21 Funny Ways to Annoy Your Boyfriend and Keep the Laughter Alive

Funny Ways to Annoy Your Boyfriend

Relationships are built on love, trust, and shared experiences, but that doesn’t mean we can’t inject a little humor into them. Playful teasing and lighthearted pranks can spice up your relationship and bring you and your boyfriend closer together. 

While it’s important to strike a balance and ensure you don’t cross any boundaries, a little harmless annoyance can actually be fun and strengthen your bond. 

With that in mind, here are 21 funny ways to annoy your boyfriend while keeping the laughter alive.

21 Funny Ways to Annoy Your Boyfriend and Keep the Laughter Alive

By incorporating these funny ways to annoy your boyfriend, you’ll create lasting memories, strengthen your bond, and keep the laughter alive in your relationship. Always be mindful of each other’s boundaries, and never engage in pranks that may cause genuine harm or distress. 

1. “The Spider in the Bed” Surprise:

One classic way to playfully annoy your boyfriend is to pull off the “Spider in the Bed” surprise. This prank involves leaving a realistic-looking fake spider on his pillow and observing his reaction when he discovers it. The sight of a creepy crawly creature resting on his pillow is sure to catch him off guard and elicit a startled response. However, before proceeding with this prank, it’s important to make sure that he doesn’t have a genuine fear of spiders. The last thing you want is to cause him undue distress or anxiety.

2. The Remote Control Game:

The Remote Control Game is a mischievous prank that involves swapping the batteries in the remote control with dead ones. This seemingly harmless act can lead to hilarious confusion as your boyfriend tries to change the channel or adjust the volume, only to be met with no response. 

His puzzled expressions and attempts to troubleshoot the remote control will surely provide you with a good laugh. Just make sure to have the fresh batteries on standby so that he can eventually enjoy his favorite shows without too much frustration.

3. The Sneaky Sock Swap:

The Sneaky Sock Swap is a prank that adds a touch of quirkiness to your boyfriend’s morning routine. This prank involves replacing all his matching socks with mismatched pairs. As he reaches into his sock drawer or grabs a pair of socks to wear, he’ll be in for a surprise when he realizes that none of the socks match. 

The moment of confusion and the subsequent realization that his sock collection has undergone a colorful transformation will bring a smile to both your faces. Just be prepared for him to turn the tables and try to get you back with a prank of his own.

4. The Auto-Correct Mischief:

In today’s digital age, our smartphones have become an extension of ourselves. Taking advantage of this reliance, you can playfully annoy your boyfriend by tampering with his auto-correct dictionary. When he’s not looking, grab his phone and change a few words in the auto-correct dictionary to something amusing or nonsensical. 

The next time he sends a text, he’ll be in for a surprise as his words are automatically replaced with unexpected or comical alternatives. His confusion and the resulting laughter will create a playful moment of shared humor.

5. The Alarm Clock Shuffle:

The Alarm Clock Shuffle is a prank that revolves around unexpected interruptions throughout the day. When your boyfriend is not paying attention, seize the opportunity to set multiple alarms on his phone at random times. 

These alarms can go off during meetings, while he’s engrossed in a task, or even in the middle of the night. This prank keeps him on his toes and adds an element of surprise to his daily routine. Just make sure not to go overboard and disrupt any important events or activities that require his focused attention.

6. The Photobomb Master:

Photobombing is a playful and spontaneous way to annoy your boyfriend while creating lasting memories. Whenever he takes a photo, surprise him by jumping into the frame with a funny face or a ridiculous pose. 

Your unexpected presence in the photo will bring laughter and a touch of silliness to the captured moment. These impromptu photobombs will make your photo album more dynamic and showcase your shared sense of humor. However, remember to choose appropriate moments for photobombing, as you don’t want to spoil any significant or sentimental pictures.

7. The Fridge Makeover:

The Fridge Makeover is a prank that involves rearranging the items in the refrigerator to confuse and amuse your boyfriend. By rearranging the contents, you can create a whimsical and disorganized fridge space that deviates from its usual order. Your boyfriend’s confusion and search for his favorite snacks amidst the repositioned items will be met with your assistance and laughter. Just make sure to remember where everything is placed, so you can help him locate his desired treats when he needs them.

8. The Sneezing Surprise:

One of the amusing ways to annoy your boyfriend is by unleashing a sudden sneezing fit when he least expects it. If you’re skilled at faking sneezes, you can create a surprise moment that will catch him off guard. Imagine sitting next to him, seemingly minding your own business, and then suddenly erupting into a series of exaggerated sneezes. 

