27 Cute Ways To Start A Conversation & Make Her Laugh

Want to get more attention and have a higher rate of reply from the person you like?

Well, here are some cute ways to start a conversation with your crush.

I have listed more than 27 conversation starters you can use below. All of them are handpicked carefully, and some of them are original cute conversation openers.

I hope it would be helpful for you. Enjoy~

cute ways to start a conversation

cute ways to start a conversation with a girl

Here are some cute conversation starters you can use on different dating platforms. I put the one I like on the top of the list.

After you go through it, let me know which one you think is the best in the comment section.

27 Cute Conversation Starters:

  1. How do you waste time when you are procrastinating?
  2. I can’t even remember the last time we spoke. We need to change that.
  3. Do you find it sexy when a guy makes the first move, or should I wait for you to do it first?
  4. I should wait another day or two to text you, but I can’t wait that long to talk to you.
  5. Stop sending me mixed-signal and start sending me memes.
  6. Working on anything exciting lately?
  7. What are you going to do this weekend? Miss Me?
  8. I wanted to ask you out, but I figured I’d start by sending you a text.
  9. Did you smile when you saw my name pop up on your phone just now?
  10. I don’t really have anything to talk about, but I still want to talk to you, so… hi.
  11. I’ve been dying to see Star Trek Beyond (if you need a date idea).
  12. There’s a Pikachu at my house. You better come and catch it.
  13. I’m still single, in case you are wondering.
  14. My dog wanted you to know that he misses you.
  15. Do you have any plans for this weekend? Because I don’t.
  16. I have an extra ticket to Star Trek. Interested?
  17. Now that I’ve officially texted you, I’m going to be obsessively staring at my phone, waiting for it to beep, so don’t keep me waiting.
  18. You didn’t text first, but that’s OK. I’ll take your number as an apology.
  19. How about I start this conversation, and you can start the next one?
  20. Can I ask you an important question? Any ideas on how to get rid of a dead body?
  21. Is there a song that you really like that is not mainstream?
  22. Don’t you think we should catch up more often?
  23. If I was a cat, can I spend my nine lives with you?
  24. For only one question, I must give an honest answer, what would you ask me?
  25. If my following answer to you was a guaranteed yes, what would you ask me?
  26. If we swapped bodies for a day, what would you do?
  27. Are you made of copper and tellurium? (Then, send her the following image)
cute conversation starters

How To Start A Cute Conversation With A Girl

Here are some easy ways to initiate a conversation with a girl without being awkward. Then, you can transition these topics into something more personal to get to know her better.

1) Make her laugh

Send her one of the funny or flirty conversation starters above and then casually expand the conversation. If you do this, she is more likely to reply to you because you are fun to talk with.

2) Ask her how’s her day

You can ask her how her day is going and then share what is exciting in your life lately. Remember to share only interesting and funny stories.

3) Ask her out

First, you can ask her if she has any plans over the weekend. If no, you can invite her out for an adventure.

4) Compliment her

When you meet her in person, or you’re texting her, you can compliment her occasionally. This is a natural way to give her a signal that you want to be more than just friends.

5) Flirt with her in a super cheesy way

When you make it super cheesy, things will become funny. You get to make her laugh and flirt with her at the same time. This is super effective because most girls like guys with humor.

The cheesy line to start a cute conversation with your crush

Here are some cheesy and cute conversation starters you can use to make your crush laugh while flirting with her at the same time.

Funny but cute conversation starters:

  1. Did you cast magic on me? Because I can’t think of anything else but you!
  2. You look familiar. You look like… my next girlfriend.
  3. I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I have yours?
  4. Can you show me the direction? The direction to your heart.
  5. You must be tired, right? You have been showing up in my dreams few days in a row.
  6. You are a thief. My heart just got stolen.
  7. Where are your wings?
  8. The only thing I want to change about you is your last name.
  9. Hi, how was heaven when you left it?
  10. Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should I pass by again?
  11. Hey, you’re pretty, and I’m cute. Together we’d be pretty cute.
  12. If you were a fruit, you must be an apple. Coz you are the apple of my eye.

Conclusion On How To Start A Cute Conversation

If you want the conversation to be cute and fun, you can try to be cheesy and make her laugh—no need to worry if the idea is not original.

If she teases you for copying the pickup line, then you can reply to her that “the pickup line is standard, but you are special.” You will be able to get her laughing for the second time, and she will think you are funny.