37 Adorable Ways to Say “I Like You” Through Text Messages

Adorable Ways to Say I Like You Through Text Messages

Sending a sweet text to let someone know you like them can be a heart-fluttering experience. 

In this article, we’ll dive into 37 cute and charming ways to express your feelings over text. 

Whether you’re shy or just want to add a touch of whimsy to your messages, these ideas will help you convey your affection in a memorable way.

37 Adorable Ways to Say “I Like You” Through Text Messages

These 37 cute and creative ideas provide you with various ways to share your feelings in a light, heartfelt manner. 

Remember, the key is to be genuine and considerate. So, pick an approach that aligns with your personality and the nature of your relationship. 

1. Sweet Emojis: 🥰

Using emojis adds a layer of emotion and playfulness to your texts. The 🥰 emoji represents smitten feelings, like blushing cheeks or a fluttering heart. It’s a way of letting the other person know that their presence in your messages makes your heart skip a beat. This approach adds warmth and a touch of innocence to your conversation, conveying your liking in a charming and lighthearted manner.

Example: “When I send you a text and see your reply with that adorable 🥰 emoji, it’s like a little burst of happiness in my day.”

2. Memory Lane Stroll: 🌈

Taking a stroll down memory lane involves revisiting shared experiences that have special meaning to both of you. The 🌈 emoji symbolizes the vibrant and joyful moments you’ve had together. By suggesting this, you’re inviting them to relive those moments and evoke positive emotions associated with your connection. It’s a way to create a deeper bond and show that you value the time you’ve spent together.

Example: “Remember that time we went to the beach and built sandcastles? 🌈 It’s those moments that make me appreciate our connection even more.”

3. Adorable Animal Comparisons: 🐶

Comparing someone to a cute and cuddly animal, like a kitten, adds a touch of endearment to your compliment. The 🐶 emoji reinforces the idea of companionship and loyalty. When you say they’re as cute as a kitten playing with yarn, you’re not only highlighting their physical appearance but also conveying the warmth and joy their presence brings to your life.

Example: “Your smile is like a cozy kitten playing with yarn, 🐶 bringing comfort and happiness whenever I see it.”

4. Poetic Playfulness: 📜

Expressing your feelings in a poetic way adds a touch of creativity to your texts. By describing them as the “sprinkle of joy in your everyday life,” you’re using imagery to communicate how they make your routine more delightful. The 📜 emoji represents literature and artistry, emphasizing the beauty of your words. This approach captures attention and stands out as a genuine expression of your liking.

Example: “Among the pages of my routine, you’re the 📜 sprinkle of joy that turns every ordinary moment into a small celebration.”

5. Sneaky Goodnight Wishes: 🌙

Sending goodnight wishes with a touch of magic creates a sense of intimacy and care. The 🌙 emoji represents the night and dreams, while the idea of “magical starlight” adds an enchanting element. By wishing them dreams as magical as starlight, you’re not only bidding them goodnight but also leaving them with a positive and whimsical image before they sleep.

Example: “Before you drift into dreams, 🌙 I wanted to send you a wish for a night filled with the enchantment of magical starlight.”

6. Candy-Coated Compliments: 🍬

Comparing their laughter to a bag of happiness candies is a creative way to convey how their joy affects you. The 🍬 emoji adds a touch of sweetness. By saying their laughter is like a bag of candies that never runs out, you’re expressing that their positivity and happiness are a continuous source of delight in your life.

Example: “Your laughter is like a bag of candies that never seems to empty, 🍬 always bringing a taste of happiness to my day.”

7. Enchanted Enthusiasm: ✨

Expressing enthusiasm about meeting them by comparing it to finding a precious unicorn adds a touch of charm and wonder. The ✨ emoji represents magic and specialness. By saying that meeting them feels like encountering a rare unicorn, you’re conveying how much they stand out and brighten your life.

Example: “Every time we meet, it’s like discovering a ✨ precious unicorn – a unique and delightful experience.”

8. Heartfelt Haikus: 🌸

Crafting a haiku, a concise poem, adds a touch of artistry to your expression of liking. Using the 🌸 emoji to symbolize blossoms connects your feelings to growth and beauty. In this case, your haiku speaks of joy blossoming in their smile and your heart skipping a beat, conveying your emotions succinctly yet poetically.

Example: “In your smile’s embrace, 🌸 my heart skips a beat. Blossoms of joy unfurl wide.”

9. Panda-Level Playfulness: 🐼

Comparing them to an adorable animal like a panda adds a playful and lighthearted touch to your compliment. The 🐼 emoji adds to the charm, symbolizing cuteness. By saying they’re as rare and cute as pandas, you’re highlighting their uniqueness in a fun and endearing way.

Example: “Just like pandas, you’re as rare and adorable as they come. 🐼 Your presence brings a smile to my face.”