The look of confusion and concern that washes over his face will be priceless and is sure to bring a hearty laugh to both of you. It’s a playful way to add a touch of unexpected humor to your day and showcase your ability to create hilarious moments out of thin air.

9. The Over-Enthusiastic Sing-Along:

Everyone has their favorite songs, and what better way to annoy your boyfriend in a lighthearted manner than by belting out his favorite tune with exaggerated enthusiasm and questionable lyrics? Whether it’s a catchy pop song or a rock ballad, you can turn up the volume and let your inner performer shine. 

Singing at the top of your lungs and throwing in exaggerated dance moves or dramatic facial expressions will create a hilarious spectacle that he won’t be able to resist. He might either join in with equal enthusiasm or simply be left in stitches from your silly and spirited performance. Either way, it’s a fun way to express your playful side and bond through shared laughter.

10. The “Punny” Jokes:

If you enjoy a good play on words, sprinkling your conversations with cheesy, pun-filled jokes can be an entertaining way to annoy your boyfriend in a lighthearted manner. These jokes are often characterized by their clever wordplay, sometimes relying on double meanings or humorous twists. 

While some may find puns groan-inducing, the eye rolls and playful protests they elicit will be worth it. You can drop these puns into casual conversations, text messages, or even leave sticky notes with puns around the house for him to discover. With a bit of creativity, you can turn everyday situations into opportunities for laughter and wordplay, brightening up your interactions and keeping your relationship playful and fun.

11. The Stealthy Tickle Attack:

Tickling is a classic and effective way to annoy someone in a playful manner. Sneak up on your boyfriend when he’s least expecting it and catch him off guard with a stealthy tickle attack. Whether it’s when he’s focused on a task, engrossed in a book, or just relaxing on the couch, a surprise tickle will instantly break the seriousness of the moment and bring a burst of laughter. 

However, be prepared for retaliation, as he’ll likely want to get you back with his own tickle assault. This back-and-forth exchange of tickles can become a delightful game of playful teasing and physical connection, strengthening your bond through laughter and shared moments of joy.

12. The Saran Wrap Doorway:

For a harmless surprise and a good laugh, you can set up a Saran Wrap doorway prank. Carefully place a clear plastic wrap at the height of your boyfriend’s face between the door frame. When he walks through the doorway without noticing the transparent barrier, he’ll be greeted with a light impact against the wrap. 

This unexpected encounter with an invisible obstacle will surely make him jump or stumble momentarily, followed by laughter as he realizes what just happened. It’s important to ensure that the Saran Wrap is placed at a height that won’t cause any harm or discomfort. This prank is all about creating a funny and surprising moment that breaks the monotony of everyday routines and keeps the laughter flowing in your relationship.

13. The Post-it Prank:

Brighten up your boyfriend’s day and annoy him in a playful way with the Post-it prank. Cover his car, desk, or room with colorful Post-it notes. You can leave funny messages, draw quirky designs, or create a collage of sticky notes to create a playful and unexpected surprise. 

Imagine him waking up to find his room adorned with a cascade of colorful messages or arriving at work to find his desk transformed into a vibrant display of creativity. The sight of the playful and unexpected decorations will bring a smile to his face and show him that you’ve taken the time to create something special just for him. It’s a lighthearted prank that adds a touch of whimsy and demonstrates your thoughtfulness and mischievous side.

14. The Dance-Off Challenge:

Challenge your boyfriend to an impromptu dance-off in the middle of the living room. This fun and goofy activity can be a fantastic way to annoy him in a playful manner while sharing a hilarious and light-hearted moment together. Clear some space, turn up the music, and let the dance battle begin! 

Show off your best moves, embrace your inner dancing queen, and encourage him to do the same. You can both let go of any inhibitions, laugh at your own ridiculous dance moves, and enjoy the freedom of being silly and carefree. The dance-off challenge is not only a great way to annoy your boyfriend but also a fantastic opportunity to create lasting memories and strengthen your connection through shared laughter and fun.

15. The Fake Bug Invasion:

The Fake Bug Invasion is a prank that involves giving your boyfriend a mini scare by placing plastic bugs in his shoes or hiding spots. However, before attempting this prank, it’s important to ensure that he doesn’t have a genuine fear or phobia of bugs. The idea is to create a harmless surprise and a temporary moment of shock or confusion. 

Imagine him slipping his foot into his shoe only to discover a plastic spider or beetle waiting for him. The initial shock and subsequent realization that it’s just a prank will likely elicit a mix of relief and amusement. It’s essential to gauge his reaction and make sure that he finds the prank funny rather than genuinely distressing. If executed properly, this prank can create a playful moment of shared laughter and give you both something to reminisce about in the future.

