and stimulations in life. You like to experience things you have never done before.”
  • “You are the kind of person who will set goals for yourself and have an expectation for yourself. But, once in a while, you will choose to step back, relax, and have some crazy fun to release the stress.”
  • “You care about the people around you, and that makes you care about their opinion on you. But, sometimes, you just want to follow your feelings and do whatever you want without letting them know.”
  • “You don’t like it when people treat you like a little girl. You feel you are actually more than that, and you can do whatever you want because you are an adult.”
  • “You feel there is just too much restraint in life from people around you. Sometimes, you just want to be loyal to your feelings and do whatever you desire.”

The above cold reading statements are very powerful for sexual framing. You are subtly hinting to her that she is an adult. She can neglect others’ opinions on her, be loyal to her own feelings, and do whatever she desires.

The reality is that girls have sexual desires, but they have to repress it because they are afraid of how others might look at them. If you can implant mental framing beforehand and let her know that it is ok to be herself, it will lower her last-minute resistance before sexual activity.

Method 2: Throw Sexual Questions

Guys, I want to share with you the right way to lead into a sexual conversation.

You do not want to throw sexual questions directly on her face right away. That will make you look desperate or trying too hard.

Instead, you want to open a related topic first, and then you can naturally transition it into a sexual topic. I will show you how to do it below.

Step 1: Use Question Starters

  • Somehow, my intuition tells me you are more rebellious than you look. What is the most rebellious thing you have ever done in life?
  • I like to get things done according to plan, but lately, I have realized being spontaneous is not bad too. It adds a lot of excitement to my life. What about you? Do you find being spontaneous is fun? What is the most random thing you have done?
  • I did a lot of crazy shit when I was a kid. I played soccer in the house and broke the piano leg, I fight with my neighbors, and I even pee in the sink. What about you? Have you done any crazy shit in your life?

Above are great openers to initiate a conversation with a girl.

Pay attention to what she has to say, expand the conversation slightly, and have some great laughs together. Then, you want to end the topic and start to transition it into a sexual topic. Below is how you do it.

Step 2: Transition Into Sexual Topic

Use Transition scripts:
Wow, you certainly have a wild side on you. I never knew that. You seem like a fun person, but are you dare to play a game with me?

She will ask what’s the game about.

Then, you say:
Truth or dare. Each person takes a turn to ask a question, and the other person must tell the truth. If someone refuses to answer the question honestly, then he must do whatever the other person says. So, are you dare to play the game with me, or you want to chicken out?

Challenge her, and she will definitely say yes.

Step 3: Ask Sexual Questions

Now you can start throwing in sexual questions, but you want to do it from the easy one to the more sexual one.

Here is a list of questions to ask:

  • Which part of your body is the sexiest?
  • Touching which part of your body will turn you on?
  • What is the position you like to try?
  • What kind of foreplay do you like?
  • Do you prefer to take control or be submissive?
  • If I caught you masturbating and near orgasm, would you stop or finish it?
  • Do you like dirty talk?
  • Do you like it rough or romantic?
  • Do you prefer sex in the morning, in the afternoon, or now at night?
  • Do you enjoy receiving oral sex, or you prefer rubbing your clit?
  • Do you prefer to be blindfolded or handcuffed during sex?

All these questions are aimed to make her start imagining herself having sex.

Get her hot, and when you reach the high point of the conversation, you can end the game. Next, you want to switch to asking her home.

asking a girl back to your place on the first date

Step# 4 Invite her home with a reason or a praise

I know most guys think this is the most crucial part of bringing a girl home. However, it is not.

The most crucial part lays on step 1 to step 3 above, especially on step 3.

If you manage to turn her on step 3, then asking her home will be as easy as counting 123. So, make sure you have read step 3 in full before asking a girl home, or you are doomed to fail.

There are 2 ways to ask a girl home: the direct way and the indirect way.

Direct way To Bring A Girl Home

This is best used if you have followed step 3 above and played the truth or dare game with her.

You should have asked her multiple sexual questions and have her imagining herself having sex during the conversation. If the conversation goes very well, you can ask her to go home with you directly at the high point of the conversation.

Here’s how you do it.

Bring her home script:
I’m not sure if it is the drink, but probably not. I just want you to know that it’s fun talking to you. And, tonight, I find you very sexually attractive. Anyway, I don’t want to end it here. I have some good red wine, do you want to chill at my place for a while more?

With the script above, you are giving strong sexual hints and telling her that “yes, I want to fuck you.”

If she says yes and follows you home, you can be sure that you will be able to get her on the bed after a glass of red wine.

While drinking the red wine, sit closer to her, speak softly, then you can start to play with her hair. Then, slowly move your hand from her hair to her chin and pull it towards you gently. While doing so, you should move forward, and then you can initiate a kiss.

Everything else follows naturally after the kiss.

Indirect way To Bring A Girl Home

When you were having a conversation during the date, you should talk about an attractive item at your place.

It can be a guitar, your pet, an artwork you are painting, a movie you want to watch, a rum or red wine you bought, your toys, your collection, a cake you bought or baked, etc.

Then at the end of the date, you can invite her to your house for that item.

For example, you can say:

  • Let me play you a song I have just learned lately. Let’s chill at my place for a while more. It’s just 10 minutes away from here.
  • Let’s catch a horror movie together and chill for a while more. My place is just 10 minutes away from here.
  • Let’s have a glass of red wine that I bought the other day and chill for a while more. My place is just 10 minutes away from here.

You can see the common structure from the invitation script above.

It is basically a pleasure (movie, wine, dessert, entertainment) + short time frame (chill for a while more) + convenience (10 minutes from here).

Let her know she can get pleasure fast with low time investment. Most of the time, she will say yes.

The indirect method can work well to bring a girl home. Even though you were using other reasons to bring her home, most girls will get that you want to have sex with them. So, it should not be a problem to transition things into sex.

First, just do whatever you invited her there for. Then, you can flirt with body language and slowly transition it into kissing and sex.

If she really thinks that you were inviting her home for something else other than sex, that’s unfortunate, then you will have to put more effort into the flirting part. If she rejects it, then you just offer to send her home. Still, be a gentleman, and do not force things.

The Bottom Line

If you want to bring a girl home, you must plan the dating place right and know how to turn her on during the date with cold reading and sexual questions. If she is turned on, then asking her home is going to be very easy.

So, that’s it, guys. I wish you all the best in bringing the girl you like home and have a great time together.

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