5 Types Of Men Have Affairs And How To Catch Them

Types Of Men Have Affairs

According to research from the University of Colorado Boulder’s Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, about 21 percent of men and 13 percent of women reported infidelity at some point in their lifetime. It also mentioned that these extramarital sex partners are likely to be close friends, and men are more apt to cheat

On the other side, according to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, national surveys indicate that 15 percent of married women and 25 percent of married men have had extramarital affairs.

All this research shows that men have a higher chance of infidelity, and it could be the reason why you might be worried about it.

5 Types of men who have affairs

There are many different types of men who have affairs. Some men have affairs because they are unhappy in their marriage. Other men have affairs because they are bored with their marriage.

Nonetheless, here is the full list of types of men who are more likely to cheat.

1. Men with high-powered jobs who feel entitled to have affairs

The first type of men who is particularly likely to cheat is those who tend to do very well in their careers. They are ambitious, driven, and often have a lot of power and influence.

These men often feel entitled to have affairs, as they believe their high status gives them a free pass to cheat. And, they usually men rationalize their behavior by saying that their work demands are so great that they need an outlet for sexual release.

Some of them also believe that their career gives them a certain amount of power and that they can use that power to get what they want, including sex from married women.

Whatever the justification, these men often feel that they are entitled to have an affair and that their partners should simply accept it.

Of course, not all successful men are cheaters. But many have found that this type of man is more likely to cheat than men in other professions.

2. Men who are unhappy in their marriages and are looking for excitement outside of their relationship

The second type of men who are likely to have an affair is those who are unhappy in their marriage. It could be because they feel like they are missing something in their marriage, and they want to seek validation from another woman.

He wants to know what is the reason behind the lacking in his current relationship. Is it because he is not good enough, or is it because his partner is to be blamed?

The logic behind his mind goes like this. If another woman adores him, then it means that he is good and he deserved to be loved too. It is his partner’s fault for not knowing

how to appreciate him or keep the relationship exciting. This is how they usually justify the affair.

This is a dangerous situation for the relationship because he won’t feel bad about the affair. If he is caught cheating, it is very likely for him to leave his partner who he thinks is the problem of the relationship, and go for the woman who can make him feel appreciated and complete.

3. Men who are bored with their sex lives and are looking for some variety

Another type of man who is likely to have affairs are Men who are bored with their sex lives. This can be due to several factors, including a lack of excitement in the relationship or a feeling of being unfulfilled sexually.

For them, having affairs can provide a much-needed sense of adventure and spice up otherwise mundane sex life. And, for others, this can be a way to feel more alive and virile. They may simply be curious about exploring the new sexual territory.

These men may start looking at porn or flirting with other women. And sometimes, they may even end up having physical affairs.

4. Men who are physically attractive and use their looks to lure women into having affairs with them

There’s no question that physical attractiveness plays a role in who we’re drawn to. But there’s a difference between being physically attracted to someone and being lured into having an affair with them because of their looks. The latter is what we’re talking about here.

These are the men who use their good looks to their advantage, knowing that they can lure women into having affairs with them. They’re the ones who are always surrounded by women, whether they’re at the bar or the office. And they know how to use their charm and good looks to get what they want from women.

These men are usually confident and successful, which only adds to their appeal. But underneath all of that, there’s often a sense of entitlement and narcissism. They believe that they deserve the attention and admiration of women, and it is just their nature that women are attracted to them.

They often justify that they are not the ones who started it, but the women are attracted to him and started the whole thing. They make it sounds like it’s logical to blame it on their attractiveness and the people who are attracted to them.

5. Men who do not set boundaries with other women

The last type of men who are likely to cheat is those who simply do not know how to set boundaries with other women. They may be married, or in a relationship, but still, they allow themselves to get too close to other women.

By not setting boundaries, they are essentially opening the door for other women to enter their personal space and share in their intimate moments. This can lead to a sense of intimacy and connection that can be very intoxicating for both parties involved.

Sometimes, these men may not even realize that they are crossing any lines, but their actions can be interpreted as flirting or even cheating. They can end up getting too close physically, or emotionally invested in another woman.

To them, it is their freedom to get in touch with whomever they want because it is their freedom. They also despise their partner for wanting to control them. Yet, on the contrary side, they do not have the self-awareness and self-control that they should have and often end up in an affair.

Why do men cheat

Some men cheat because they are unhappy in their current relationship and are looking for something new. Others cheat because they feel like they are not getting enough attention from their partner.

In addition to that, some men even cheat because they are bored and they want to look for a new thrill in life.

Whatever the reason may be, cheating is never okay. It is a betrayal of trust and can lead to a lot of hurt feelings. If you think your partner may be cheating, talk to him about it. Communication is key in any relationship.

Warning signs of cheating

One sign that your partner may be cheating is if they suddenly start paying more attention to their appearance. If they’re dressing nicer or working out more, it could be a sign that they’re trying to impress someone else.

Another sign of cheating is if your partner starts being less available. If they’re suddenly working later or taking more business trips, it could be a sign that they’re spending time with someone else.

If you notice any changes in your partner’s behavior, be sure to talk to them about it.

How to catch your men cheating

If you suspect your man is cheating on you, here is a list of nine things you can do to catch whether he has an affair or not.

  1. Check his clothes for perfumes, lip marks, or hair belonging to another person.
  2. Check his phone for suspicious calls and messages.
  3. Get in touch with his friends and you hear different versions of the stories.
  4. Set up a hidden camera in your home to see if he’s cheating.
  5. Check his credit card and bank statements for suspicious spending.
  6. Confront him about your suspicions and demand to know the truth.
  7. Check the car for things that do not belong to him.
  8. Check with his colleagues if he works overtime.
  9. Check his social media post and see who often likes and comments on them.

What should you do if your man is cheating

If you already know your man is cheating, there are a few things you can do.

You can confront him about it and try to work things out, or you can simply leave him.

If you decide to confront him, be prepared for him to deny it. He may also try to turn the blame on you.

If you decide to leave him, do so with dignity. Simply moving on and finding someone who will be faithful to you could be a much better option. There is no need to revenge on him by cheating yourself or trying to make him jealous.

A word from Charismatic Persona

If you feel like your man is cheating on you, the best thing to do is talk to him about it. Cheating is a big deal and it can be hard to trust someone again after they have cheated.

However, if you can communicate with your man and work through the issues, it is possible to overcome cheating or the feeling of insecurity.