16. The Continuous Dad Joke:

If you’re looking for a lighthearted way to annoy your boyfriend and elicit a few laughs and eye rolls, channel your inner dad and bombard him with groan-inducing jokes throughout the day. Dad jokes are known for their cheesy, pun-filled nature and are often met with a mix of amusement and playful protests. 

You can sprinkle these jokes into your conversations, text them to him, or simply blurt them out when the moment is right. The key is to deliver the jokes with a deadpan expression, as if you genuinely believe they’re hilarious. While he may groan at each joke, the eye rolls and playful protests will be worth it. This continuous flow of dad jokes will keep the laughter alive in your relationship and serve as a constant reminder of your playful sense of humor.

17. The Mysterious Notes:

The Mysterious Notes prank involves leaving quirky, mysterious notes around the house for your boyfriend to find. These notes can lead him on a scavenger hunt or simply provide funny and puzzling messages. The idea is to create an element of mystery and intrigue, as he tries to figure out the purpose or meaning behind the notes. 

For example, you could leave a note on the refrigerator that says, “Look under the bed for your next clue.” This will pique his curiosity and send him on a whimsical adventure through the house. The scavenger hunt can lead him to a fun surprise or a treat at the end, adding a touch of excitement and anticipation to his day. 

Alternatively, the notes can be standalone messages that contain amusing riddles, jokes, or quotes that brighten up his day. The mysterious notes are a creative way to engage his sense of curiosity and inject a sense of fun and playfulness into your relationship.

18. The Ice Cube Surprise:

The Ice Cube Surprise is a prank that involves adding a drop or two of food coloring to the ice tray before freezing it. The colored ice cubes can be served in his drinks, and as they melt, the colors will mix and change, creating a visually surprising effect. 

Imagine handing him a glass of water, only for him to notice that the ice cubes are turning the water into a vibrant shade. The initial confusion and surprise on his face will quickly turn into amusement and laughter as he realizes the harmless prank you’ve played. 

It’s a simple yet effective way to add a touch of whimsy and unexpected fun to his everyday routine. Just be sure to use food-safe coloring and choose colors that won’t stain his clothes or cause any harm.

19. The Impersonation Act:

The Impersonation Act is a prank that involves randomly imitating your boyfriend’s favorite movie characters or celebrities throughout the day. It’s a playful way to keep him guessing and provide endless entertainment. Pay attention to his preferences and the characters he admires. Whether it’s a memorable catchphrase, a distinctive voice, or a signature gesture, surprise him by mimicking those traits. 

For example, if he’s a fan of a particular superhero, you can don a cape and strike a superhero pose when he least expects it. The sudden transformation into a beloved character will catch him off guard and bring a smile to his face. 

The key is to imitate the characters in a fun and light-hearted manner, making sure not to cross any boundaries or mock his interests. This prank allows you to showcase your playful creativity while celebrating his favorite characters and celebrities.

20. The Silly Photocopies:

The Silly Photocopies prank involves taking lighthearted photocopies of your face or other body parts and leaving them in your boyfriend’s work bag or on his desk. It’s a playful way to surprise him and remind him of your playful side. 

Find a photocopier or scanner and get creative. Make funny faces, stick out your tongue, or strike silly poses while scanning or photocopying yourself. The resulting images can then be strategically placed in his belongings for him to discover later. 

Imagine his surprise when he opens his work bag or sits down at his desk to find amusing and unexpected photocopies of you. This prank is all about sharing a laugh and injecting a touch of whimsy into his day. It’s important to note that this prank should be done with his comfort and boundaries in mind, ensuring that he’ll find it amusing rather than embarrassing or inappropriate.

21. The Pillow Fight:

The Pillow Fight is a classic and timeless way to annoy your boyfriend in a playful manner. Engage in an epic pillow fight when he least expects it, letting the feathers fly and enjoying a playful moment of pure fun and laughter. Picture a seemingly ordinary evening, and then suddenly, you grab a pillow and playfully swing it at him. He’ll likely retaliate, and before you know it, you’re engaged in a spirited pillow fight. 

The laughter, excitement, and friendly competition will create a light-hearted and carefree atmosphere. This prank is an opportunity to release stress, unleash your inner child, and connect with each other through laughter and physical play. 

Just make sure to keep the pillow fight safe, avoiding any unnecessary roughness or objects that may cause harm. The Pillow Fight is all about creating joyful memories and strengthening your bond through shared moments of playfulness and fun.


Find ways to inject humor, surprises, and silliness into your daily interactions. These funny ways to annoy your boyfriend can be a catalyst for joy, creating lasting memories and deepening your connection. 

Laugh together, cherish the moments, and let the light-heartedness bring you closer as you navigate the beautiful journey of your relationship.