How Do You Kiss A Guy To Make Him Want More?

How Do You Kiss A Guy To Make Him Want More

When it comes to kissing a guy to make him want more, first, you want to be passionate and put your all into the kiss. Secondly, make sure to use your tongue to explore his mouth with yours. This will excite him and make him want more. If you are feeling playful, you can also grab his ass for a while during the kiss. Lastly, you can whisper dirty things in between and this will surely turn him on and make him want more of you.

17 ways to make a guy want more while kissing

When it comes to kissing a guy to make him want more, there are few things you can do to drive him wild. Here are the top seventeen best ways to arouse him while kissing.

1. Use your tongue to tease and tantalize him.

First, you want to make sure that your tongue is wet and warm before you start. This will help to heighten the sensations for him. 

Next, you want to slowly outline his lips with yours and taste his tongue. Then, you can slowly switch to explore his entire body. Start at his neck and work your way down to his body. Make sure to pay extra attention to his most sensitive areas. 

2. Gentle nibbles on his lower lip

There’s nothing like a little gentle nibbling on your man’s lower lip to turn him on while you’re kissing. Just take your time and enjoy the moment while you let your lips do the talking. Softly bite or suck on his lower lip while you run your tongue along the edge. You can even playfully suck on his upper lip while you run your fingers through his body. 

3. Run your fingers through his hair

Try to keep your hands moving around his head and neck as you kiss him, and you will find that he will become more and more turned on. You can also use your nails to lightly scratch his scalp as you kiss him, which will send shivers down his spine and make him even more turned on.

4. Gently bite his lip as you pull away to tease him.

When you’re ready to turn up the heat, start with a gentle bite on his lower lip. Slowly pull away from him, making sure to keep eye contact the whole time. The desire in your eyes will let him know that you’re just getting started.

5. Make eye contact with him

When you want to turn your man on while kissing, make sure to keep eye contact with him. This will let him know that you are highly interested in him and that you desire him. It will also make the kiss more intimate and passionate.

6. Place your hand on his chest, letting him feel your touch as you kiss him.

One way to turn on your man while kissing is to place your hand on his chest. This will make him feel more manly and macho, and it will also turn him on more. If you want to turn your man on, even more, try running your fingers through his chest hair or even grabbing a handful and pulling him closer to you.

7. Press your breasts against his chest and let him feel your body.

There’s something incredibly sensual about rubbing your bare breasts against your partner’s chest. The feeling of your breast grazing against their skin as you move your body back and forth is guaranteed to send shivers down their spine.

8. Moaning softly will encourage him to kiss you harder, and deeper.

When you moan softly, it encourages your partner to kiss you harder. The deeper the kiss, the more likely it is to lead to something more. moaning also communicates to your partner that you’re enjoying what they’re doing, which can lead to even more pleasure.

9. Whisper his name

When you kiss your partner, whisper their name to let them know that they’re the only one you want. This simple act will add an extra layer of intimacy and connection to your kiss and will make your partner feel loved and desired.

10. Grab his shirt

As you kiss him, grab hold of his shirt and pull him closer to you. This will help to deepen the kiss and make it more intense and passionate. Sometimes, guys like it when you are a little dominant.

11. Use your free hand to caress his face

When you’re kissing your partner, use your free hand to caress their face. This will help to turn them on and make them want more. You can also run your fingers through their hair, or lightly trace their jawline with your fingertips. This will make the kiss even more intimate and special.

12. Gently scratch his back with your nails 

The scratches can provide a variety of different sensations, depending on how hard or soft you do them. If you scratch lightly, it can tickle them and make them giggle. If you scratch harder, it can provide a more intense sensation that can lead to pleasure. 

13. Nip at his earlobe

When you kiss your partner, nip gently at their earlobe. This will send shivers down their spine and increase the pleasure of the kiss. This is a simple way to add a little extra excitement to your kissing routine.

14. Lick his neck

The reason why this is pleasurable is that it stimulates the erogenous zones on the neck. These are the areas that are most sensitive to touch and can lead to sexual arousal. When you lick the neck, you are essentially giving your partner a mini-massage that feels amazing.

15. Wrap your legs around his waist

As you kiss him, wrap your legs around his waist and pull him closer. This will help you to feel closer to him and also help to deepen the kiss. You may also find that this position is more comfortable for you than standing up.

16. Grinding against him as you kiss will make him crazy with desire.

When you’re grinding against him and kissing him passionately, it will drive him crazy with desire. Your bodies will be rubbing against each other in all the right ways, and he’ll be so turned on that he won’t be able to resist you. 

17. Increase the pace as you go

When you’re kissing your partner, it’s important to keep things interesting by varying the pace. You can start slow and sensual, then gradually increase the speed and intensity. This will keep your partner on their toes and turn them on at the same time. By increasing the pace during a kiss, you can take things to the next level and turn up the heat in your relationship.

The art of the gradual pull-away.

When you want to turn your man on, there’s nothing like a slow, sensual kiss. But how do you make sure you don’t get too carried away and ruin the moment?

The key is to start slow and gradually increase the intensity. Make sure you keep your hands busy too – run your fingers through his hair, down his back, or even over his clothes. The more you can tease and tantalize him, the more turned on he’ll become.

And when you feel like you’re both about to lose control, simply pull away slightly and let him yearn for more. This is the art of the gradual pull-away and it’s guaranteed to leave him wanting more.

The power of the post-kiss smile.

When it comes to turning a guy on, there’s nothing quite like the power of the post-kiss smile. Just the act of smiling after you’ve shared a kiss can be enough to send your guy wild with desire.

There’s just something about a post-kiss smile that screams “sexy” and “inviting.” It’s like you’re saying, “Come get me.” And trust me, your guy will be more than happy to oblige.

So the next time you’re looking to turn your guy on, don’t forget the power of the post-kiss smile. Just flash him a smile after you’ve shared a kiss and watch as his desire for you skyrockets.

How to make eye contact for a more effective kiss.

Making eye contact lets him know that you’re present and fully engaged in the kiss, and it’s a major turn-on. 

Here’s how to make eye contact while kissing your man:

1. Look into his eyes for a few seconds before you start kissing him. This will let him know that you’re about to kiss him and that you’re excited about it.

2. As you’re kissing him, open your eyes every so often to check in with your man. You can also keep your eyes open the entire time if you want to turn up the heat.

3. Every few seconds, break eye contact and look into his eyes again. This will keep the connection between you strong and prevent the kiss from becoming too intense.

4. When you want to intensify the kiss, You can look at his private part for a few seconds and look back into his eyes. This will send subtle signals that you desire him badly, and it is a surefire way to make him turn on.

5. At the end of the kiss, look into his eyes and smile at him. This will leave him wanting more and make him even more turned on.

How to escalate things into sex after kissing

There are plenty of ways to escalate things into sex after kissing, and it all depends on what you’re comfortable with. 

If you want to take things slow, you can start by making out or even just grinding against each other. 

On the other hand, if you want to go faster, you can start touching each other’s genitals or even just go straight for penetration. 

It’s totally fine if you prefer to take things slow. Just enjoy the moment and make sure that you’re both on the same page regarding the relationship before you escalate things to the next level.