10. Dessert Delight: 🍰

Comparing them to a delicious dessert is a sweet and enjoyable way to convey your admiration. Saying they’re the sweetest treat in the recipe of your life not only compliments their sweetness but also signifies their importance. The 🍰 emoji adds a visual touch of indulgence.

Example: “You’re like the icing on the cake of my days, 🍰 making every moment a little sweeter and more delightful.”

11. Adventurous Allegories: 🌄

The idea of exploring the land of feelings together with the spirit of adventurers is an imaginative and engaging way to express your liking. The 🌄 emoji represents the sunrise, symbolizing new beginnings. By suggesting this, you’re inviting them to embark on a journey of emotional discovery, showcasing your readiness to navigate the complexities of feelings together.

Example: “Let’s be explorers of our emotions, setting out on a new dawn of discovery together. 🌄 Our journey promises to be filled with exciting twists and heartwarming moments.”

12. Starlight Similes: ⭐

Comparing your liking to the stars emphasizes its vastness and enduring nature. The ⭐ emoji adds a touch of brilliance and wonder. By saying your liking is like stars – endless and twinkling – you’re conveying that your feelings for them shine brightly and remain constant, just like stars in the night sky.

Example: “My liking for you is like the stars that fill the night sky – a timeless and twinkling presence that always lights up my heart. ⭐”

13. Playful Daydreaming: ☁️

Admitting that you catch yourself daydreaming about their smile adds a touch of vulnerability and playfulness to your expression. The ☁️ emoji represents daydreams. By sharing this, you’re revealing that their presence occupies your thoughts in a whimsical and endearing way.

Example: “Your smile has this magical power that makes me ☁️ daydream about all the wonderful moments we could share. It’s like a sweet escape into a world of happiness.”

14. Kindness Confession: 🌻

Comparing their kindness to bright sunflowers in a field is a heartwarming metaphor. The 🌻 emoji symbolizes warmth and positivity. By confessing that their kindness brightens your day, you’re not only acknowledging their good nature but also expressing the genuine impact they have on you.

Example: “Your kindness is like a field of sunflowers, 🌻 spreading warmth and brightness wherever it goes. Each act of kindness from you truly makes my day.”

15. Adorable Accolades: 🏆

Bestowing them with the title of “Master of Making My Heart Skip a Beat” is a creative and affectionate way to show your liking. The 🏆 emoji adds a sense of recognition. By playfully attributing this title, you’re highlighting the effect they have on your emotions in a light-hearted manner.

Example: “Congratulations, you’ve earned the honorary title of ‘Master of Making My Heart Skip a Beat’! 🏆 Your presence truly knows how to create the sweetest flutters.”

16. Whimsical What-Ifs: 🌠

Proposing the idea that your liking for each other might be written in the stars adds a sense of magic and wonder to your expression. The 🌠 emoji represents stars and dreams. By suggesting this whimsical notion, you’re leaving them with a smile and a sense of delightful curiosity.

Example: “What if our liking for each other is a secret story etched among the stars? 🌠 A delightful thought that makes me grin whenever I imagine it.”

17. Daylight Delight: ☀️

Noting that they bring sunshine to your heart even on cloudy days captures the essence of their positivity and impact. The ☀️ emoji represents sunlight and brightness. By sharing this sentiment, you’re expressing how their presence consistently uplifts your mood.

Example: “You’re my ☀️ sunshine, brightening my heart even when life’s clouds gather. Your positive energy is like a ray of light in my day.”

18. Movie Magic Comparison: 🎬

Comparing them to a romantic subplot in the movie of your life adds a cinematic touch to your liking expression. The 🎬 emoji represents movies and storytelling. By saying they’re the romantic subplot, you’re highlighting their significance and contribution to your life’s narrative.

Example: “In the story of my life, you’re the 🎬 heartwarming subplot that adds depth and sweetness to every scene. Your presence is like a touch of movie magic.”

19. Rainbow Radiance: 🌈

Describing their ability to bring joy after dull moments as being like a rainbow after the rain is a beautiful analogy. The 🌈 emoji symbolizes a rainbow’s beauty and positivity. By using this comparison, you’re conveying how they infuse color and happiness into your life.

Example: “Just like a 🌈 rainbow emerges after a storm, your presence brings a burst of joy after even the dullest moments. Your positivity is truly radiant.”

20. Cosmic Connection: 🌌

Comparing your liking to galaxies colliding emphasizes the intensity and uniqueness of your feelings. The 🌌 emoji symbolizes the vast cosmos. By saying your liking is like galaxies colliding – a cosmic event – you’re portraying your emotions as a remarkable and profound connection.

Example: “Our liking is like 🌌 galaxies colliding, creating a breathtaking cosmic phenomenon. The way our feelings intertwine is nothing short of extraordinary.”

21. Gentle Gestures:

Acknowledging that their thoughtfulness warms your heart goes beyond simple compliments. By saying their thoughtfulness warms your heart more than they know, you’re recognizing their actions on a deeper level. This approach conveys your appreciation for their consideration in a sincere and touching manner.

