10 Quick Facts: How Small Is Too Small For A Woman

how small is too small for a woman

In general, a penis smaller than 5 inches is too small for a woman because the depth of the average vagina is 3.77 inches and you need the extra 1-2 inches, so it won’t keep slipping out during sex and lower the overall sexual satisfaction.

38.50% of women think a 5-inch penis is too small, while 66.11% think a 4-inch penis is too small. As you can see there’s a sharp increase in women who thinks a penis is small after the 5-inch benchmark.

However, don’t despair if your penis is smaller than the benchmark. I will tell you why below, so just read on.

How Small Is Too Small For Women

In general, study shows that a penis (erected) smaller than 5 inch is too small for women.

  • A 9-inch penis is too small for 3.1% of women.
  • An 8-inch penis is too small for 3.24% of women.
  • A 7-inch penis is too small for 3.89% of women.
  • A 6-inch penis is too small for 13.55% of women.
  • A 5-inch penis is too small for 38.50% of women.
  • A 4-inch penis is too small for 66.11% of women.
  • A 3-inch penis is too small for 83.56% of women.
  • A 2-inch penis is too small for 87.74% of women.
  • A 1-inch penis is too small for 91.2% of women.

What is the average penis length?

According to this study, the average length for a flaccid penis(non-erected penis) is 9.16cm (3.61 inches) long.

On the other hand, the average length of an erect penis is 13.12cm (5.16 inches) long.

What is the average penis girth?

This study shows that, for a flaccid penis (non-erected penis), the average girth measurements are 9.31 cm (3.66 inches).

And, for an erect penis, the average girth measurements are 11.66 cm (4.59 inches).

Is penis width important?

Yes, the study shows that for 64.5% of women, penis length and width are equally important for sexual satisfaction.

The top 3 reasons why a small penis will cause unsatisfying sex

This study shows why a small penis can lead to an unsatisfying sexual experience.

  • 79.9% said they could not feel their partner inside them.
  • 48.7% reported that their partner kept slipping out.
  • 47.6% said they had no sex skills.

The average depth of the vagina

This study reported that the maximum vaginal length is about 3.77 inches.

The average length of an erect penis is 5.15 inches. So, this means that most men would not have a problem giving their women satisfying sex.

How many women are satisfied with their partner’s penis size?

According to this study, 85% of women said they’re completely content with the size of their man’s package

However, 45% of men think their penis is on the small side. This means that most men are worrying too much.

Does having a bigger penis guarantee orgasm for your woman?

The short answer is no.

According to this study, 75% of women do not orgasm from penetration alone. They need more stimulation of their clitoris to reach orgasm.

This means that having a bigger penis that can help you to penetrate deeper does not guarantee you deliver a satisfying orgasm for your woman.

While men enjoy internal penetration more, women enjoy external stimulation and foreplay.

What to do if the penis is small

It’s not always about having the biggest penis that will help you to deliver orgasm to your woman.

If yours is on the smaller side, there are 2 things you can do.

First, you can choose to use a better sex position, for example, the doggy style position, and the cowgirl position. These 2 positions allow you to have deeper penetration which can help to elevate the sexual experience.

In addition to that, you can put a pillow under your woman’s pelvis, and then use a missionary position to deliver deeper penetration. If she is flexible enough, you can put her legs on your shoulder and it will allow further deeper penetration.

The second way to deliver a better sexual experience is to focus on her clitoris stimulation. Give her a brilliant blowjob, and rub her clitoris with your hand during sexual intercourse. You can also use a sex toy if you want.

Does a larger penis always means better for women

No, not all the time.

According to a study, overlarge penis size can be a problem for the majority of women because it can cause pain during intercourse and it increases the risk of vaginal injury.

Besides that, if the penis is too large, you might feel less satisfied during sex because as we all know, the male tends to get pleasure from deep penetration and friction. If your penis is too big, then it means you won’t be able to put your whole penis into the vagina because the average vagina size is only 3.77 inches.

So, it does not always mean the bigger the better. A normal size penis, good foreplay, and good sexual skills are more than enough to turn her on and make her moan louder during sex.