Example: “Your little gestures of kindness never fail to touch my heart. Your thoughtfulness warms my heart more than you know.”

22. Playful Teasing:

Teasing them as a “troublemaker” in the most adorable way adds a playful and light-hearted tone to your liking expression. It’s a way of showing that you enjoy their mischievous charm and find it endearing.

Example: “You’re a bit of a troublemaker, but I must admit, it’s the most adorable kind of trouble I’ve encountered.”

23. Morning Magic:

Expressing how waking up to a message from them brightens your day is a heartfelt way to show your appreciation for their presence. It reflects the positive impact they have on your mornings.

Example: “Every time I wake up to a message from you, it’s like a burst of morning magic that sets a positive tone for my entire day.”

24. Shared Laughter:

Highlighting their sense of humor as a match made in “giggles heaven” showcases your enjoyment of their company and the joy you share when you laugh together.

Example: “Your sense of humor and mine seem to be a match made in giggles heaven. Our shared laughter is something I truly treasure.”

25. Flower Power:

Comparing their role in brightening your life to how flowers need the sun adds a touch of poetry to your liking expression. This comparison showcases their significance in your life.

Example: “Just as flowers need the sun to thrive, I need you to brighten my life and fill it with beauty and positivity.”

26. Whispered Secrets:

Asking them to keep a secret about how much you like them creates a sense of intimacy and vulnerability. It’s a way of sharing your feelings in a hushed and personal manner.

Example: “Can you keep a secret? Well, here’s one: I really like you – a lot. Let’s keep this between us.”

27. Complimentary Comparisons:

Comparing them to a “ray of sunshine on a rainy day” emphasizes their ability to bring positivity and brightness into your life, even during challenging times.

Example: “You’re like a ray of sunshine on a rainy day, always managing to lift my spirits with your presence.”

28. Comfortable Silence:

Comparing texting them to having a cozy chat with a friend adds a sense of familiarity and comfort to your liking expression.

Example: “Texting you is like having a cozy chat with a friend. There’s a comforting silence between our words that I cherish.”

29. Burst of Happiness:

Describing how they make your heart do a “happy dance” whenever they text adds a lively and joyful image to your expression of liking.

Example: “Your texts have a way of making my heart do a little happy dance. It’s like a burst of happiness in my day.”

30. Feel-Good Vibes:

Comparing their messages to a “warm hug for your heart” signifies the comfort and positivity their texts bring into your life.

Example: “Your messages are like a warm hug for my heart. The feel-good vibes you send are truly heartwarming.”

31. Shared Dreams:

Expressing excitement about the adventures you could share together adds a sense of anticipation to your liking expression. By saying that the thought of these adventures makes you smile, you’re highlighting the positive emotions their presence evokes.

Example: “Thinking about all the adventures we could have together brings a smile to my face. The shared dreams of our future make each day brighter.”

32. Sunny Days:

Comparing their positivity to a burst of sunlight reflects their ability to bring light and warmth to your life. It showcases the impact their upbeat attitude has on you.

Example: “Your positivity is like a burst of sunlight, illuminating even the cloudiest of days. Your radiance is truly inspiring.”

33. Heartfelt Simplicity:

Expressing your liking in a straightforward and sincere manner, without using fancy words, comes across as genuine and authentic. It’s a way of showing that your feelings are pure and heartfelt.

Example: “I like you – no need for fancy words or elaborate explanations. It’s a simple truth that warms my heart.”

34. Heartstring Tugs:

Noting that they have a way of making your heart skip a beat with every text captures the fluttery and exciting emotions their messages evoke.

Example: “Your texts have a magical effect on me – they tug at my heartstrings and make my heart skip a beat every time.”

35. Laughter and Liking:

Mentioning that your cheeks hurt from smiling so much when you chat showcases the joy and happiness their conversations bring into your life.

Example: “Talking with you is a surefire way to make my day brighter. My cheeks often hurt from smiling so much after our chats.”

36. Thoughtful Reminders:

Sending a quick text to let them know they’re on your mind adds a touch of consideration to your liking expression. It’s a simple yet effective way to show that you value their presence.

Example: “Just wanted to send a quick reminder that you’re on my mind. Even in the midst of the day’s busyness, you find a special place in my thoughts.”

37. Simple Affection:

Admitting that you’ve got a soft spot for them is a candid and endearing way to express your liking. It’s a way of revealing your vulnerability and emotions.

Example: “I’ll admit it – I’ve got a soft spot for you. Your presence has a way of making my heart feel all warm and fuzzy.”


Expressing how much you like someone can be really special. We explored 37 cute ways to do just that. From emojis that show your feelings to playful comparisons and heartfelt words, these ways can make your messages full of warmth.

Whether it’s remembering good times or sharing dreams, each way brings its own charm. And remember, you don’t need to be a poet to make someone smile – simple words can work wonders too. So, go ahead and let them know you like them. Your messages might just light up their day and bring you closer together.